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Trundle Build Guide by Laserkitteh

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Laserkitteh

The ultimate troll

Laserkitteh Last updated on December 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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G'day folks!

I think Trundle might be one of those underrated champions. People fail at seeing his possible damage output, tankyness, and how much he can do for the team. I've also heard: 'omg noob not play Trundle as jungler', yes this won't make you the seemingly usual junle-Trundle. In my opinion Trundle is a rather slow jungler, and if I did want to jungle, I'd pick Warwick or Lee.

This build will give you tankyness early and midgame, and very high DPS lategame with mediocre tankyness. (Your NOT the team's tank, and you should not engange first!) One of the reasons for all this damage later on is the fact that Trundle can put on some decent damage early game, but get's weaker over time. Neither we should forget about his amazing ratio on his Q!

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My runes&masteries

Runes ain't really easy to pick on Trundle, not for the really experienced Trundle player at least. This Trundle build is mixed up, and will probarly look weird for lots of players. The runes are samelike, I will explain 'em to you:

CDR runes are great runes overall, work on almost every champion and Trundle can use these too.
Armor runes, great on melee champions, yet again, Trundle is no exception.
Crit runes, weird part; these runes are my personal favourite on Trundle. They make farming easier and they increase your DPS by alot. These are very personal and should be swapped by other runes if you don't like them.

For Quintessence I take overall tankyness, as a Trundle player should. Can be swapped to other tanky runes if you don't like them.

Very little to say about. As melee champion, and not being a carry, you need tanky runes. Thats what I did here.

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"Starts off normally, Warmogs hmm okay, Atmas ofcource...Guardian angle? Okay...Bloodthirster?! Black cleaver?!" This is a bit the reaction I expect from first seeing this build. And yea, it looks quite strange, but I will explain it all for you!:

Mercury's treads
Magic resist and CC reduction, very great item on Trundle since he's a good chaser and someone who needs to stay on his target(explained later on).

Great item on Trundle, we can increases our attack damage with this later on, and Trundle needs the health to charge in cases of need(and win 1v1 battles).

Atmas impaler
Very obvious item after getting warmogs. Increases our damage by a ton+gives us nice armor and a little crit chance too.

Guardian angle
Item looks quite strange on Trundle, and thats also why it a situational item! If the enemy team has 'balanced damage' guardian angle is the best thing to get. In case you fight just a little too much AD-get thornmail. If Veigar or malz is fed or there's way too much AP, get Force of nature. The revive thing on this item can really save some trolls! The soon you notice there's no way out, pop up Contaminate and gain a nice speed buff the soon you revive!

This build gets stranger and stranger. Yes, but it works better than you could ever expect! BT gives you a nice chunk of damage, what is always welcome. This ain't the main reason for buying it though. The lifesteal is the part what you really need, it gives you lots of survivability in combat and will make you almost impossible to 1v1. Now we got lifesteal, this will force us to stay on the target and keep raping him. Trundle got something extra to make this possible! Constant speedbuff+CC reduction.

Black cleaver
If you don't like Bloodthirster on Trundle, this isn't really your thing either probarly. Yet it's an amazing item for both teammembers and yourself. You just weaken your target by attacking him, making him more vulnerable for your teammates but also for yourself! If you get this item, focussed targets won't survive you and your team.

Standard build for me:

Situational items:Can be swapped with:

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Gameplay, not as expected

Trundle is overall misunderstoond by his very little players. Trundle might look easy to play, but he's not, but he's hell rewarding if played right!

For example, his Pillar: suprisingly hard to use effectively, but when used right it can block off entire escaping routes and slow mutliple targets. Placing the Pillar next to a wall will make champions walk around it, constantly in it's slow (if they aint clever enough to move out of it). But that's just 1 of the many things you can do with it. If placed right in a path, it can block of the path the enemy tried to move to and will force him to walk around it.

Then his Contaminate skill,
Uses wrong by about half the Trundle players. Keep the next sentence in mind when you play Trundle:
In almost ALL cases, when chasing, when engaging, when running. Or otherwise you will run out of your buff too soon.

