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Nocturne Build Guide by ShadowRyuX

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ShadowRyuX

The Unkillable Nightmare Lurking in the Jungle

ShadowRyuX Last updated on July 28, 2011
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07/28/2011 - Guide created

This guide aims to give you a look at the new nocturne FoTM build: Tanky nocturne! This guide's focus is providing a build path that maximizes your early game destructiveness while making sure your usefulness doesn't completely disappear late game.

I only have a few sections up now, but I will be adding more sections later so don't worry!

P.S. Elementz in his recent video says that he thinks Nocturne with Atma and Warmog is pretty amazing right now. So don't just take my word for it.

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Pros / Cons

- Great primary or secondary initiator (Always have a "true" tank like amumu, shen, rammus, galio, malphite, etc initiate first)
- Doesn't instantly explode in teamfights. This is assassin nocturne's number one problem, but with your resistances, rather decent health pool, spell shield, life steal and pretty decent damage you can r -> w - > e -> q onto the enemy ad or ap carry and cause significant harm. You'll be protected from TWO doses of AP burst damages due to spell shield and banshee's meaning if they waste their high cd burst spells on you, you have a good 5-10 seconds to just lay down the hurt. While if you fear AD carry it keeps them from focusing you, giving you a good amount of time to just wreck their hp. Win/win imo.

- Damage is significantly lower than glass cannon builds, but hey how much dps can you do at 0 hp? None.

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Depending on what route you want to go for jungling start cloth armor + 5 hp pot or scepter.

Get whatever you didn't get plus 0-2 hp pots after first return. You really, really want to get wriggle's and tier 2 boots (mobility, merc or ninja tabi depending on enemy team and how often you want to gank.

After this you will want to rush bloodthirster for massive DEEPS & lifesteal. A fully farmed BT makes you a nightmare when jungling and much harder to kill when you gank.

Remember to gank as often as you can early game, not only does getting that BT as fast as possible help, but you are your most nightmarish your early game. At this time you have plenty of damage from base dmg, masteries and duskbringer & steroid.

Mid-late game is when you need to work on tanking, because at this point team fights are starting or happening a lot more and you are going to be getting focused a lot more and unless you tank up that focus is going to hurt.

Try to build whatever will work best against enemy team comp. Make sure to consider who is fed and/or fully built and who isn't on the enemy team. Keep an eye out for penetration items such as Void Staff and Last Whisper, as the closer they are to doing true damage, the more useful HP becomes.

Here are a few build paths


Wriggle's - > Merc - > BT - > Phage - > Atma's - > Banshee's Veil - > Frozen Mallet


Wriggle's - > Merc - > BT - > Giant's belt - > Atma's - > Warmog's/Banshee's Veil - > Item I didn't build before

Super Tank:
Wriggle's - > Mercury Treads - > Heart of gold - > Atma's - > Frozen Mallet/Warmog's - > B.Veil/FoN - > Pick 2 (Randuin's/Frozen Mallet/Warmog's/Banshee Veil/FoN)

Comments: Sell Wriggle's and HoG (If not getting Randuin's).

AD Heavy:

Wriggle's - > Ninja Tabi - > BT - > Heart of gold - > Atma's - > Warmog - > Finish Randuin's
Comments: If they are CC heavy or have a bit of AP damage replace tabi with Merc.

AP Heavy:

Wriggle's - > Merc treads - > BT - > Banshee's Veil - > Atma's Impaler - > Warmog/Frozen Mallet - > Sell Wriggle's and get FoN or whichever HP item you didn't get.


Wriggle's - > Merc - > BT - > Phage - > Atma's - > Banshee's Veil - > Frozen Mallet - > Sell wriggle's for BT>Ghostblade>PD.

Comments: You lose a tad bit of armor, for a lot of damage and your life steal is still pretty amazing. If you are doing really well, but can't ace them or push fast enough this is the way to go because with two fully farmed BT's and a Frozen Mallet you should be able to keep any enemies from running away to fountain and being annoying by somehow managing to keep you from taking base towers.

Viable tank item choices:

Atma's Impaler: Armor + Crit + AD from HP stacking. Great way to work on not exploding and damage.
Frozen Mallet: 700 HP, Perma slow and with atma's getting this items adds 34 AD.
Warmog's Armor: 1350 HP and 27 AD from Atma's.
Banshee's Veil: Best MR item choice imo since you get two spell shields, MR, and some synergy with atma's.
Force of nature: This is for if a banshee's veil simply isn't enough. This + Warmog (+ optional Banshee's veil) = Insane hp, hp regen and reduced magic damage which means you won't get easily bursted down by mages and can recoup some of any burst you did actually receive through some amazing hp regen.
Randuin's Omen: Makes you a better duelist/teamfighter because of hp and atk spd debuff and a better chaser because of active slow.
Thornmail: Get this if the enemy team has a lot of lol-click-enemy-and-win champs who do MASSIVE dmg per AA, but may not have super high attack speed
Frozen Heart: Get this if the enemy team has a lot of lol-click-enemy-and-win champs who don't have much in the ways of damage via AD but through atkspd and procs (Usually champs like Kog, Teemo, etc)

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Early game: Gank often and focus those squishies! Instill the fear of Nocturne into the enemy team. IF your team is "one of those teams" that constantly push the creep wave to tower, don't be afraid to tell them to stop being so bad! (In much nicer terms of course).

Mid-Late Game: This is when fights move less and less from 1v1, 2v2 into 5v5. So ganking isn't really going to happen unless their carry is like "HERP DERP I CAN FARMZ CS AT ENEMAY TERRITORAY OK! LOLOLOL!!!" in which case punish the idiot and move on. So in order to provide more than one duskbringer and aa before dying this is where you need to have most if not a couple of your tank items. Preferably Frozen mallet and atma's for "Thanks for that one ult + duskbringer before you exploded...really helped...not!" Because remember kiddies, you aren't karthus, you can't provide massive deeps while dead so you need to be ALIVE. And I'd rather give consistent moderate damage during a team fight while helping soak up damage allowing carries to be more effective than duskbringer nuke and run away and wait for the next herp derp to overextend.

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I hope you all found this guide helpful and amusing, please leave feedback and show off any success you have gotten with this guide.