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Lulu General Guide by Supreme_Lurker

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Supreme_Lurker

Tini Tiny Terror

Supreme_Lurker Last updated on March 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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March 26 2010: Added Xin to Foes to watch up

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Hello this is my first guide, I`m here to tell you about this cute little yordle named, Lulu. She is fantastic support and laning partner. And this is how I play her. First, yes I know most of her masteries are in the defense skill tree. I play Lulu as a defensive mage champion. I will tell the advantage and disadvantage of my madness. This is built for Normal blind, Normal Draft. I haven't done enough trails in Rank to consider this a Rank built.

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Again I am aware of the armor and magic resist runes, as I mention above I play Lulu as an defensive mage champion. I favor survivability over damage and if for some unfortunate reason someone (ones partner) is afk, she can handle herself and be able to stay in lane till either: A) your opponent(s) get annoys and be reckless B)your jungler is one had any can come and gank. C) your opponent get annoy and summon the whole team to take the turret down. With armor and magic resist runes, it built up your ability to stay in lane longer and survive more in team fights and can tank minions creeps since the turrets doesn't regen HP (unless your partner have Heimerdinger's Passive) Magic pent from the Mark series, that little extra help in early game. Health quintins: It a bit strange, but more HP and more Mana means you can last longer and dish out buffs/debuffs.

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I take 24 in defense 1 in offense and 4 in utility most mostly in things that will improve movement, more HP and reduce damages. Faster one is better in running away and to your allies's aid. Why I do not take skills in the offense tree is that staying alive is better in term of team play. Switch the one in Defense tree to whatever Summoner spell you will using before game begin.

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Start off with Sapphire Crystal and one health and mana pots(potions). afterwards buy Tear of the Goddess, because it offers mana regen, mana, and 4 more mana every time ones use an abilities. If one had money left over buy basic boots. Normally I rush Archangel's Staff. Get Philospher's Stone for gold and HP and mana/ regen. One can stay in lane for along time recall back for Ionian Boots of lucidity for CD. Get Giant's belt later to finish to Rylai's Crystal Specter. get Hextech revolver later to finish into Will of the Ancients, though one might want to switch with Morello's Evil Tome as the spell vamp do little good to Lulu. Philosopher's Stone one can sell it or turn it into Shruleya's Reverie if your team is slow and demand a support.

Now if your having some trouble like facing a heavy AD team replace Philosopher's stone Thornmail or replace Rabadon's Deathcap with Zhonya's Hourglass.

If they are heavy in Crowd Control, invest in either Mercury boots, though I do not approve of this as this is your only source of CDR (Cool Down Reduction) rather turn your Philosopher's Stone into Eleisa's Miracle.

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Skill Sequence

Take one in Glitterlance at level 1 one in Help,Pix at level 2 and one in Whimsy at level 3, max glitterlance first than, if your partner is slow level your Whimsy more, and if your partner is fragile take more in Help's Pix. There is a reason why I prefer to level Help's Pix more that whimsy. Level your ult whenever you can as it will be essential to buff yourself or partner in time of need or to make them an impassable tank (Cho stack 6 + Surge + Lulu= 0_0 or Nautilus he works too). An interesting gimmick is First cast Help Pix on an minion/ally or ally minion and than cast Glitterlance, it extent the range and make pestering your opponent to no end.

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Summoner Spells

I take Ignite and Flash. Flash helps with escaping CC and getting away from a chase. Ignite for the 5 abilites during CD and helps team taking down Foe's tanks or any champ that is HP regen heavy like Dr. Mundo or Garen.

If you having trouble staying alive, take Heal and flash/ghost. Ghost and Whimsy make great getting and/or running away or to allies and team fights.

I do not take clarity. Clairvoyance is optional, but I do not take this spells, because you will have enough for wards unless your foe team is going ward hunting. And with the amount or HP and spells at your disposal ganking you will be a tad difficult.

Promote: It a fine skill, but it does not offer HP, mana, or movement and only usefully if one is pushing a lot and not die from ganks.

