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Karma Build Guide by baertigerdieter

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author baertigerdieter

The true power of Karma Jungle

baertigerdieter Last updated on November 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Why should I go Karma jungling?
This question is easy answered.
Because she is good, because she has the best possibilities to support your team and lead it to the win.
But why is it like this?
Because of her abilities
Her heavenly wave deals a good number of damage in the jungle and while ganking. In combination with the mantra bonus it also heals herself, which is an advantage while tanking in a teamfight.
Karmas soul shield helps herself to survive in the jungle and helps the carries while destroying the enemy. The bonus damages caused by the mantra effect harms also the enemy.
At last there is also her spirit bond with an excellent ability for ganking. If you come out of the brush, you and the laner gets movement speed and you can catch the enemy easyly.
With the right built she'll get a powerfull and tanky jungler. She gains a lot of hp and AP, so her abilities will win each fight.

The answer is easy, because she isn't easy to play.
Most players don't see her ability to change a game. They think she is a failed supporter, which should be deleted out of the champion selection.
But don't hear at them. If you have a good team, with persons understanding how Karma works, you can destroy the enemy easy.
So test it, learn how to use her and her abilities. You have to practise a lot, so you know it by heart when you have to do what. But i can guarantee you, if you play Karma right you will have fun, because you will win always.

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The runes are verry important for Karma in the jungle.
Because she wasn't designed as a jungler, her resistances and health aren't so high.
Therefor you need the Marks (to gain 31 bonus health), the seals (for 12 bonus armor) and the glyphs (so you have some magic resistance in the late game)
Use quintessences of potency so you gain 15 AP in the early game, that's is important so you don't die in the jungle.

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For Karma you have exactly to know, what you should buy to survive in the jungle.
Use regrowth pendant as first item, so you have more health regeneration, which will be important in the first few minutes. With the remaining money you can buy one potion.
As Karma you should go base again realy soon (I explain it later at the point "JUNGLING")
and buy the philosopher's stone.

The further item built I will explain in seperate points.

After you own the Philosopher's stone you should buy the boots of speed so you are faster in jungling.
For guaranting your success you have to buy the following two items:

The heart of gold:
This item gives you extra health and gold. As specially the gold is important, if you want to get the next items faster.

Mercury's Treads:
Buy these level 2 movement boots to get fast and to gain more resistance. As specially the tenacity can be really helpfull for your way through the game.


Shurelyas Reverie:
This item gives you mana and health regeneration, cooldown reduction and a powerfull active ability. As I show later, this active bonus movement speed is the core of Karmas power. It gives you the opportunity to start a well coordinated teamfight, and in the same move you can escape a losing teamfight again.

Aegis of the Legion:
This item, in combination with Shurelyas, makes Karma becoming a true support tank, who has the ability to start teamfights and survive for the hole game. With its armor, magic resistance and health Aegis provides everything a good jungler needs and its Aura supports the power of the Carry.

The oracle's elexir:
Each jungler should buy the oracle if he has enough items to survive a teamfight. You need the oracle to destroy the enemies map control and to confuse them, so they can't organize a well planed teamfight. On the other hand the oracle gives your own team the chance to bait the enemy in an ambush and fight them.

Abyssal scepter:
After owning this item, your Karma will be an undesroyable strong jungler. With the AP her abilities gets a lot stronger and the magic resistance helps her to stay in team fights for a longer time. So this item is like custom-made for Karma Jungle, because it will turn the lovely chinese girl into a cruelly Damage-Mashine.

To move Karma into an incredible powerfull Champ, you should also buy Banshee's Veil and Rylai's Crystal Scepter so you get even more hp, mana and as specially: Ability Power. If you reach these two items, there should be no problem anymore to win the game.

Banshee's Veil supports the tanky side of this Jungle Karma. You get more HP and MR, in combination with the passive, you get more and more harder to destroy.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is the last item, I would recommend, because you get a lot of AP and health, but also a verry effective passive for teamfights.

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For Karma, as specially because she wasn't made for the jungle, it is important that you have a right route through the jungle. I calculated everything togehter, so this way will absolutely lead you to the win.
Start at wolves. At 1:34 use your first mantra (only one not both! so it can cooldown until blue). Then pull wolves, get damaged and heal yourself with the heavenly wave in combination with your mantra (take care, you just have 8 seconds until the mantra effect is over)
Go to blue, use your second mantra for heavenly wave after the midlaner has pulled the golem. Now, if you made everything right, the cd of mantra ends at 2:04 (just like the cd of your heavenly wave) so you can use it again, to heal yourself.
Finally, after achieving the blue buff with smite, go to the wraiths and do them. Use your potion, heavenly wave and soul shield for them, so you can save your two mantra stecks for later.
After the wraiths, go base and buy you the philosopher's stone.

If everything went right until then, you can relax and see how overpowerd Karma is in the jungle.

Now you should do the Lizards to get the red buff (here you can use the two mantra bonus effects, one for heavenly wave and one for soul shield)
Afterwards, you can do the wraiths or the golems to get level three. (Here you should save your mantra again)
Because now, with level three and Karma's spirit bond you can go ganking on mid or another lane. Herefore stay in the bush and wait for a good chance. Use your spirit bond on the laner first and run toward the enemy. Press mantra twice and use soul shield on your laner.
Now the enemy should be understrengthed (because of your two abilities) so you can use your heavenly wave to kill him and heal yourself. (But notice that this all together must happen in 8 seconds, or your mantra bonus will fly away)

If you get the kill here, you made everything right. Now you should have the money to buy further items and go jungling until you reach higher levels.
Use each posibility you get for a successfull gank, because with Karma you can destroy a lane completly and lead your team to a advantaged late game.

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The late game

If everything went right, you have the core items soon and can rule the late game.
Use the bonus movement speed of spirit bond to speed up the tank so your team gets in a good position for teamfight. Then use mantra and soul shield to save your AP or AD carry as long as possible, so they can do a lot of damage. Together with your passive your AP items will support your abilites and with heavenly wave you can heal up yourself and damage the whole enemy team.
When you see, that your team will lose the teamfight, use mantra on spirit bond and slow down the enemy extremly. Use Shurelyas active ability to escape and safe your team.