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Kayle Build Guide by Zambatou

This Really Works?!

By Zambatou | Updated on March 16, 2012

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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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This build is basedaround early harrassment with righteous fury. The build contains on hit items for the fact RF procs them. Overall your should be able to have lane control early game and be able to take on anyone late game.
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With the runes I use early game domination is easy due to the fact that you rip through so much armor with the arm pen. The ap seals also help give u that extra dmg with RF's ap conversion. With masteries and runes combined you will easily be able to take down a tank.
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Using the 25/5/0 masteries works probably the best. You get that little protectiong with the defensive masteries and the doran shield. Some people have told me going for 9/10/11 works will too but i've never tried. I use the Sunder with my runes and passive to shred all and any armor the target has.
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My build contains some strange items but they all work extremely well together. Using the on-hit items with her RF lets you have distance on a target and be able to take on anyone. I sell the doran shield proabaly half way into making the trinity force. You could possibly switch out the TF for a frozen mallet. I mainly use it for another slow and the health it gives is nice. The BS and BC are real meant for late game working with RF to proc both increases your survivability and destroys later game armor. If they have alot of ap ill get the blood razor over the BC
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Skill Sequence

I start with Rf which is rare I guess all the other guilds tell you start with reckoning. Rf early off help with harrassment and early kills. My laning partner always is either a champion with a stun/slow or has exhaust on. This allows us to pick up first blood quite alot. I get my heal pretty early just so help heal up between fights. I don't spam it because it drains mana fast. Max out Rf first allows for more damage with the on-hit procs.
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Summoner Spells

I used ghost and flash more then anything with Kayle. Again my lane partner usually uses exhaust for the early slow is there. I use ghost more offensive, the only time I use it for running away is if I'm silenced or flash is on cd. Flash is for my getaway because i often don't use intervention on myself, mostly on the carries/supports.
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So this is my first build hope you all enjoyed it and it helps you. Alot of people didn't believe this build could work. Mostly my friends >.< but after one game it changed there mind. This build is more based on on-hit procs and armor destroying. So here it is, have fun with it and make sure you always KS becasue KS is just really kill secured :D

Big thanks to MoredotzNAOW for laning with me through the creation of the build and Pvpfail(*****fres on here) for helping me with the runes/masteries. Go check out his Nasus and Singed builds there really good.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Zambatou
Zambatou Kayle Guide

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This Really Works?!