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League of Legends Build Guide Author NoblemanNick

The Will to Survive & Proper Mindset

NoblemanNick Last updated on October 14, 2013
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What is the "Will to Survive"?

The "Will to Survive" is much like modern life's will to live. What is the will to live? Wikipedia states that the will to live is "The will to live is a psychological force to fight for survival, particularly when one's life is threatened by an injury or disease such as cancer. Some physicians believe that it plays an important role in one's chances of survival. There are significant correlations between the will to live and existential, psychological, social, and, to a lesser degree, physical sources of distress. The difference between the wish to die versus the wish to live is a unique risk factor for suicide."

Wow, so did you think that your own will can save your life as well as end it. Basically it what I like to call the miracle gene, the last thing that submits in your body when your mind is gone, and your heart stops beating.

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How does it affect my game play?

Chances are you know who the hell that ^ guy is. If not that's Gerard Butler playing King Leonidas from 300. He was a king among all badasses, and so were his spartans. The spartan motto was simple "Never retreat, never surrender!" A motto to live by except people don't live by it in LoL.

So your a few kills down, it seems their carry or mid has been fed and maybe you can't seem to get a break what does your team do, they surrender. The game ends with you taking a defeat and you somewhat feel glad to be away from it. All well in good, but you see the path to surrender is actually a cycle than begins earlier on and affects the game negatively. This is the "Will to Survive". We have seen turn-around games where it only takes one or two team fights to make a team make the final push for Nexus. Damn, quite a turn-around. This is due to a team's strong will to survive. While a negative will to survive for a team doesn't let them ever see that potential. But why does this happen most percent of the time, it could be being completely outranked. No, what about just a horrible team. Maybe, someone trolling, yeah a possibility. But the biggest reason the will to survive fades and affects the team negatively is just a bad mood.

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Bad Mood?

What does it take to onset a bad mood and downright decrease in skill. Well many things here are the most common factors.

  • They feel the player against them is in a League (aren't I funny?) of their own and no player could defeat them.
  • They feel after giving up 2 or 3 kills, there's no way they can recover from this.
  • They feel their team is not up to the task of aiding in victory.
  • They feel like they don't aide the team in anyway.

All of these reasons and more start to take a toll on the player until the number one killer of all player skills happen: FRUSTRATION

When a player gets hit with an onset of frustration, they take a nose dive. Symptoms of Frustration include:
  • Saying that they give up and no longer care about what happens.
  • Start to get angry and throwing themselves into fights they can't win in order to brutally meddle their way into a kill.
  • Blaming other people.
  • Asking to SURRENDER

Especially that last one! Now when that happens due to this, there going to let enemy champions get more kills on them they get sloppy to run into situations they would normally avoid. With more deaths, frustration increases and they dig themselves into a deeper hole. As a player you need to realize when your frustrated and try to fix it and not try these solutions above, because they only make things worst.

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Bronze Mentality

As a person that was stuck in Bronze for the longest time, I've seen everything from great teams to games being thrown away because of bad teamwork and communication and just everyone giving up. The Bronze Mentality is the mentality we get that every game is decided before we load in, that we either get a really great team that's going to faceroll or we're going to get a really terrible team and that it's never our fault. This is the Bronze Mentality. Also going with Bronze Mentality is the feeling that you get when you lose first blood and the first couple of kills and you go "Oh great, we lose". This is the WORST thought to have, League of Legends is built on comebacks and has been host to the some of the craziest comebacks ever. What is a few kills behind when you've taken every dragon, and your now taking their towers. It's a game of objectives rather than kills. In Bronze I find the strategy to winning is just keeping my team together long enough until the other team slips up and then push forward with momentum. Surrendering should never happen, there is always a way to turn a game around.

Let me give you an example that I will always remember, we were pushed to our Nexus towers, we were down by 20 kills and we were ready to give up. I took half the team and constantly pressured mid lane and pushed as many waves as possible. The enemy team had to take their time killing waves, the other half was constantly pressuring other lanes and avoiding fights whenever the enemy team came in. The towers were slowly being wittled down. The surrender vote came out for our team, 3 fors, 1 against. If I voted yes the game was over, I decided to vote no. Right after that the enemy team bot lane disconnects, and we push and win. Blind luck, yes, but if I had given up that win would of been a lost. Never give up, don't think to the bronze mentality.


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