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Evelynn Build Guide by drale

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author drale

the way of stealth

drale Last updated on December 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to my Evelynn build.With this guide I will show you how to build Eve to ensure safe, essential kills early game, and continue to be a massive threat and scale well into the late game.

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Skill Sequence

W > E > W > Q > E > R

Why have I only posted the first six skills in my sequence? Because like everything else in LoL, her sequencing is situational.

After level 6, if I feel that I need to farm more, I will dedicate more points into my Q: Hate Spike than my E: Ravage. I will reverse this and pump points into Ravage and Shadow Walk if I am getting kills and got my Sheen early.

I do consider the first 6 skills to be set in stone, however. You need to start off with your invisibility; it is your primary ganking tool. You need Ravage to boost your damage output. On level 3, I ALWAYS put another point into Shadow Walk. Not only does it increase my stealth time, but it increases the % of the slow as well. 30% slow at level one with invisibility is nothing to scoff at! Pop a point in Hate Spike for some quick farming and spamming during ganks. Then once Malice and Spite is up, you will probably have your Sheen by this point which will result in some tasty ganks.

Also, it increases your slow percentage! If an enemy mid champ is playing conservatively and only pops out of position to clean off that last minion, BE THERE WHEN THEY MAKE THAT MISTAKE! You will be able to be there longer AND slow the enemy, allowing your Caitlyn to get off a clean Piltover Peacemaker. Did I mention it increases your slow time?

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Summoner Spells

I find Ignite to be a critical part of this build, which relies on early kills and assists. Paired with a smart ganking partner, this more often than not is the nail the coffin for an unsuspecting victim. Do not underestimate Ignite as a healing deterrent - deadly against Vlad, Swain, and Dr. Mundo.

I find it useful for so many things: mainly setting up perfect last minute positioning for a slow or finishing blow. Specifically, when you are getting focused late game and have Guardian Angel, this spell is just perfect for a quick escape when the enemy team is surrounding your corpse and you Flash + Shadow Walk away.


Another useful spell, especially on roaming Eve. Allows more map control, better ganking positioning, and even for some tasty kiting around minions with Hate Spike spamming. However I rarely (if ever) find myself needing more speed with my Boots of Mobility, Movement Quints, Trinity Force, and Malice and Spite. Up to you.

Effective offensively and defensively, Exhaust ups the chance of a successful gank (which is your job!) and a cheeky survival.

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Skills Explanation

Hate Spike
Hate Spike is your primary farming and pushing tool, while also being extremely helpful with ganks. When Q is pressed, numerous spikes come out of the ground to damage a nearby enemy and automatically deal 50% of that damage to another nearby enemy. This is NOT a toggle skill, so be prepared to slap away on that Q key!

Shadow Walk
Your bread and butter, although with the nerf this is reduced in theoretical effectiveness and requires much better positioning and timing. When you activate W, Eve becomes invisible after 2 seconds for a set length of time. The more points you put into it increases the stealth time and the effectiveness of the slow. Upon hitting an enemy, you are no longer stealth. TIP! Hate Spike can apply the slowing effects to 2 enemies - use this to your advantage.

A nice little melee nuke. With 1:1 AP stacking, it is deadly and critical on this build. Open ganks with it, finish enemies with it, and it reduces Armor and Magic Resistance.

Malice and Spite
When activated, Eve goes into 'overdrive' mode. Her attack speed and movement speed skyrocket, and as a bonus she gains health per kill/assist, which you will find saving your behind more often than not! In addition, its cooldown automatically refreshes upon killing an enemy, which really lets you tear through enemies.

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Tips and Tricks

Do not be afraid to persistently gank the same lane, although understand when you are needed elsewhere. Remember that even if the enemy buys a pink ward, a teammate can still initiate a fight and you can slow them regardless if they see you coming or not.

Your ultimate is your DEADLIEST weapon. It blends with your AS increase from Guinsoo's and your already unbelievable movement speed. Not to mention it heals you upon an enemies death. It will make you a sustaining, killing machine. FOR THIS REASON, do not be afraid to initiate a fight, Shadow Walk out to appear wounded, and turn around to finish off the enemy only to regain health and 100% COOLDOWN on Malice and Spite.

A nice little move that I rarely use in the open but ALWAYS by a tower is to turn on Shadow Walk and then 1 second later hit 'b' for a safe, invisible return to base. Can also be used to achieve maximum trolling.
As a roamer, it is also your job to Ward the map and harass the enemy jungler. Know when their Amumu is low and getting Red Buff. Kill him, take the buff, continue ganking. Not always that easy, but is.