Exhaust: No no and NO leave this skill for your dps and high damage dealing teammate, you have Glitterlance for slowing.

Teleport: an okay substitution for flash if you have a jungler or yourself that plants wards or Teemos. And if you know you will soloing (not the best idea). And can Tele to one aids faster.

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Pros / Cons

Pro: Cute and fun. Her skills have great harassing and supporting. Can a turn point in teamfight.

Con: Is team depended and orientated. Has no way in dealing with CC inflict on her.

Why I play her as Defensive high health Lulu oppose to straight up support Lulu or a full offensive Lulu
Pro: More HP mean you can last longer in lane and not have to recall as much. Also with the a lot of HP, I can tank Minions and take hits for the turrets, Turrets cannot regen HP so once they take hits they do not recover, and when facing against a creep wave, tanking minions will be helpfuls. Every time used at base mean your foe can push without worry. With Tear of Goddess, you can spam skills and gain more Mana. More Mana = more skills can be used instead of waiting for the mana to regen. High Hp lots Mana and good amount of damage, you can handle yourself. May not died from Veigar's Ult
Con: Does not have as much aura buffs for teammate. Does not generate as much gold as a full support, offer some map awareness. For Full-Offense Lulu, not as much AP or Magic penetration.

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Foes to watch out for & and Playing against

Before I start: Any fed champion is dangerous, no matter how much one think they can outmatch them. Or what little advise this provide.

Veigar: This yordle is practically has an anti-mage name over it. Avoiding fighting him unless you are with someone, he ult does his AP and 80% of opponent AP that is enough to one hit most mages. Even with all the HP you will lives, but not by much to counter him.

LeBlanc: She is a hard champion to master, but a good Leblanc will be hard to deal with and with her high burst damage and silence combos. Do not Whimsy her first until she used her Distortion (W skill) this will disrupt her in mid combos. May leave time to get away.

Twitch: Annoying yes, dangerous yes, expensive to deal with yes, but still do able. If your know Twitch is lurking around just blindly shoot Glitterlance into bushes or other locations you think he is lurking, You may not see him, but you can still hurt him, when he pops up Whimsy him and Help, Pix yourself or your ally or him ( your ally first if he/she does more damage than you)

Teemo: Oh how I hate thee so much with love and "wtf"- Deal him similarly like Twitch, good news he visible when moving, bad news he may just lead you down a path of mushrooms. And is a fast critter. Blindly shoot Glitterlance from time to time to see if he is there, he may just take the hit. Beware if he has Teleport or if his team has teleport this mean they will teleport to his mushroom and gank you.

Caitlyn: If she is playing angro as in she is up front in the turret, but just barely out of turret range. Play smart and do not chase as annoy and painful. Just wait, be patient try to land some glitterlance to punish her when she get close. If she is mia, if its top lane she might be in the bushes near the Golems. Be especially worry when she has her ult.

Lux: How thee light blinds me: She is doable, but try to avoid her lucent singularity because her auto attack will leave a mark, when you low on health becareful because she just might blast you from afar or up close either way it will hurt. When chasing do not chase her in single file line, but zigzag making it harder for her to land Light Binding. (trades boots for Mercury Boots if you have trouble.)

Akali: She is similar to twitch and does alot of burst damage and can hound you with her ult. You can deal with her, but Whimsy yourself or her to slow her down or speed yourself up.

Jax: How I hate thee, his leap with empower does a lot of damage and hurt a bit, but is still do able with a bit of luck and skill. Your best bet is to keep him at bay.

Xin Zhao: This one is a bit strange in that, if he stay committed in attacking you even if your under the turret can be lethal, early game if he starts getting a bit angro, do not worry, you will want to start worrying if he get himself items that gives hm more HP like giant belt and he can take half of your HP down with his Battle Cry(optional he may or may not use it ti initial) + Three Talon Strike( this is one that knock you up in the air make you vulnerable)+ Audacious Charge combo. At this stage the best you get do is keep him at bay and harass him with Glitterlance. Do not forget his passive which restore HP every 3 hits he lands. Once he decide to turret dive, this is when you want to laywaste any ability you have starting with Help, Pix!, Whimsy, and Glitterlance, and if you have your ult perfect use this if you can 1vs1 him and ignite if you have it. At this point, your instinct will tell you back away, you if you have flash if you don't just keep on attacking and pray to Lady Luck or the turret who will be helping you, will kill Xin and leave you almost dead. Might want to invest in Thornmail if you have enough.

