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League of Legends Build Guide Author h3llrais3r666

Think you can handle me Summoner?

h3llrais3r666 Last updated on December 17, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys, this is my first MF build so if you like plz comment and vote :)

I have been trying several MF builds that are on Mobafire and let me tell you I don't like them at all! They suck, I tried two different builds that were rated and it was nothing to brag about. So here is my build that I have been using for MF hope you like it.

So to start out right when I leave the platform I buy a dorans bladeand a mana potion, The small amount of lifesteal will help you lane longer and the mana potionwill allow you to not run outta mana while laning for the first few levels. As soon as I get about 1k gold which comes right around level 3-4, I also have a kill or two by then as well. I recall and pick my Mobilty Boots which is probably the best boots for MF because it stacks like your passive after a few seconds outta combat.

Once I have Mobilty Boots I work on Manamune this item will allow you to dominate the entire game without having to ever worry about your mana. you gain mana every attack and everytime you use an ability, at the same time converting 2% of your mana to attack damage. I have about 130-150 attack damage right when I have the item and im about level 10 now. Once you have Manamune you will not need to recall because your outta mana. This will keep your mana up the rest of the match.

Next is Hextech Gunblade. If you notcied by now MF is based of magic power for her make it rain ability (E). I get this item for the lifesteal and spellvamp while also increasing my attack damage and abililty power.

Next is Infinite's Edge. The increased attack damage and the critical chance is an amazing plus to your damage output plus your ultimate is increased by your attack damage more than ability power. 50% for attack damage and only 20% increase for ability power and the increase is based off of the greater value between the two so you do the math.

Next is The Black Cleaver. Its pretty obvious, attack damage and your attacks will now shred the armor of the enemy champs and it stacks up to 5 times this will help with tanks and if your still having problems killing that really high healthed tank go for a madred's Bloodrazor.

Last is The Bloodthirster. More lifesteal, more attack damage and now you stack damage and lifesteal every kill. This is my bread and butter because i rarely die with MF. I play smart and stay back and only push when its the right time to push, so im constatly fully stacked because im taking such huge chunks out of anyones life it's ridicoulus.

Early game:

I mid with MF as does most people that play her. If you mid your the teams ganker, unless you have a jungle, but at the same time your still a ganker nad the teams highest level through out most the battle. Keep last hitting creeps and harassing the enemy whil making sure your not gonna get ganked. by the time i hit 6 i have had 2 or 3 kills and I already have my first 2 items.

Mid game:

You should be grouping by now at least three of you pushing a solid lane or all five of you bum rushing a tower. Stay back keep last hitting creeps and building up more gold because this is an expensive build but you will kill any squishy out there and be a huge asset to tank killing to, about level 8 to 14 is mid game and this is the most imporatnat part of the battle so you haveto have map awarness and be making gold at all times dont just try and go around ganking champs keep grinding money and work with your team when its time to gank or push a lane but always head back to get your levels high and your gold puring in.

Late game:

By now you should have a full build and the enemy team will probably start aiming for you, lets admit you are squishy but you deal so much damage that they will be a little more cautious when you come around and aim for you more than others, if you have a good stunner on your team wait for a good stun and make it rain then lauch your ult. They are either dead or a quarter life from dead everytime dont try and make it rain and ult without haveing a stunner close by because unless they are an idiot they will get out of your ult and you will be done for.

To be honest im no good at making builds on this site you see builds with pictures and like an entire description of every little thing but look play the damn game and dont follow the exact details that people will go into. It will not help, what will help you is expirementing with new items and play styles, thats how you will get good and find the builds that will make you an amazing summoner, for whatever champ you use.