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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tingfinder

Ting's Kha'Zix AD/OT/Jungle guide!

Tingfinder Last updated on January 12, 2013
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My name is Tingfinder, and welcome to my first guide! Kha'Zix is one of my favourite LoL champions, and that's mostly because his amazing burst, mobility and damage output. In this guide, i will talk about Kha'Zix, and about his different roles throughout the League.

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Kha'Zix - The Dream Jungler

Runes & masteries
For runes and masteries, i suggest you go full AD. In my oppinion, armor, health and magic resist is things you should buy later in the game.
This is how my masteries and runes looks like. You can customize it as you want, but I suggest that you focus AD.

In the jungle
To start off, buy the Hunter's Machete and 5 health potions. Next up, go to blue, and get the mid champion to pull for you. (Get your solo top-champion to come down and defend/Scout for you. If you won't get your blue, the jungling will be very hard.

You decide what to do next, but if you need a helping hand, then take a look at this map I made;

1. Get the blue buff.
2. Get the wolfs. (If you got the wolfs before blue, simply go to wraiths or early gank top.)
3. Kill the wraiths.
4. Go home or gank top/bot/mid. You decide.
5. Kill golems or gank bot.
6. Gank top. (You can also early gank top and skip this, then counter-jungle or gank mid instead.)
7. Invade their jungle and take down wraiths. (If the enemy jungler is there, lure him down to mid for a kill.)
8. Gank bottom lane.
9. Kill red. (If you did this earlier, then kill wolfs, go back or gank.)
10. Invade their blue.
11. Invade their wolfs.

Repeat this and add a couple of ganks for a perfect jungle game!

When you get home from either a succesful gank, or a long jungle time, i suggest that you should get Wriggle's Lantern as your first item. Afterwards, you should get the unopgraded Boots of Speed. Next, a Long Sword and a Ruby Crystal for both damage and health. Upgrade your boots to either Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi for defense against attack damage champions or magic damage champions.

Your final build should look abit like this;
Against alot of attack damage champions
Against alot of magic damage champions

Happy jungling!

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Kha'Zix - The Toplane Annihilator


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