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Ahri Humor Guide by 7waters

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 7waters

The way do Foxfire ADamage

7waters Last updated on August 2, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 19

Honor Guard

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Hello, I'm 7waters.

I'm currently playing in NA servers(even though I live in London) and this is my first guide here. Hope you guys enjoy it(since this is the main idea of this guide) and kick some ***es with one of the most Fun-2-Play AD carries in the game.

If you guys like my guide, or wants to send me feedback, or even help me improve my guide, Feel free to do it. =]

Edit 1: I'd like to say sorry about the bad shape of the guide... It is my first guide here and I really don't know how to use the mechanisms properly >.>

Edit 2: I would like to say, that this is a 4Fun Guide, Don't consider playing ahri as an ADC if you want to play a serious Match. But Play her to enjoy laughing with your friends.

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Pros / Cons

When Should I Play ADC Ahri

  • The First thing you need to consider playing this champion is to have fun, if you want to win there are harder carriers than her(corki/Graves).
  • The Second thing you should consider is if you are a competent ADC or not, since Ahri needs a really good understanding about positioning yourself.
  • You can either play ADC Ahri with your friends, or even in low elo just for fun(you can try playing it in High elo though, it is really funny).


  • High Mobility
  • Hard CC
  • Considerable Harass
  • High Base and AD/level stats
  • She is sexy and Cute :3


  • Not Hard Carry
  • Need high understanding of positioning
  • Do not scale with AD
  • Low Range
  • Low AS/Level
  • People might Rage at you

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9xMark of Strength + 3xQuintessence of Strength

This is for better AA harass and better Last Hitting in lane phase.

9xSeal of Resilience

This is for increasing your resistance early-mid game against harass and minions damage as well.

9xGlyph of Shielding

This is one of the most cost-efficient way to acquire MR throughout the whole game, considering you will not buy any Defensive Item besides GA/QSS. This decreases the dmg from some champions such as sona/kog/nunu for laning phase as well.

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The Skill Order should always be R>Q>E>W in no situation this will change.

This ability should be maxed first because it has a Great base dmg in the early game and a great range which can be used for harassing in the early stages of the game.
However since you are not building AP items, this skill will fall of in the mid/late game stages. One important thing to note is that this skill sprite consumes 1 AA sprite, so because of that this skill should never be used for other purpose than Poking, NEVER use it in teamfights because you will me wasting mana and AA sprites.

This skill will only be maxed later because you will have free points to spare(REALLY) its damage is magical(you have 0 Magic Pen), its range is not great and is not targetable(meaning you can't focus its dmg in who you need to) and this skill consumes another AA sprite as well just as Q, this skill is worthless. There is only ONE situation where you will want to use it, if you are being chased by an enemy bruiser/tank, you can't run away while AA but this skill doesn't consume a movement sprite, so you will most likely use W to deal a little bit of Dmg while running away, in any other situation this skills is worthless.

Maxing this skill second for Ahri is great because you will be able to have a longer CC and increase its dmg as well(not much since you have 0 magic pen). this skill is great for ADC, imagine a Vayne which stead of throwing you to a wall to stun you can stead push him towards you while you punish him with high Dmg, this situation is Basically what this skill does.

This skill is what will define Ahri as an ADC. That high mobility that will defy even an Olaf, this skill is basically what makes ahri an viable ADC. There are many situations you can use it. To escape, to chase, to re-position yourself, and even to focus the enemy carriers with a good ult + E and just destroy them. This is basically why this skill is so important for ahri and you should take care when to use it. And because of this ult that if you have low positioning knowledge you shouldn't play ahri as an ADC.

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Masteries/Summoner Spells



Is to increased dmg output throughout the game.


Basically for decreased harass and minion dmg for better tradings in lane phase.

Summoner Spells

Best Spell in the game by far. Used for re-positioning, escape, offensive usage, etc etc etc.

My choice here because Ahri is considered either Poke Lane or Kill Lane depending on your support. This is the best choice of spell if you are considering killing in your lane.

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+ 3x
There is no reason to not start with boots + 3 potions, since this gives your more mobility for either killing or escaping ganks and high sustain in lane with the 3 pots.

