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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThaCanuck

The Ultimate Glass Cannon! A Guide to Twisted Fate [AS/Crit]

ThaCanuck Last updated on November 2, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Twisted Fate is by far one of my favorite hybrid champions in the game! He can do very nice burst as a caster using his Wild Cards, in conjunction with a Pick A Card (Gold stun card) and his fourth attack from the Stacked Deck proc. But the downside is that his viability in team fights is limited to just that skill dump then wait for the cooldowns while dealing mediocre damage unless you have a good deal of AP and a Sheen equipped.

This build is based on his insanely high physical damage output by maximizing his critical chance and his attack speed coupled with his abilities you can melt an opponent!

First off let's go over his skills and how/when to use them following my build:

Wild Cards, Twisted Fate throws 3 cards in a conical pattern (one in the center and 1 at each of the 45 degree angles from that center). This skill scales AMAZINGLY with Ability Power, however we're not playing him as a caster in this build, and so I downplay it however it still can allow you to nab a kill on someone running away from you as the range on this skill is just obscene.

Pick A Card, (this skill is what sets the GOOD Twists from the bad ones, knowing what card to use and when is absolutely critical I cannot stress this enough) Twisted Fate begins a cycle of 3 cards above his head Red: when used causes an AoE slow and recieves bonus damage from your attack power, Blue: restores mana on hit (I don't know the exact calculations but this skill can keep you in the lane for quite some time as you won't need Clarity or Mana Pots to keep your mana pool strong) and finally the best of the cards the Gold: stuns the target for 1.5 seconds and recieves half of the bonus damage gained from Red and Blue cards (which is why I see some AD/AP hybrid Twists out there... PLEASE stop playing that terrible build it's not viable and just feeds the opposing team!).

Stacked Deck, passively increases Twisted Fate's attack speed and on every fourth attack deals a set amount of bonus magic damage (this bonus damage DOES scale with Ability Power). This skill is what makes my build work wonders, it can melt an opponent because your auto attacks deal significant damage but every 4th one bursts with magic damage as well? Players turn tail when you come into the fight packing your 4th attack and a Gold Card stun ready and waiting because you can melt them rather quickly.

Destiny, reveals the location of all enemy players on the map and for 6 seconds after casting allows Twisted Fate to activate Gate and teleport anywhere on the map. This is the other skill that will make or break a Twisted Fate player... It can be used as an easy ganking tool (prepare a Gold Card stun and have your 4th attack ready from your Stacked Deck buff), escape mechanism (as much as I hate to use it for this purpose sometimes it's necessary if you get caught by the enemy team alone you can use Gate to get out of a hairy situation), or simply to burn the ultimate and find where your opponents are located (another use I would rather not have to go with, but I'll admit that there are players who absolutely REFUSE to buy Sight Ward Sight Wards so you can monitor the jungles and keep a lookout for the other team and thus you can burn your ultimate to find the enemies).

Now for gameplay:

Early Game:
Starting at the spawn you'll pick up the Vampiric Scepter and take Stacked Deck as your first skill, this will easily allow you to last hit minions and with the lifesteal you can heal any damage suffered from an enemy's harassment during the laning phase of the game. I highly recommend not returning to base unless you absolutely must since Twisted Fate is a VERY squishy champion and has little survivability in this build without his lifesteal and attack speed combo. Play conservatively do not be overly aggressive just yet as you want to make the most of Twisted Fate's passive for increased gold from kills make sure you are last hitting every minion that you can.

First trip back to the base, assuming you haven't needed to come back and heal, you should have enough cash to grab your