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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ineaus

The true Vayne, lurks in the Jungle *Final*

Ineaus Last updated on May 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey everyone.

This is my Junglebuild for Vayne. Give it a try if you want to.
I tested it on my own and it works very well.

The idea for this build came up, because Vayne´s abilities are awesome for an well timed ambush and the "jungling" gives her the opportunity to develop her "job" to the maximum.

I have uploaded the "Jungle-Order" under "Creeping/Jungling" in pictures to show how i play Vayne in the jungle.

I hope i will awake your interest in "my" Jungle-Vayne and you try her on your own eventually.

have a nice day and keep hunting em down =)

ps: vayne isn´t an easy jungle and if there are any questions left after reading this guide, feel free to ask and i will do my very best to answer your question. =)

*UPDATE* After nerf, i dont recommend use of Vayne in the Jungle.

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The Runes enable Vayne being a Jungler.

    I take 9x Greater Mark of Desolation for Armor Penetration. Its self-explanatory i think. It simply enhance your damage you deal against the creeps you "visit" in the jungle.

    I take 9x Greater Seal of Resilience for Armor. This reduces the damage you take from the creeps in the jungle. As Vayne lacks on health, the Armor gives you the time to deal enough damage to kill the creeps.

    I take 9x Greater Glyph of Alacrity for Attackspeed. As "Silver Bolts" does extra damage on every third hit you deal, the attackspeed will help you to permute more damage in less time.

    I take 3x Greater Quint of Fortitude for extra health. This is required, because Vayne´s life is to low at the beginning. The potions would not work out well, because you will run out of life before they regn 200 life points.

*Note: This can be improved, i tried 2x GQoF and it worked as well, but i prefer the safe way*

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Typical jungle Masteries, but i will explain it anyway.

Offense Tree

Deadliness 3/3
Critchance +2% is better then Archmage´s Savvy, because Vayne does not use any abilitypower.

Plentiful Bounty 1/1
Gives you 5 extra gold plus smites cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds. Both aspects very useful and better then improved exhaust, because we dont use it in this build =).

Sorcery 4/4
4% cooldown reduction is nice, because so your able to use tumble more often and that means more damage and mobility. Both thinks Vayne is addicted to =).

Alacrity 4/4
4% attack speed is nice, because silverbolts will trigger more often with faster attack speed and that means more damage.

Offensive Mastery 2/2
4 extra damage against creeps. This increases your damage against the creeps, as a result they will die faster and that is what we want to do, to kill them as quick as possible to be available for ganks as soon as possible.

Sunder 3/3
You pierce 6 of the target´s Armor. Again damage increase and again it is welcome.

Brute Force 2/3
Attack damage increased by 2. Year im just repeating it, eh more damage =).

Havoc 1/1
5% more physical damage and magic damage. While we are not interested in magic damage but in physical damage more and more we take "Havoc" thankfully.


Perseverence 3/3
Health and mana regeneration is 4% increased. This allows you to tumble more often and increases the time you can jungle.

Haste 1/1

Increases the given movement speed by 6%. Vayne is already quick but with this beast no one will ever escape you OR hunt you down. Additionally your unit collision is ignored and you are able to run through creeps and you do not lose any time chasing the enemy champion by running into creeps and find a way to get around them quickly.

Awareness 4/4

The amount of experience your hero gains is increased by 5%. This is a staple in jungle builds because you need so much experience as possible to gain your levels as quick as possible.

Utility Mastery 1/2

The duration of neutral monsters buffs is increased by 15%. The longer you have those buffs, the longer your able to gank even more successfully, because you will regn 1.5% of your mana every second and have a cooldown reduction of 16% + 0,5 your lvl for a longer time then normally.

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Wriggle´s Lantern:

This tiny light giver gives you damage, armor and life leech. All three very useful for jungling. You also have a chance of 20% to deal 500 damage to creeps, this increases your jungling speed a lot! As we will get a very nice attackspeed during the game, this means more hits in less time, you will be able to get blue / red buff down very quick. (dragon and baron later on, too. But thats not the end of the tunnel. Every third minute you will have a ward for free! Gives your team more map control and the opportunity to ambush your enemy team eventually.

Boots of Mobility

As women like shoes a lot (not meant in a bad way ;) ) Vayne will like these one´s, too. As you are a jungler you have to run over the map to get into postion for ganks and to creep faster in the jungle. These boots are made for this. You are able to react more quickly and help / kill / defend more efficiently. Also you are able to get you into the right position to use "condemn" to knock your foe into the wall more easily.