Early Game

2x+ + + +
The Goal in early Game is to farm as much as possible and Harass your enemy as much as possible. Given that, the Doran's helps you with early harass and tradings, better CSing, and more HP for standing more pokes/tradings.
The HP pots is to still have a good sustain in lane making you trade more, farm more, etc etc etc.
Finishing your Level 2 Boots early is also important to increase your chances of surviving ganks, and for having more mobility for positioning and trading in lanes.
Wards are important at all parts of the game, so remember to keep at least 1 or 2 wards in your slot, ALWAYS!!
The Vampiric scepter is a good item for increasing your sustain in lane although it is not an core item, it helps a lot in lane phase.

Mid Game

+ + +
The goal in the mid Game is to have your core Items completed. The transition from lane phase to team fights and objectives occur during the mid game, and you want your core items ready as soon as possible so you can be more effective in the team fights.

The Infinity Edge is the most cost-efficient AD item in the game, this item has kit too strong to not be purchased. Dmg + Crit % + Crit Dmg and an excellent synergy with the following item(Phantom Dancer)

Phantom Dancer has a high synergy with IE and has some important stats for an ADC. High increase in movement speed, highest increase in Attack Speed, and crit % in the game. With both IE and PD you will have enough Dmg to crush the enemy team in the mid game.

The elixir is something that should be considered depending of the situation of the game. This item gives you increased crit % and attack speed making a good synergy with IE. If you think that you are going to be in many team fights for the next minutes, you should buy this item since it will increase your chances of getting kills and paying for itself while helping your team with Dmg, that is your primary role.

Late Game

+ + + + +
The late game is a little bit different than the early/mid game. Stead of having a goal, you mostly should consider the situation you are in.
In most Cases you will want Last Whisper as your Third item because of the Dmg output, since the enemies Armor will be much higher at this point of the game, and the 40% Armor penetration will be needed to keep your DPS high.

However, if you are being focused too much, or you are having problems positioning yourself, going for Guardian Angel is a better choice for keeping you alive.
Mostly Bloodthirster will be your final choice, but in most cases the game won't be extended to the point you will get it.

The Elixir of Fortitude is another item that you should consider buying if you are getting into many Team Fights in the near future.

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Behavior in Game

Early Game

In the Early game you are quite limited in terms of mobility, this is because you still don't have ult ready until level 6.

So Your Early game is basically around Farming and Harassing with your Q trying to zone out and AA harass the enemy when Possible. and After the level 6 you will become a real killing machine making your lane phase much easier and fun-2-play. If you haven't managed to get a kill before level 6 you are most likely to get a kill now.

Mid Game

The Mid game is usually when the first Dragon attempts starts, and where the team fights will begin. At this moment you should always care of you positioning. Group up with your team if you are stronger in the game, if you are weaker than your enemy, try farming more, and deny any attempt of dragon from the opposite team.

Make sure yo use your ult every time you see your enemy carriers out of position. Ult + E can create a really good opportunity for your team to pick up that Carry and that gives you a free kill. Just remember that you are ADC as well and not using your R properly can create the opposite scenario and leaving you out of position giving the enemy team a free kill.

Late Game

In the late game there is not much different than in the mid game. Use your Ult properly for creating opportunities for your team to get any opposite carry out of position. Ahri is great for ganking as well, remember to always engage and solo enemy if you are stronger than him. You will be able to kite them(specially if they are melee) while taking them down easily with your CC and Ult.

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basically, Ahri should be played much likely Vayne, reseting her positioning with her ult, kiting/killing the enemies bruisers/Tankers and cleaning the enemy team afterwards. Her high mobility and her hard cc permits her to take down targets that are out of position as well, so if you see an enemy carry out of positioning don't be afraid to punish him for that with your CC and ult combination.

I hope you guys enjoy playing her as an ADC just as I like her, and then maybe support me in the future for other Guides I might created.

I know this guide is still poorly made >< I really need to know how to work with the MobaFire Guide Builder. And if you have any feedback feel free to say it =]

Thanks very Much,


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