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Blitzcrank Build Guide by talisian

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author talisian

Tin Can

talisian Last updated on February 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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General Use

Blitz is actually a pretty powerful utility fighter. With his ability to pull an enemy away from their team you can easily put the odds in your teams favor. This build focuses on using his abilities as often as possible. I stress as often as possible!

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The runes are to complete the 40% cooldown reduction, up your movement speed, increase your mana pool to make your passive shield more effective along with your manamune's damage.

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More cooldown reduction in the utility tree, as well as being able to jungle mid game for blue buff to make the buff last long enough to be effective. It also gives a nice health regen bonus based on your maximum mana.

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Manamune is key obviously. Building your manamune's max mana bonus, damage bonus, and your health regen from your mastery is such a great item to utilize.

Sheen is great for the two hit combo which most builds take advantage of.

I haven't decided if I like the mercury treads, ninja tabi, or the boots of swiftness yet. Merc treads have been what I've leaned towards for the magic resist. Boots of swiftness could keep you right next to melee threats but just out of range so your ult can slowly tick away on them before you engage for a finishing blow, plus you could dodge mage spells like a champ.

Frozen heart is a must have with the manamune combo. Cooldown reduction, attack speed reduction on the enemy, more mana, and much needed armor.

I like to complete the trinity force here to round out my melee game a bit for a little more punch.

Banshee's Veil is solid 5th item choice to protect you from enemy champ abilities periodically as well as give you more mana and magic resist.

6th item is up in the air for me still. Haven't decided between force of nature, thornmail, guardian's angel, or randuin's omen. Force of nature will put your total health regen close to 100 per 5 seconds as well as give nice magic resist. Guardian angel is pretty obvious, but 5 minutes seems too long in my opinion and i'd rather have a more permanent utility. Thornmail is a must if you're getting eaten alive my melee lifestealers too often. Randuin's omen is also a good choice in that case that adds to your health regen to recoup after fights and increase the overall enemy attack speed reduction if it procs.

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Use your Power Fist constantly! It builds up your manamune for a cheap mana cost and has a low cooldown. When you have the 40% cooldown reduction you will be able to use it every 3 seconds approximately. And if manamune is built up it hits for double your attack damage which gets fairly high. Overdrive you will be able to keep on about 90% of the time with max cooldown reduction. His damage output is deceptively higher than it looks with these two abilities. I never use my ultimate unless I am going to die or they are getting away and I could kill them with it, or I just need that extra second to get another punch off to finish a champ that could potential get a cooldown back soon and I need that silence and damage to save the fight. The passive from your ultimate does more damage over time than the single burst you will have.

Try to get melee champs to chase you and your ult's passive will dish out some damage in your retreat if you can keep out of their melee range. When they are low enough turn and beat their face in, when they try to run, pull them back.

Do not waste your ult activation on minions for the love of god...power fist and overdrive for minion destruction. Don't flash up at someone until your power fist is ready again if they are escaping you otherwise you probably wasted it. Ignite people as soon as you engage if you are going for a kill when a healer is around or they have self heals/lifestealing. (I believe it reduces their lifestealing as well, not sure on this though, set me straight if I'm wrong someone)

But yeah this is my blitz build...thanks for reading!