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Tryndamere Build Guide by The0nlyFreeName

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The0nlyFreeName

The0nlyFreeName's Tryndamere Guide

The0nlyFreeName Last updated on January 29, 2012
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Hello and welcome to my first ever guide, and im doing my first ever guide on my favorite champion, Tryndamere. I know most all tryndamere guides are the same, and its mostly the typical items, but there are different tricks, because this game is so versatile with all the different outside factors, like runes, masteries, etc. But this build (im sure its been mentioned before almost exactly like this) But this is the build i use all the time with Tryndamere and rarely do i lose a game with it. But before i start, i want to get something across about tryndamere for all you new players. So let me start off explaining the different runes and masteries i do.

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Some things you should know

This is more aimed towards new players that havnt played Tryndamere much or maybe just a fresh reminder to those who havnt played him in a while. Tryndamere is all about late game. He is supposed to be that guy at the end game that runs in, Penta / Ace's the enemy, and takes sh*t over. Where alot of people seem to have trouble with Tryndamere is early game, which is what this guide will hopefully help with. Early game trynd is a bit squishy along with every other Level 1 champion, so don't think you have your ult at level 1 and go running into bushes without your laning partner backing you up. With this guide it is supposed to make you more durable so you can stay in lane longer, get your gold up to get your core items so you can start killing some enemies and getting the big stuff. Listen guys, the only reason people call Tryndamere OP is because of his ultimate. He is NOT Op. Why ? Because he is COMPLETLY item dependent. His skills dont do massive amounts of damage for him, they are meant as enhancements for him to run up and beat the sh*t out of them with Big Bertha. That is why early game is crucial for you to try and get as much gold as possible so you can get the basis of his build, and therefore do much better vs enemy champions.

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The reason i use these runes is because as i said before, Tryndamere is all about late game, so you need him to be a bit resilient early game, hence the Armor seals and Magic Resist glyphs. The Armor Penetration marks are as well for early game (And technically can still be helpful late game) This in combo with the Arpen masteries diminish almost all of the small bit of starting armor champions have at level 1, therefore making it easier to go for a first blood. The flat damage Quintessences are meant just to give ya a small boost in damage at level 1. But you can trade those out really for whatever (Ive just been a bit to greedy buying champions to replace them :p) Some options are trade them out for Attack speed, Movement speed Quintessences.

P.S - If your just new to the game, or you are pretty seasoned on the game, if you are not level 20 yet, do not buy runes. Trust me when i say Tier 1 and 2 runes do almost nothing for you, and its just Ip wasted that you could have used towards either a new champion or just saving for runes period.

Secret - This rune page can actually be used generally as a AD page.

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Now on to the masteries. These masteries i chose are meant really for early game, and not much late game at all. You have the standard 21 points in Offence, giving him lifesteal, crit chance, and overall more damage. And then i have 9 points in defense to (of course) give him more resilience early game. The points in armor and magic resist make him even tougher early on, plus the health bonuses.

P.S - If you are new and starting out, or not level 30 yet, immedietly start building into the Offensive tree as i have it, it will do more for you leveling up with newer players then the defensive tree will.

Secret - This mastery page can actually be used generally as a AD tree.

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Summoner Spells

Here is where i seem to get questioned alot, is the Summoner spells. Alot of people tell me "Haha your a noob Tryndamere doesnt even use ignite haha lolz" This is early game before level 10 when im raping their faces off and then they see why. Trynd is a very speedy character as it is, no doubt. And with his Spinning Slash he can escape over walls easily. But, that slash has cooldowns. And from what i have seen, if you are a fed Tryndamere using my tactics (I will explain them later in the guide), you tend to get targeted alot by the entire enemy team, and these summoner spells are meant to be used in combo with your slash and ult to not only completely dice and demolish all those who run away, but also to almost always have a sure escape so you don't die if your Ult is on cooldown or you are facing pretty much the entire enemy team. I don't really need/care to use ignite because it really doesnt do that much. I know ive been babbling "Its the early game that counts" and most people associate ignite with early game kills, but to me its just not that effective. The standard player tends to waste ignite and miss a kill then to actually use it effectivly and ensure a kill, and that's just 1 summoner spell they screwed themselves out of.

P.S - If you are not level 12 and don't have flash, use Ghost + Teleport, so you can get into lane quicker and not lose out on much farm.

