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League of Legends Build Guide Author pspfreak01

The Unstoppable Shaco <3

pspfreak01 Last updated on December 17, 2015
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Hey Guys,

My first Guide so be kind please :)

First i have to say im not english... so my maybe there are some mistakes.

Yoooooooo!! Shacooooo!! :) you can troll everyone and kill the backline so fast the frontline won't even notice :) So why not play an assasine who is tanky and deals a lot of dmg?

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Pros / Cons


+ moderate tanky
+ very nice DMG
+ One-Shot squishy enemy backline
+ fast wave-clear
+ soooo fuuunnnyy :)


- VERY expensive item- build
- you need a team
- hard to win when all 3 lanes loose laning phase
- hard comeback potential

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You start buff on the other side where enemy jungler start. SO if he starts red you start red or if he starts blue you start blue. DON'T smite the buff ur W is enough. Stack your W on 0:42 wait until it attacks and attack buff from behind (for your passive) should be easy. After the buff you skill ur Q and jump over the wall to enemy buff as fast as possible. Trinket ward over wall and get the buff. If u have enough time clear the camp to get the timer. If not just Q away. Clear your jungle and watch enemy timer to steal buffs. Ping your team so they know ur in enemy jungle and can help if needed.

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Ganking/ Lategame

Thats how you gank. If your team CC enough don't use Q for engage. CD is to high. If you want to suprise gank a lane go in with Q try to place a W on the escape way of the enemy and hit him with ur autocrit (Q) use E after and if needed ignite.

Late game: Now it gets interesting

You sneak on enemy ADC or MID-laner or if its a good choice (like Soraka) enemy SUP. For sneak use your Q. Try to position behind the enemy for your passive. In the moment you want to attack activate Hydra. Use E and Ignite and your target is dead. I promisse.

That's how it works: Your Q auto crit (220%), it proks Trinity (ca.200), dead man's plate (100), Hydra ( ca. 400). Your AD in late with potion is round 350. SO if we add everything we come to a basic dmg output from 1050. Then it's a crit automatically = 2310 (220%) if you enemy in the back add 20% = 2772dmg .. An ADC late game Armor round 50-60 so reduce ca. 40% so our final dmg out put is 1663,2 with ONE autoattack. Thats not the reallity but it feals like. In game you will crit round 1200 to 1500dmg with E and IGNITE its enough to kill them. And the nice Bonus with this Equip. ur stats are round 3500 HP and round 120 armor and 120 MR. Enough to tank the backline for a while so you team can follow.

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With this biuld you will deal tons of dmg while you are really tanky.
Its really funny to play with. Just try it!.

Hope you enjoy my first guide. Sorry for my english :(

Good Luck with trying :)


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