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Veigar Build Guide by veigar346

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author veigar346

they'll stop laughing now...

veigar346 Last updated on October 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, in this guide you will learn how to build, play and have some fun as Veigar.
I would just like to say please don't downvote this guide without trying it first and if you are unable to last hit with your Q correctly or can't hit your W or E right i wouldn't like to be blamed for it since it is not really my fault, i will however try my best to teach you how to hit your spells right. This is my first guide but i think it will help since i've been maining Veigar for over 2 months and only lost about 10 lanes (I've played over 200 games). Enjoy dominating the mid lane :).

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really nice damage,
CC that can change the outcome of teamfights,
lots of hp,
destroying most ap mids at lvl 6,
3k hp, about 350 ap in an average 30 min. game
fear in the hearts of your enemies.

merc threads can be problematic,
can be hard to hit your spells,
a bit mana hungry.

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Magic pen marks are the best choice for ap mids,
ap seals are a no brainer, makes your spells stronger so it works,
flat mana glyphs will allow you to stay in lane longer whilst Q-ing minions,
ap quintessences are useful for the same reason ap seals are.

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The masteries i use will let you stay longer in lane while last hitting minions, you will not be very easy to kill later, always remember to Q last hit alot of minions since the masteries and runes are not very offensive.

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Most of the time you will be fighting an enemy who pokes well so you should grab boots and 3 hp pots, but if that is not the case grab yourself a dorans ring. Try to stay in lane until you have about 1700 gold if you have dorans or 1400 if you have boots. Buy boots (if not done before) and a catalyst the protector, then you can just follow the item build at the beginning of this guide, feel free to switch up the places of items if your opponents for example buy loads of hp or maybe loads of magic resist.

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Summoner spells

As your first summoner spell you will have to take flash, it is the most useful summoner spell in the game and you have to take it to make your escapes easier and go through walls.
The other spell will be up to you, i like to take teleport to make your first trip back to lane faster and farm more but you can take ignite or if you have no mana runes you may want clarity but i never take anything other than flash and teleport.

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You should use Q to get last hits on minions whenever you can, to make sure to kill minions with Q always check the damage you do with it every level until you've maxed it out and left-click on minions to know if you're going to kill the minion or lose valuable mana and gold. later on you can use W on ranged minions to kill them quickly. You should farm and nothing but farm with Q until you're at least lvl 6-8, at that time you can try to kill the enemy mid laner (how to do it right: below) and then farm whenever you find the time.

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Getting kills in lane

To kill opponents this is what you have to do: first check their boots, if they have merc threads remember that it will be harder to hit W, next throw down your E but put the edge of it a bit behind your enemy if they're going to run back when they see it (most of them are), once you hit your stun you should throw W at the enemy and Q the hell out of them. This will kill some enemies but most will survive with half or less hp, ult the enemy if you think you can kill it or you can back up a little and repeat. There are some enemies that will stand where they are instead of running and being stunned, every once in a while you will see these people and they will be problematic. sadly ways to combat them depend on the target and you will have to find out what to do yourself.

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Dealing with counter champions

the only champions i have found to be a problem in mid are Fizz, Kassadin and Morgana, how can you deal with them?
Fizz: he will be hard to stun so you should just throw out Q until he's used his Q and E and then use your full E,W,Q combo.
Kassadin: his passive, Q and ulti will make your lane a living hell, stay back and farm because trying to kill the best mage counter in the game early on is not a good idea.
Morgana: her passive will make harass very hard and her E will make stunning her very hard, just farm and if it comes to a fight wait till she's used her E and then use your E,W,Q combo, try not to waste your mana on harassing her.

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Does this build work well?

Some of you are thinking: ******** this guy is so ******ed, everyone knows you build DFG on Veigar first and go full offense in everything. Well if you think about it going full offense you will only do about 200 more per spell and therefor you will have about 1500 hp less, it may also interest you to know that DFG is not a very good item for early game because most opponents will not have insane amounts of hp for you to destroy with your DFG until about min 25 at least.
this build will make you hard to kill, still do pretty amazing dmg and be feared by your opponents. If you like this guide or you did well with it i'd appreciate an upvote. Sorry for any errors in my guide since english is not my first language. Don't let them laugh, just remember: YOU ARE EVIL.