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League of Legends Build Guide Author qsik

The Ultimate Tryndamere

qsik Last updated on June 4, 2011
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Chapter 1

A Guide for the DPS carry we all love to hate

Please try the build before commenting

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Summoner Spells, Runes, and Masteries
III. Core Item Build
IV. Laning
- Early Game
- Mid Game
- Late Game
V. Counters
VI. Last Thoughts

I. Introduction

If you're looking for a champion who you can click and win with, look no further. A well built Tryndamere is an un-killable monster. This guide is mainly built for 3 v 3.

*Introduction WIP*

-If cautious, can lane very well with bloodlust
-Undying rage makes for one evil ability
-Versatile attacking style

-Vulnerable to CC
-Blinds make him useless
-Lack of early game
-Not much escapability

II. Summoner Spells, Runes, and Masteries

Ignite: I get ignite because of its insane magic damage finishing potential. Spinning slash in, a couple of crits, and an ignite later pull away with a first blood or kill! The health and regen dampening effects also serve to tear apart those nasty life-steal champs like Warwick.

Ghost: I get ghost for the movement speed buff. This is useful at any time as early game you can use it to chase or flee. In mid/late game you can use it to give your enemies a nasty surprise. This ability can be swapped with teleport

Teleport: Teleport is a nice spell to have, especially on 5 v 5 maps. Not as useful on 3 v 3, but it could mean the difference between a turret or no-turret.

Exhaust: A nice spell to have for the blind and slow but nothing that can't be made up for by mocking shout.

Cleanse: Cleanse is a great tool to have in place of Ghost, but remember what you can't kill in the first 5-10 seconds means you should spin the hell out.

Flash: Another good alternative to ghost, for advanced players only.

Heal: A great spell for beginners as you lack the crit runes for early bloodlust potential. Spam it for laning and undying rage

Smite: Two words - DON'T GET!

Rally: Same as above

Runes: You need the critical chance in order to spam bloodlust, 'nuff said

Masteries: Gives you all the offensive tools you need plus some extra utility to boot (the extra duration of monster buffs is helpful as you should be killing the dragon/golem/lizard/and whatnot whenever possible)

III. Core Item Build

As Tryndamere the main goal is to buff your critical chance while getting massive amounts of attack damage. Attack speed, movement speed, and armor penetration are also important and should not be forgotten.

Zeal: The first item you should pick up. Zeal provides little crit chance but it more than makes up for it with a nice movement speed and attack speed buff. Don't build this early into a phantom dancer, it's not worth the money.

Berserker's Grieves: You can really go any boot depending on the situation but the AS is very nice to have, especially if you have enough crit chance for significant bloodthirst spamming

B.F. Sword OR Cloak of Agility: Why this item next? Armor penetration is not as useful this early in the game since your opponents probably aren't stacking major armor. It's much more useful to buff your own crit chance for dmg and bloodlust or the damage for insane crit damage.

Infinity Edge: With this item, life is complete. You should be able to get this item around 20-25 minutes if you've been laning and get at least 1 or 2 kills. Get to this item ASAP! With it, all of a sudden squishies will wish they weren't so squishy...

Last Whisper or Black Cleaver: You can go for either item depending on the opposing team's composition. If they don't have more than 100 armor, then Black Cleaver is the way to go, otherwise go Last Whisper.

Bloodthirster Or Madred's Bloodrazor: You can go for either first as you please but get both eventually. By this point, you should be facerolling your opponents, so if you need the lifesteal to go toe-to-toe with AS or life-steal champs, go bloodthirster. If you find yourself against evil tanks like Mundo, grab a bloodrazor and watch him crumple.

Phantom Dancer: Just a nice item to finish up your build. It's not really necessary, which is why it's last, but it makes you run even faster!

IV. Laning

-Early Game
Early game Tryndamere is quite weak. He doesn't have the damage to pull off insta-kills, he doesn't have enough health to tank, and he can't quite do anything with his abilities yet. If you play 3s you should preferably play top solo or if you play 5s, take a lane with a caster or support with some CC to bail you out if necessary.

When you play early game, you should stay back and continually attack creep. Your goal is to last hit while critting to get bloodlust stacks. You can use these stacks to heal when necessary but don't do it unless you have at least 5 stacks. Otherwise, build up stacks and use pots to continue laning. Once you hit level 3 and pick up all your spells, you can start playing a little more aggressively. If your opponent gets in range of a spin, spin in, attack them a few times, then run/spin out. If done correctly, you can force them to leave so you can farm and level faster then they are.

Once you hit level 6-7 things start picking up. If you have a few kills you can be starting to work on that infinity edge, but picking up your boots or zeal right now doesn't mean you're behind. The trick is to continue laning but look for all possible ganking opportunities. Since you can do massive damage while slowing and chasing, you should be able to pick up some kills or causing them to leave the lane (both of which are good!).

Play smart so you don't feed but if you hit level 6 before your opponents do, you can hit them with a nasty rage to get a kill. The key is to gank like crazy so you can build on that infinity and beyond! Trading is acceptable as you need the gold, but if you use rage correctly that shouldn't be too much of an issue ;)

-Late Game
If you've played well, late game should be a breeze. A fed Tryndamere will faceroll most opponents into submission. Continue ganking and always jungle when possible (it should take like 2 seconds to finish one mob). Also continue farming as you push, since your insane atk dmg and speed should allow your creep to push to the turret while you mop up any turret-huggers (don't be afraid to use undying rage!). If you need to you can always tank a turret with rage, but remember to build up 8 bloodlust stacks before you do so (if you have at least 250 dmg and 1.6 atk speed, turrets will melt).

The rest is easy, kill->push->kill->win

V. Counters

*In Progress*

VI. Final Thoughts

*In Progress*