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League of Legends Build Guide Author GARYYYYY

Their efforts are all in Vayne - The Unkillable Tanky DPS

GARYYYYY Last updated on May 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Having tried many builds, I can conclude that a tanky dps build on vayne is the best option, there is no point in having an assassin that can be killed in 2shots and lets face it, any skilled opponent will instantly focus you when they see a vayne in the opposite team, unless they aren't complete noobs.

In this build i'll show you how to be an unkillable assassin.

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ArP Marks and Quints for obvious reasons, all your spells do physical (and true damage) so you will need that ArP to shred your opponents early game and it will also scale well late game.

AS Runes since you want to proc your 'Silver bolts' faster

Flat MR Runes since you only start with 30, these runes will give you that extra 13 MR which reduces magic damage by about an extra 15-20%

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I take a 0/14/16 mastery setup, though i don't condemn a 21/9/0 or any other combination, the defensive mastery helps her stay in the lane that little bit longer and the utility mastery helps her level up and generate that mana you need to spam your Q.

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Skill Sequence

Your aim in the lane should be to last hit and harass your enemy, this means you should level tumble as fast as possible, it will help you last hit much easier and deal more damage when harassing your opponents, there's no point in getting silver bolts that early since unless your enemy is flat stupid, he won't let you hit him 3 times, and you want to last hit minions and not proc silver bolts on them!

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Summoner Spells

Since you are a tanky dps assassin, Vayne has a great escape with her R+Q+E combination, but sometimes it's just not enough, i find ghost and flash to save me MANY times, flash is just an allround fantastic spell, you can chase and juke and it saves you when you do something stupid ingame. Ghost combined with your passive/ulti is just RAPE, there's almost no way in hell you will lose the kill, they're ****ed, they might as well just stand their and watch themselves die.

Exhaust is OK with her, just not my cup of tea, flash/ghost is a much better escape/chase spell
Cleanse is a life-saving spell, if your enemy team has many CC such as taunts/stuns/slows ->GET CLEANSE<-
CV - No let your support get it
Heal/Clarity/Rally/Revive/Fortify - NO NO NO NO NO

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Doran's Blade - This will let you lane for a long time, gives you that extra 100hp, 10 damage and a small 3% lifesteal

Sheen - Buy this as soon as you get 1.2k

Bersekers/Merc boots - depends on your opponent, if they don't have stuns i suggest you get AS boots, if they are a CC get merc boots.

Heart of gold - this will give you that extra health to stay in the lane longer and it also generates more gold

Negatron Cloak - 48 MR is a must need for vayne, mages are your worst nightmare

Randiums Omen - This item is just brilliant, gives you 75 Armor (you'll have 170 in total, thats 60-70% less physical damage!) 350 health, 5HP/sec, 5% CDR, 20% to slow your target and his attackspeed by 35% on getting hit by 3 seconds, and it's active is PERFECT, slows ppl around you and their AS by 35% for 2 secs + (1 extra second since we have 100 AR and MR) nobody will run away from you with your Ulti, ghost, flash, tumble, condemn, and Omens Active, it works perfectly with Vayne

Banshee's Veil - none of their mages will want to initiate on you after seeing you got that spell shield, you'll have to make them waste a spell if they're focusing you, and its usually a life saver. + 50 MR + 350health & mana, perfect.

- Madreds Bloodrazor - now that we are tanky and late game is coming, we need to focus on some damage items, madreds works perfectly with your silver bolts, you will eat your opponents and tanks with this spell, 4% from your opponents total health per hit and every 3rd attack your silver bolts will proc for 8%, in 9 hits, your silver bolts and madreds would have taken away 60% of your enemies health, and this is without considering the damage from your 9 autoattacks, tumble, sheen proc and ulti. Also gives 30AD, 40% AS and 25% armor.

- Sell your Doran's blade to make space for your BT

- Bloodthirster, best AD damage item in-game by a mile, you get 60AD and by killing creeps you can boost this up to 100 AD, with your madreds you'll kill minions in not time, the lifesteal is also fantastic 15% and you can boost it up to 25% with 300 AD you'll be healing for 75hp per hit, and with your tumble, sheen proc and ultimate, you'll start healing for 100-200hp per hit.

Mega lifesteal, Damage, Armor, MR, Health, best escape method, you're an unstoppable tanky dps assassin ranged carry, not even lee sin would believe it with his own eyes.

For La Creme upgrade your trinity force to increase your base Attack Damage by 150% for one attack, gives you some health, damage, CrC, movement speed and some more slow % chance.

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All in all, i find assassin to be useless if they only have 1.8k health, and squishy like hell! Whats the point of having 300 damage if you can only live for 3 seconds in a teamfight? You won't to be there along with your team and take out their carries/squishies! Vayne has almost the same Armor and health at lvl 18 as Renekton, so it is a viable build, you'll definitely love it.

You won't need that OMGWTF damage to be useful, all you need is that Doran's Blade and Sheen and it will be all the damage you need for early and late game, your Q gives you an 75% extra damage 35/55/75 AD, that means you will have 200 damage, with Q it will deal 360 damage and with your sheen proccing you'll deal and extra 200 damage! and you can do this every 2 seconds, it's sick, you can deal damage without having AD items, just like nocturne.

Remember to buy wards if you can at all times, NEVER initiate, let your tank do that - you're an assassin, LAST HIT <-SO IMPORTANT, aim for 100 creep kills in 10-15minutes at least (that's 3-4k gold) and never focus their tank in teamfights in the beginning, try to use your abilities at the right times (especially condemn, if someone is near a wall, tumble to his side and condemn him to the wall) and finish him off.

Sorry for the bad english or spelling mistakes, this is my first guide, and it's not eye candy unfortunately, i'll try to improve it as time goes by.

P.S: The item list is not a MUST, feel free to change items (for example using Black Cleaver etc there are many fantastic items in this game, and there is no "these are the best items, use them at all times, you have to ALWAYS see who's on your opposite team and adjust to them) F.E: no point in getting MR if they are a team of 5 Physical DPS and vice-versa, check for their CC, (tenacity/merc threads), Armor -> ArP items, Mega Health -> Madreds Bloodrazor+AS, Guardian Angels -> get one yourself too! etc etc

Thanks for your time and for reading it.