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Katarina Build Guide by rapperin

This kitty has claws :P

This kitty has claws :P

Updated on June 19, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author rapperin Build Guide By rapperin 2,764 Views 4 Comments
2,764 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author rapperin Katarina Build Guide By rapperin Updated on June 19, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



hello everyone people seem that kat is a bad character cause people think she is useless without here ulti. but this is in mine for people that never seen a kat that can just kill people with her shunpo and bouncing blad. now u will see and experience how to do that but dont get me wrong her ulti is the main part of her still. Btw plz enjoy the guide and comment on it plz.
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summoner spells

Flash is a must because if u see someone low at their tower this is what u can do first u can shunpo in there and kill them but watch out if u have ghost they can still stun u at the tower but if u have flash u can quickly shunpo into the towers range and also quickly flash out of it so at the must u will only get hit my the tower once. exhaust is not a must but it is usefull for kat when u are chasing them by urself and u cant do anything until u get ur skills back. exhaust while let u chase a dps character with np because they are the fastest runners in the game. but u can also use ghost instead of exhaust.
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Master tree

Master tree
yes u can see my master tree for kat is pretty unique. But this is a pretty good way of making her master tree it will let u cut trough the target armor and mr. And by puting ur masteries into ur defense will help u have more health to survive and lane longer than normal.
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First as u can see marks are used as mp runes and for an ap character like kat mp is a must to kill ur opponent. Now this is the tricky part from seal it is where u are going to decide which rune to use on your own vigor will give u ur hp bouns as soon as u start as when fortitude will give u less hp in the begining but at level 18 it will give u more hp than vigor will give u. so if u want to go aggresive in the begining u can always use vigor but i say fortitude will be a better choice for u if u want to live longer at the end. NOw where glyph has the same dill just but this time is on cd time and i tell u celerity is better when u get to level 18. now on quientessence u can chose to have more mp or to get extra health for survival.
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Now i will start from the begining. Boots are needed in the begining when ur opponent is wrong from u u cant quickly shunpo to them where boots allow u to catch up to them that allows u to do that. The 3 health pots are used for when u are low from the start and u cant go back cause u dont have enough money or if ur tower is gettin ***ed that when u use it. Now from mejais u dont always get it u can pridict if u will get kills or not from the start so only get this item if u know u are going to do pretty good trough the whole game not for a little while. hextech revolver is a item a kat must have because kat can spam her skills and u while get spell vamp out off each and everyone one of those skills. now the ryalis crystal gives u 80ap and also 500 extra hp which allows u to stay alive and believe it or not 500 hp can determine a lot of things. now why i pick the ionian boots are because of the cd reduction affect. with this and mejais and blue buff while all help u put ur ulti down to 30 sec when u have ulti level 3. But dont get me wrong if u want to u the m boots its ur choice u dont have to use the boots i recommand to u. now the deathcap is most to almost all ap character so i will skip this part. now the void staff while give u bouns ap and also 40% mp not +40 this means if they have 200 mr u while cut trough about 80 of that and if they have only 60 mr u while cut trough about 24 of that mr. The hextech gunblade while give u lots of good things like spell vamp, lifesteal, ap, and also ad which this make this item a very usfull item.
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The way of skills

How to use skills is a important part on how to play lol in the first place and ill will tell u how to use all of kats skills usefully. first the bouncing blades if u use this with ur killer skill it while basiclly give u ur natural ignite but it doesnt do damage over time but it still reduces their health regen. Now if u use the killer skill with ur shunpo it while allow u to take less damage from all incoming attacks for a short while but during this time this will give u enough time to pop off ur ulti and make all of them low.
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As u can see this guide is somewhat similar and somewhat different from other guides but this guide will help u get better a kat if u know how to play her without knowing how to play the character no items in lol can help u win. so if u want to be win plz learn how to play the character before u blame the items u have. HAVE FUN
League of Legends Build Guide Author rapperin
rapperin Katarina Guide
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This kitty has claws :P

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