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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Goolox123

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Goolox123

They see me laning they hating, Fearing destiny ganking.

Goolox123 Last updated on August 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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The build!

This is your solid core from what I know and from how long I have played Twisted Fate, Boots,3hp pots this is important because you have no escape method. Two doran rings, this is important because it helps you vs burst mages and gives a little bit of early AP to your char. Upgrade into sorcerers boots for more damage, and if they are kassadin this is really nice because it will probably shut down some of the magic resistance he has. Rabadon Rush, the reason I rush rabadons, is because it will make you really bursty and a solid AP carry by then. Right after this we go on to lich-bane which increases your AP ratios from ****py to tier 1 AP carry. Rylai's because it stacks along with all your abilities and is useful for chasing low life enemy's. Sell your doran rings once you have enough money for your Nashors Tooth, this is a good item because, it lets you proc stacked deck more, for more burst damage. Finally your void staff, now this item is situational, but I like it because if the solo-top or jungler are building tanky like they should be they will need magic resistance to stop your high AP damage and once you grab this void-staff you start hurting them really bad once you get your void staff depending on how much magic resistance they have.

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Hello, I have made this guide because, it make's me angry to see Twisted Fate players these days making silly mistakes when playing this char. I am not the best Twisted fate player, but I do main with him.

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The good and the wtf.

.Pros: You have one of the longest skill shots in the game
.You do a lot of damage
.You are great at split pushing.
.You have a 5 second cool-down stun assuming you can land it.
.You are a tier 1 AP carry
.Destiny is great for getting fed
.your good vs all stealth heros

.You are squishy
.You need to get close to stun
.Your wild cards are slow
.You die to most burst mages at level 6
.You need to have good positioning and are one of the most difficult chars in the game
.Destiny ganking rely's on good teamwork
.You have no escape mechanism besides your w which is your slow and stun is only 1-2 seconds depends on early-or late game

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This rune page, was made by me and my play-style. As you can see instead of mana Regeneration seals, I take health per level seals because, Twisted Fate does not need mana Regeneration seals, do to his W's blue card, also these seals give you 170 more life at level 18 this is good because twisted fate is a squishy champion. I also take flat AP Glyphs, and flat magic penetration marks, and flat AP quints.

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This is a rather important subject I would like to bring up. Let me explain this because i see this a lot and its kind of strange people grab havoc: which if you do the math 1.5% of your total damage does not really add up unless your the ad carry with 500 attack damage. This would mean you would only get about 7 damage per hit extra, and if you hit someone 4-20 times if you multiply that by seven its barley noticeable. Not to mention,you also have to note in there base armor as well which pretty much cancels havoc. The other thing about my Masteries is I grab ghost as one of my summoner spells, so when I grab ignite in 3v3's, or exhaust it really helps. The final thing about my mastery page is the 3 into my attack speed mastery alacrity which increases my attack speed making my stacked deck more effective.

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Summoner Spells

I like to grab teleport, and flash,or ghost. The reason to grab teleport, when you destiny gank your AP opponent will grab 13 cs if you are gone without teleport, if they are last hitting everything. That's almost like if they went and destiny ganked someone because 15 cs equals one kill.Another reason teleport is good, is because, the jungler and the AP carry could push your tower while you are gone. Its also very good for backdooring if you do resort to that. That and double pushing which twisted fate is a baller at.

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I know many people stress this but that ****ty passive of yours. Is actually useful if you and your teammate's are farming well. I use my loaded dice for wards when I play mid because like I said Twisted fate die's to gank's. If you dont farm you will not be able to play tf to his full potential even if you do everything else right. Look at it this way if everyone late game has 200 cs besides support and jungler. They will all have a 400 gold advantage over the enemy.This of course would only happen if they do not have a tf player on there team. It's also easy to farm with tf, please remember that.

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.Veigar- dangerous once level 6
Leblanc- just hug tower till late game if shes not fed she cant hurt you or is she a viable mid
.Annie- not really powerful till level 6
.Brand- Just don't be cocky and try to cs.
.Morgana- Why is she not banned...,also dodge her snare or you will die
.Zyra- try to dodge her snares and poke her then destiny in our flash for the final attack.
.Karthus- Try to stun him when he trys to ult other people if you can, also try to dodge his q
.Ziggs- high burst damage but not that big of a problem[/color]
.Anvia-dangerous once level 6 with blue buff
.Ahri- Dodge her q don't get hit by return, you get charmed your dead
.Lux- dodge skill shots
.Swain- Tanky try to poke
.sticky Champions- These are champions who have very good gap closers so your job is to try to avoid most fights because you cant kite these champions from a far range
and they will kill you if they get close. How to deal with sticky champion's? Play safe!
.Fiddlesticks- Fiddlesticks gets countered by Twisted Fate really hard, and here is why, your gold card counters his life steal and ult meaning all his dps just got obliterated. Your wildcard can also out range him and in general he cant really force you out of lane.

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Twisted fate is a champion who really needs a good team. This would involve your jungler ganking your lane when you need help. Destiny ganking and making sure your ally's know that you are about to destiny gank. Finally his W and Q. His W which is Twisted Fates red,blue,and gold card. Here's how it should work. You see the team is clumped up, use red card, and dont gold card unless you need to, because you will do AOE damage along with your wild cards, which does insane damage late game in team fights. Gold card if theirs one champion who is focusing down and killing everyone. Blue card if you have no mana and you've used all your mana but you need one more wild card to secure a kill. Your q can be spammed from a far range and should so you dont get focused.

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How to play Twisted Fate

Twisted fate is not a tank you dont initiate fights, you must play safe with good positioning if that's not your thing go play the jungler or solo-top or whoever is tanky, and can initiate. When you play Twisted Fate remember hes not very easy to play. Destiny ganking means you need to lock in gold card before you do it or else you might fail, and waste your destiny. Get used to landing your w on the first rotation this is what makes a lot of bad and good tf's that and, card choice, farming, and destiny ganking. You need to make sure you have blue buff this way you can spam the gold card, and wildcard combo. Also remember to have fun when you can try testing new tricks.Finally remember your w is always in the pattern Blue,Red,Gold. This will help you land your cards right and make you a better tf.

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Well, now that I have taught you your basic build remember that you are Twisted Fate the Gambler, and you play your cards right, the deck is always rigged in your favor.