Trinity Force

Oh you will love this item on Vayne. It is staple. Extra damage, ability power (not needed)life, mana, attack speed, crit chance, move speed all things i mentioned before and this item has them all! Also you have the chance to slow your enemy and if you use an ability you next attack will deal extra damage. As you will use tumble all the time this effect will be triggered a lot and you will deal a lot of damage. Sick item.

Banshee's Veil

An all-round item and staple. Extra life, mana and magic resistance plus every 45 seconds a negative spell is blocked. I think this item is pretty self-explanatory.

Phantom Dancer

This sums it all up. You gain another 55% attack speed, crit chance and 15% movement speed. From now on your one hell of a hunter and ****ing fast =D

The Bloodthirster

This is the last damage / "defense" item. Additional damage combined with life leech.

This is my item build on her, i think there are other items that could be build but depends on enemy team and situation, but normally i build her that way.

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Skill Sequence

The Skill Sequence is simple but decisive.

    "Silver Bolts" gives you most dmg on lvl 1. Its very important not to switch targets!

    "Tumble" on lvl 2 is constantly used in fights. It has to be on cd as soon as ready.

    "Condemn" on lvl 3 gives you extra time to deal dmg with "Tumble" and "Silver Bolts". Be sure to knock every Creep into the wall, it´ll get stunned and you will be able to "Tumble" another time.

These are the basics. From now on follow the skill order and proceed like described aboth this sentence.

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Summoner Spells


is essential, without it, you´ll be no Jungle Vayne. Follow the Jungling-Order and you will have smite ready when you need it.

This spell makes you the ultimate Predator, no foe will be able to escape you or to hunt you down.

So this is a jungling build and no jungling build without smite. So there is only room to switch "Ghost". Another spell could be ignite, it depends on your play style which spell suits you the best. A "Flash" to save yourself in nasty situations or "Exhaust" to be sure the enemy champion will die. You choice.

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Pros / Cons


    + much damage
    + great mobility
    + scout
    + cc (movement speed + condemn + timing)
    + jungler (2 solo lane´s -> more experience / enemy does not know where you are, big advantage obviously)
    + vayne´s abilities are very "gank friendly" you are very quick, tumble + condemn enemy hero into the wall in lane and the kill is nearly guaranteed (from level 6 on you are much more dangerous Ulti got you a tumble + stealth -> surprise! surprise! a nasty vayne right next to you enemy champion!)
    - in early game vayne is very fragile. good timing is needed to gank successfully.
    - you need a "good" player for the solo lane otherwise your jungling will weaken the team, because the solo lane will fall early and give the enemy team the opportunity to go into other lanes and start pressuring them, too.
    - it is important to get banshees veil. If the enemy team is strong get banshees right after trinity to ensure, that your a valuable comrade-in-arms.

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungle Order

Buy 2x Potions and 1x Cloth Armor

Starting Location

Open up with "Smite" and use first Pot when u take the first hit, then finish both. Skill "Q" Head for the Wolves.

First Target the big one. Remember use every cd on "Tumble". Use second pot when the big wolve dies. Head for the Ghosts.

"Smite" the big one, Vayne will start autoshoot next ghost on her own. Let her hit the first ghost and again use every cd on "Tumble". Finish them of, put one skill point into "Condemn" and return to your base. Buy 1x Potion and 1x Long Sword.

Now head for the blue one. Wait till "Smite" has 10 seconds left then autohit, tumble, condemn him into the Wall. Use the Potion on first hit! Use "Smite" to finish him, kill the other two creeps. Blue one finished, head for the Wolves again to gain Lvl 4.

Start with big one with autohit, tumble and condemn into the wall. After killing the two other ones u gain lvl 4, put your skill point into "Tumble" Head Back to Base Buy Madreds Razor and head for Red One.

On redbuff again autohit, tumble and condemn him into the wall. Use every cd on "Tumble" and finish him with "Smite"

Your are now lvl 4 with half blue buff and full red buff 80% life. Now look for ganks.

If theres no opportunity to gank go ahead and kill the ghosts, then the wolves get shoes and keep goin

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Thanks for the attention!

I hope you enjoyed reading my "The true Vayne, lurks in the Jungle"-Build a bit. =)

Comments and Votes are welcome as well as advisable criticism!

have a nice day... Ineaus

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- updated item order
- updated skill sequence
- updated masteries