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Things to watch out for(Lane and Fights)

Damage over time spells: Ignite as well as Teemo and Twitch's poison and Swain and Malzahar's Torment and malefic vision deals continuous damage and prevents you from entering stealth. Exercise caution or employ meat shield when engaging similar enemies.

Flash: can make a good gank go to waste. This is why we take our own Flash to finish them off. But if you don't have it hopefully you have an Ignite with you or a teammate with a finisher technique like Trueshot Barrage. But then again, targets should NOT survive the initial 1.5 second you stun them for to use it anyways.

Malphite: His Seismic Shard can screw up a perfect gank. It steals your speed and screws up your chase. Just sit back and let your team make play with him and make sure he uses Seismic Shard before you engage.

Banshee's Veil: This WILL BLOCK your stun off Shadow Walk and the damage from whatever spell you proc it off of. If you blindly initiate thinking you can take them, you can easily end up getting picked off yourself. Simply have a teammate like Caitlyn to brush it away with Piltover Peacemaker and you're good to go.

Shen: very worthy mention here. Once you go into stealth. Shen is the ONLY one able to force you out of stealth for free(Galio can do it too, but wastes ult). The taunt forces you to attack him therefore breaking stealth. This is why you have to move in a unpredictable pattern when playing Eve. People like Shen will be trying to break your stealth.

Aura items: getting an item with an aura on Eve is awesome because it can have the effect and your opponent won't even know. UNTIL THEY CLICK SOMEWHERE TO SEE BUFFS/DEBUFFS. Sunfire Cape and Abyssal Scepter and great items and great for lols but it casts a debuff which reveals your presence. Keep that in mind.

Skillshot characters: People like Dr. Mundo, Cassiopeia, and Ezreal have either skillshots that will react even when hitting an invis target. Mundo has HP refund from Infected Cleaver, Cassie has speed boost, and Ezreal procs Rising Spell Force from hitting people with spells. LEARN TO MOVE IN AN UNPREDICTABLE PATTERN BY THINKING "WHERE WOULD I HIT FOR AN EVE?" OR "WHERE WOULD THEY EXPECT ME TO BE AT?" AND RUN DIFFERENT ROUTES REALLY QUICK IN YOUR HEAD TO DETERMINE WHERE THEY CAN'T SCOUT YOU OUT.

Ezreal: Back when I started playing Eve at pre-lvl20 ELO, I thought those noob Ezreals make easy delicious targets. But when I first played Ez against an Eve after I mained him, I realized that Arcane Shift can be use to scout out stealth units!!!

Teemo: Again, those shrooms are annoying as F**K. Messes up good escapes and hinders your stealth fade time as well as vision of your while you take damage. Avoid "usual teemo shrooming spots"(see chart below)

"Revealing" moves: Nidalee's Bushwhack / Pounce and Kog's Living Artillery WILL REVEAL YOU if you're hit. But you can still run up to them for the stun. But that takes the fun out of surprize butt secks.

Silences: Pretty underrated as a CC but used on Eve, it's pretty scary. Usually around 2.5 seconds and longer duration and shorter cooldown than a stun. But while you're silence, you can't DPS(even AD build gets controlled), nuke, or even escape with Flash or Malice and Spite. Renders a fed Evelynn almost completely useless. Don't underestimate silences.

2 People: Sometimes people in lane get very scared of you. They tend to bunch up together. This is especially trouble some for your team and you to gank if it's Taric+ Sion, a usual lane combo. Both have stuns and one has a shield and another with a heal. If your teammate is waiting to gank, simply stealth up, wait for an opportunity where those 2 are the 2 closest unit to you and pop Hate Spike, stunning them both. This technique is also pretty good for interrupting multiple channeling ultimates in teamfights.

Pink Wards/Oracles: You also have to be aware of these. Simple way for this is to play with more aware teammates who announce "mid is warded" or just watch for enemies doing it. You can also buy an Oracle's Elixir to counter these wards later on when you're somewhat fed

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For my rune build I use a fairly standard setup.Greater Seal of Calrity,Greater Mark of Insight,Greather Glyph of Force,Greater Quint of Force.This setup is designed to give tremondous early-game power, with the manaregen to back up harassing, but still not loose out on much endgame nuke.

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The masteries all so good for this build,you ned those ones.I run standard 21/0/9 masteries.Grabbing all the key ability power and damage points in the Offense tree, while maxing out manaregen and taking neutral buff duration in Utility. I don't feel the need to use Summoner's Wrath, since the 5 ability power it gives is pretty much nothing to look at.

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LoL Emotes - Evelynn

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