His Q skill, biting minions,
This skill is used pretty 'ok'(rammus told me so) used overall. It should be used to lasthit minions and must be constantly spammed. Watch out though! Using it on low levels will drain your mana pool pretty fast.

His R skill,
Am facepalming at you avarage Trundle player (10 out of the 12 left)! This shouldn't be, not mainly at least, used as ignite. It deals magic damage, over 6 seconds. It looks like its quite alot of damage, but it's not. In this time champions regen some of their health and can get some heal somewhere else. This skill should be used mainly as a skill to weaken your enemy by popping it when NOT on full hp, and when 1v1ing an enemy. It decreases their mr(makes almost no sense for Trundle himself) and armor by 25%, it also heals you for 500hp.

Few little advices:
-Stay on your target, but do not engage battle 1st!
-Trow your Pillar on as much enemy champions as you can, since it will give you assists for just hitting them with it!
-Dont get boots of swiftness, Mercury's treads are far better!

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Lane mates, in case your not solo

Trundle is an pretty good sololaner, and this is what you should try to achieve. However, when still being put in a lane with 2 people, here are your friends:

Score: 7,5/10
Jax is a good lanemate, he can farm like just as good as you do and got a nice stun which makes your Pillar easier to use. Jax is also one of the champions that must STAY ON his target, give him a helping hand with your Pillar!

Score: 7/10
Phanteon is a bit like Jax, however Phanteon got 1 problem you might not like: he is good at lasthitting. This Trundle build is quite last-hit dependant, so make sure to share the farm fairly. Yet again, your Pillar is supereffective with Phanteon on your lane! Pop it when he jumps on his target and when he tries to land his ult.

Score: 7,5/10
Urgot has the same problems as Phant, so share the lasthits! Urgots ult+once again, your Pillar is AMAZING. If you pop it inbetween Urgot and your enemy when he does his ult this will almost always kill your opponent. Because: Urgot is saver+your enemy is slowed while you can hit him in the face with your bat(dont forget to pop up Contaminate the soon the ult is in progress). Pop up Pillar when Urgot landed a succesfull bomb too, so he can spam his Q nicely on your enemy.

Score: 6,8/10
Tryndamere is at the moment for nearly any champion a good lanemate. Hes decent for Trundle too. Using ult when Trynda is attacking an enemy is an good idea. Also: if you chase an enemy who was attacking your tower(needs to run trough entire lane)let Trynda use his slow first, and the soon its over, use yours.

Why not laning with carries or supportive units/tanks?:

Carries have both their good sides for Trundle and bad sides. Their amazing farm is the killer. Trundle, with this build, needs his farm, while carries need more farm overall and WILL TAKE more too. If you have to lane with a support/carry/tank you should still go with the carry, since you have 2 spells to make enemies an easier target.

Supportive units, short story: Trundle doesn't need them and your lane will do very little damage early and mid game.

Tanks, Trundle DEFENITELY does not need someone to charge for him in the laning phase since hes quite tanky. Tanks like Amumu are AWFUL while laning with Trundle- you won't ever do enough damage to kill your target(or hes just a complete idiot).

Dont forget they're friends, but actually we dont like them:
Stay away from it! In the laning phase he does not need you, neither you need him. He can farm pretty well, he can slow your enemies so you can deal damage to them(what Trundle can't do very well in laning phase), and he can lasthit enemy champions with his nasty posion. ALL NEGATIVE POINTS!

Hes ninja, that might be hi's only little reason we like him as Trundle.
He got an little nuke for his Q to take lasthits or push off enemies so we can't hit 'em with our bat. He also got a taunt, very usefull if you can deal high damage, but we can't. When you're in danger he can use his shield, but Trundle can escape pretty well at his own.
Shen is not a really bad lanemate, but we defenitely dont want and need him on our lane.

She can heal you, that's all we like...and those boobs but they're not really relevant right now. No need on Sona on your lane, you got decent regen after Warmogs and her ult can be used more effectively on lanes with more overall damage.

She got heal and an attackspeed buff! Pretty good, but she has a VERY negative side.
Trundle is quite defensive and lasthits easily under his tower, while Nidalee is an champion who is meant to be very aggresive(shes pusher for a reason). Once again, not a really bad lanemate, but defenitely not one we want.