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Skill Sequence

Alot of newer Tryndamere players make 1 big mistake all throughout the game. And that is trying to level up yoru Spinning Slash first. They think that because it does damage you need it up first, this is false. As i stated before in the "Some Things You Should Know" section, his damage doesnt come from skills, it comes from items. So early on Spinning Slash doesn't do much for you. You want Bloodlust maxed out by level 9 because not only can you heal alot more, if you get into a tussle with another champion, the more hp you lose, the more damage you gain. This can be alot more helpful then some think, and is what makes him pretty damn deadly early game if used right. I get mocking shout at level 3 and max it dead last because, the only reason people really use this is to slow down, which is good, but is wasting some good bonuses. If you are going head to head with a AD champion, pop this whilst fighting them to dramatically lower their AD, and allowing you to smack em down faster. And because of the Summoner spells, when they go to run, hacking after them should be no problem. That is why after i max out Bloodlust, i wish wash between Mocking Shout and Spinning Slash, so i can slowly do more damage with Spinning Slash (But late game, unless the enemy is just flat ******ed, this shouldnt do much of anything anyways) while leveling this up to render AD's useless against Tryndamere.

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This is also where i have gotten some questions, is on this item build i have. Alot of people tend to hate it simply because of 1 thing. It doesnt have sh*t tons of damage early on. There is a reason for this. Because of you leveling Bloodlust and maxing it out really fast, you gain damage as you lose HP, so you don't need to stack damage until late mid - late game. Thats why my item build focus's on getting attack speed and life steal (And as a bonus your Phantom Dancer gives you movement speed, making it less often you would have to use your summoner spells to actually catch up to people, and allowing you to have them more often for escaping enemies when near death) Look at it this way, the way i have trynd built at around late early game / early mid game is this. The more HP Tryndamere loses, the more damage he does, the more damage he does, the more lifesteal he will start getting from his rapid attacks, aka making you MUCH harder to kill over time, and increasing your chances of beating your enemy down and killing them. Also when you are in late game and dominating like i know you guys will (:p), replace the avarice blade with another IE or something. Replace it when you have all other 5 slots filled with core items, but replace it later on with another Infinity Edge.

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Early / Mid / Late game tips

This section is not really a guide, but more like tips as to things i tend to do early, mid, and late game. You don't need to follow these if you don't want to, because i know everyone has different play styles and tendencies.

Early Game - Early game i do like everyone else and just stay in lane, If you have a very responsive laning partner and they cooperate good, play aggresivly, if you got kind of a mute laning partner that doesn't really give a damn what happens to you, play real defensivly. By the time you hit level 6, you should be looking to have at least the Avarice and boots, and a vamp scepter for some lifesteal in lane. So you can stay in even longer, and the Avarice slowly getting you more gold.
Levels - 1 - 6

Mid Game - Mid game is usually when some team fights start breaking out. As ironic as it is, i tend to avoid teamfights. If there is a teamfight, i usually find myself off in another lane pushing and farming all the gold i can whilst pushing lanes, therefore causing some of the enemies to retreat to come bother with me, and making it easier for our team to wipe out as many of them as they can. I do this not only to dwindle the enemy forces in teamfights, but also so i can keep getting a steady flow of income. At this point in the game you should already be working on your first Phantom Dancer.
Levels - 7 - 12

Late Game - At this point is when you should be able to take on 1 or 2 of the enemys at a time, and still come out with quite a bit of HP, and now is when you should start staying in lane less and going around killing enemies as much as possible, because that is where you will get the gold to get the rest of your build.
Levels - 13 - 18

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Bonus Tip

This will be a really small section to just mention some bonus tips i have whilst playing Tryndamere. After you get your Starks Fervor, you are in buisiness. If you have a lane pushed back, and you are low on hp and a full hp champ comes back from base, instead of running back and going back to base, just run into the jungle and kill golems to get your HP back up. And then just run back into lane, and hitting minions will give you the rest of your hp back. A key to playing Tryndamere is staying in your lane as long as possible before being forced to go back. Because you want to get your PD and IE as soon as you can.

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And this is my build/guide to Tryndamere. I have played Trynd for quite a while, and i just never really looked at builds because i always felt that they never really fit how i played, this one i came up with when i found myself continuously doing it game after game, having tons of fun and still doing amazing =) So feel free to comment and vote. I highly appreciate constructive criticism that will help me, i highly hate smart***es and rudeness.