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Lux Build Guide by Ronin117

the underrated, but always needed lux

the underrated, but always needed lux

Updated on June 12, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ronin117 Build Guide By Ronin117 1,806 Views 0 Comments
1,806 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ronin117 Lux Build Guide By Ronin117 Updated on June 12, 2013
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summoner spells

i know a lot of people dont like clarity, but as a support with long range...the ability to continue casting spells, and refresh that allows for a more lengthy aggresive push. It allows you to attempt to gain the edge in a lane, and continue pushing when she is so relient on mana. late in the game, it doesnt make a dramatic different, but in a tough team fight, giving you and your allies a lot of mana can turn a drastic fight. ghost also allows you to catch up with a running enemy so you can trap them, or run if you need to. baing able to run quick to a lane to support is also very helpful.
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because lux is such a heavy mana dependant champion, getting the athena's unholy grail is incredibly crucial to mana regeneration. Buying the two faery charms at the beginning of the match will allow you to pester your enemies even more as you regen mana much faster. from there you get the boots to allow for speed and better damage, then its straight AP from there. Rabadons is essential. I get the Rylais scepter because it gives you that extra survivability with health, but allows your already long range spells to also slow the enemy. Void staff and Liandrys torment just add lots of spell penetration and Ap...which at late game will mean your spells will do devestating damage. He ult will do nearly 1000+ damage with this build and the spell penetration
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so far

this has almost always worked for me. having a beast lux makes sure you always have a support on your team when everyone wants to be APC or ADC. i feel she is super underplayed and rated. if you have any advice though, please feel free to tell me:) thanks, tell me what you like
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ronin117
Ronin117 Lux Guide
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the underrated, but always needed lux

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