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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sp0x

This hammer does damage!!!

Sp0x Last updated on June 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Poppy one of the least played champions in lol and extremely underestimated. Reasons? Well she isn't one of the beauties out their. Compared to the other Yordles you can say she is one dang ugly person not cute not cool and looks boring. Well if you think that I'm here to convince you that poppy and his little mallet may prove you wrong!!! I have been playing this champion for at least 7 months and I disagree with some builds out there and here is mine folks! (excuse my improper grammar)

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Best turret diver
Champion capable of dealing the beautiful 4 digits of 1k
Distance closer
Incredible Ultimate immune to EVERYTHING!!!
Unstoppable late game
Extremely fast no one beat me in a chasing contest!
Difficult to kill save you more than twice in a game (passive)

Easily denied in lane with Ranged Champions
Terrible farmer
Weak in early game

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Summoner Spells

Ghost and exhaust are my number one picks for poppy the ghost stacked onto your W allows you to move at incredible speed. Exhaust is used for soloing and closing the distance between champions and ensuring a kill. The slow is the main reason why I choose it even though I do have Hextech proc later on, exhaust serves well in a team fight as well.

Are great too, personally when I first started playing poppy I often grabbed ignite due to the fact that paired up with a great partner you have a high chance of grabbing first blood in the first ten minutes if you play her right.

The other summoner spells are just plain stupid unless you use them for the right purpose. This build is mainly built for exhaust and ghost, but you may choose others if you feel like they fit in what you are doing.

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Skill Sequence

Her passive is one of the most amazing things ever, with this build you will end up having around 2k hp and that means if you receive more than 200 damage the damage gets halved. That is basically everything you could think off! Their carries will be pecking on your back while you smash them into pieces with you little mallet/hammer.

Her Q is the key component of making what poppy who she is and what she is capable of doing. Lets do some math here, Q is you base damage + (.6 ability power) + Sheen proc/ Lichbane + 100 + usually around 300 damage With this AP build you are granted to hit 1k damage with these Items.

E? oh hi their I knocked you out conscious for a second here oh did you see my ap, yeah I do actually damage with this spell too?!? You heard me going AP not only makes the spell already funny and awesome as it is you do more damage!!!

Self explanatory, you get in get out faster than lightning 35 bonus attack is a free Pick Axe so why not? This skill is amazing!!!

This skill is far the best and coolest thing that riot did to this champion a movable zhonya hourglass basically untargetable by any summoner spells and skills and damage; this skill is just amazing! In addition this is probably one of the best initiation moves ever in a team fight late game! run in Ult their carry Close your distance with E, hit Q activate you hextech and their dead as meat, plus with your W you may safely run out of their unharmed while you watch everyone on their team trying to do nothing to you and wasting skills on you that does nothing.

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Please Give HICLIFF Credit for this Rune Description because I am way to lazy to talk about runes and more interested in playing and talking more technical stuff about Poppy. Check is Ad build here

Staying true to the offensive nature of this build, all of your runes are going to be going towards more killing power. Armor penetration is most important, as has been proven all over the place. You want more damage, get more armor penetration. Seals are dedicated to attack speed, which helps you farm a bit easier early game and dish out damage more quickly late game. Glyphs go to cooldown reduction to spam devastating blow more frequently and allow the use of your ultimate as often as possible.

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Ok, here is the interesting part:

AP why AP? Well first Q damage procs on AP!!! AP items are cheaper throughout the game you will just do better than AD, AD "I think" is just poor on poppy because you really on time to kill their enemies instead. Yes, Q still does good damage but I think you should see my build

Poppy is always low on gold, unless you can get some free farm and decent kills which poppy relies heavily on. Therefore I added the two philosopher stones into this build, poppy does not die fast at all therefore this increases his lane potential and gives him an additional 2k gold by the time I sell it for Items 5 and 6. Sheen to LicheBane is very self explanatory for poppy players, because It just gives that "OMMF" to that Q. Hextech is for players who does well with poppy and can chase you may choose Death Fire Grasp, but I usually don't due to the fact that It does not give Atck damage and it does not give spell vamp which can heal you about 250 health with just one Q on Blue Golems. Rage Blade is for the extra atck speed, which in results into damage and the Ability Power with this items is just a beautiful touch on this build. For boots I like to build swiftness so I can laugh my *** off when I see Teemo trying to out run me sorc boots is an another option, but the magic pen can be avoided because your usually hitting them over 1k so magic resist can't stop this.

The Items I branch of off is tottaly your choice and the situation,

Rabbadon Death Cap will allow you to reach 500 Ap and allows your Q to hit around 1.5k to 1.6k Great of you owning and you need to fill a role of Burst Assassins or just AP Burst.

Nashor's Tooth is great and the item I usually choose with 25% Cool down reduction in addition to your 8% CD on your runes you will have a 1.8 second Q Cool Down!!! The extra Ap is nice and the atck speed is cool because poppy in this build will have around 250 Atck damage.

Madreds Blood Razor, This item is extremely situational I would get this item when the opposing team has large amount of hp pool because it procs with your Q and all you other atcks increasing damage and a decent amount of atck speed.

Defense Would Fill the 6th slot usually unless you want to grab 2 of the recommended items as you 5th and 6th slot

Guardian Angle (recommended) - This items makes you impossible to die!!! opps I made a mistake!!! revive run out lols!!!

Force of Nature (somewhat recommended) - If they have like 4 Ap champions otherwise not worthy really because you don't take much damage with your passive.

Thornmail (somewhat recommended) - Try it if they have 3 or more AD Champions this item is nice, but still you don't take much damage, but this items is nice to have as a 6th slot.

The rest of the Items are even more situational where I will not go into to much detail.

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I Did put some time and effort into this build so I do hope for some constructive feedback!!! Thank You all for taking the time to read my build or just glance it and try it out! Before you deni me!!!

This is my first version:

1.00.0 V

Coming Soon: Grammar Checks and Additional Item information