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Sona Build Guide by MeTheFew


By MeTheFew | Updated on November 27, 2018

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Runes: The Scaling

Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Future's Market
Cosmic Insight

+1-10% CDR (lvls 1-18)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


Is it Meta? Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Support Role
Win 52%
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Ability Order The Only Way.

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Champion Build Guide


By MeTheFew
HI! My name is MeTheFew or MeFew for short, this is a second version of my Sona guide updated for the current patch. Here i'll tell you how to play in this new crazy Season and how to abuse Sona for free LP. Let's get straight into it!
Premise Back to Top
The premise of the build is quite simple. Be the best support you can be. I'll give you a fair warning now so you don't whine later. You will not be racking kills left and right going on 50% hp in one hit escapades. No, none of that. You're gonna stick close to your team and provide heals, damage, slows, speed so they can carry you and have fun at the same time. Trust me, this playstyle is very fun for you aswell.
TP Supp? Back to Top
I know i know. Teleport on a Support seems kinda crazy even in season 9 but it works. I promise. I'll explain to you how exactly to use it and what benefits it gives you over other spells. Simply put you don't need other spells due to your raw output of damage, heals and speed. You don't need to slow enemies with exhaust when you can do it with stacked E, you don't need an ignite to reduce healing, you just need to kill them fast enough by relaying on your team and providing them with all support accessible.

Now, let's get to how you should use teleport.
Basically, whenever you die in lane due to a mistake. It's quite simple, just TP back and support your ADC 24/7. That's one option.
You can also provide pressure on the map by TP'ing into a middle of a teamfight. The enemy will be scared by a teleport if they don't know who's teleporting in. They will most likely back away and try to recover, that's when you push in with aggressive heals and ults. On the other hand if you TP into the whole enemy team you can be easily picked out and focused. Try avoiding teleporting near enemies cause they will be more likely to try and kill you on the spot. Especially if the other person with TP is already in the teamfight and they know it.
Lastly, you can teleport when you run out of mana, just pop a ward on the place you want to come back to and Recall. Then TP back to the teamfight and keep pushing with fresh mana and new items.
Items Back to Top
Aside from the obvious ward item and boots, you will be rushing the hell out of Archangel. Why? Because it's Three Minute Sona. But seriously now. The name of this build came from that one item alone. If you stack it and have a full build you can spam your skills for 3 minutes straight without stop, with the CDR from runes and items you will have a permanent aura for 3 minutes. I know it doesn't sound like much but imagine... No teamfight ever takes 3 minutes and pushing into the enemy base with everyone perma shielded, sped up and revved up with damage is quite incredible and quick. Just make sure you don't die while doing it. And when you do don't forget to TP right back and give your enemies a reason to kill themselves. ;)

I cannot really say much about the build in general, just take those items and you'll be in the clear. If you have different preferences then just swap out ardent and athene's for something else. But this works for me and i'm gonna keep it. And you should too. Other than that just focus on heals.
Why Max W first? Back to Top
I know you're the type of player to deal 70000000 damage with your Q but if you're willing to abandon your old flawed ways i welcome you to the real game. Maxing W allows you to make your team snowball. It makes their mistakes disappear. They got hit by a skillshot? Heal, got caught off guard? Heal, suck massive .... , well you're still gonna HEAL them. Your heal is a crutch and should be abused, use it whenever you're in doubt and keep everyone full HP at all times. In return they will take care of the enemies for you and will feel more free to engage knowing that you can fix everything they do wrong. It's great in low elo and medium. Sadly for you 1% high elo players your enemies know how to "FOCUS" so there's really no use for this build for you.
Runes Back to Top
There is almost no freedom with this build. You go full CDR so it puts your W on 3 seconds cooldown and that's it. Go for future's market to get key items early and abuse the hell out of your W.
The Skill Factor Back to Top
I'll try to keep this guide as simple as possible so you don't waste your time reading and actually start improving your Support/Sona gameplay. Playing as her focus on dodging skillshots, providing vision and being an overall d*ck. Poke your enemies with Q whenever you can stack Manaflow, after that do it only for the cash from Frostfang. Ward key bushes and go even as far as dragon pit or enemy jungle to provide vision for your whole team. The combos on Sona are quite simple.

Stack Manaflow:
Just do Q+AA whenever enemies are in range and the fall back with your E or without it.

Q+AA on the enemies to pull the farm away from them. It's a common practice that a very tiny percent of players notice. When you attack the enemy the minions get aggroe'd on you and this way you can move them closer to your adc to provide safety and negate their cover.

Third stack Q:
Your passive is fantastic to deal damage, whenever you have 2 of your stacks and want to smack someone for a fair amount just come up to them Q+AA and fall back with E.

Third Stack W:
Only when facing a tank or low HP. It's the most rarely used one. W+Q+AA will mix the damage you deal.

Third Stack E:
Great slow, simply E+AA+Q and fall back with E or keep pushing on.

And i think that's about it. Just keep smashing keys and make sure your allies are always under the influence of at least one of your buffs. That's it.
End Back to Top
Hope it was shorter than you've anticipated cause that's what i wanted. Now, it will take practice to get used to the skills and everything. Just make sure you know your enemies champs good and dodge any skillshots/CC's they can output. Be confident and push harder and harder whenever possible.

Thank you for reading, MeFew.
League of Legends Build Guide Author MeTheFew
MeTheFew Sona Guide

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