Zilean: He will pop your shield quite easily if he got plant 2 bomb skill down well. Just harass him with Glitterlance and make his waste his ult. Try to keep your distance, if he is moving up shoot him with Glitterlance or Whimsy him to punish him for trying to plant a bomb on you.

Lulu: Well, playing against another Lulu is strange like most Normal blind game except in Draft and Rank where this does not happen. It call comes down to skill and how lucky the other Lulu can land damage on you. Just harass them with Glitterlance if they move to close or Whimsy them for the same reason. Having trouble landing Glitterlance? cast Help,Pix on a minion or ally and then cast Glitterlance the range will be greater, but the damage will be less. Now if they start copying you, than punish them when you can.

Fizz: He lives up to his name. It will be a difficult landing damage on him unless you Whimsy him and if he manage to deal on of damage on you and you partner and place a fish on you, run away from your partner and tried not to get him/her hit by the shark.

Tanks: Such as Rammus, Alistar, Malphite, or any HP heavy champion, they are hard to deal with by yourself as you don't do a lot burst damage, the best you can do is harass them and prevent them from farming, if they are fed, and is tanking the turrets Whimsy/Ignite/Help Pix them. This at most will bother them and take a bit of their HP down.

Junglers: Most are do able, but watch out for Trundles/ Warwicks or any junglers that single-target champions (Lee Sin's ult). Fiddlesticks if they are jungling when they ult Whimsy them and get away before they use Fear. If Nocturne is around and you are low on health, when he ult and reach you Whimsy him and Glitterlance away and Help, Pix! yourself for sheild.

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Team Work

This is where this built start to make sense. In team fights , your roles is to support, punish, and mess around as in making yourself a bit of predictable. Most cases, your opponents will have tanks and tanky-high damage dealer in the front and mages and range in the back. Pay attentions to signals and signs like if your dps is low on health Shield them with Help, Pix! or if your Tank is having trouble getting away or catching up to a low-hp foe use Whimsy to speed them up. Sometime it is good to save your ult for last, but use it when your tank or anyone is getting gang up or is in a cluster as this is the best chance to use your ult. If the otherside is getting away are getting way use Help,Pix + Glitterlance combo this will extent your range and slow the Enemy. With amount of HP and Mana pool at your disposal you can support your team longer and even you can being attack you take a good amount of damage before you have to go back or run.

Last Stand: This is when you are almost dead and is focus, but still have a partner. Well, your first step is Whimsy them and than Glitterlance them as you run away and Flash away, if you used your Flash earlier than just keep on attacking use any abilities you have, as yourself deal a good amount of damage due to your passive, you may die, but at least it one for one.

For buffs, although blue buffs will be helpful, but if you have a mage that does more damage and burn mana like butter let them have it, you have enough mana to support yourself and if you used your abilities wisely you do not have to worry about Cool down and if you feel like you need CDR (Cool Down Reduction) buy a elixir it last for 3 min just and cost about 250 gold. It`ll grant you extra AP as a bonus. Don't whine, just let them have it.

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Laning Partners

The best ideal partner is a tank, but better a tank that sustain himself/herself with or without your help. Tanks such as Cho, Maokai, or Nautilus. Here a list of

Ideal Partners:
Cho'gath: This here is your best friend, depending what kind of Cho he is can make your lane a happy ending or a spoil cupcake. Tank Cho: Stacks Warhog, Force of Nature. Rely on Feast to finish champion oppose to using it to eat minions. This is good use Glitterlance to slow your Foes and let this Lovely Gentlemen enjoy his meal or turn his meals into cute critters and the end will be the same. Ap Tank Cho: Rod of Ages, Rylai's Crystal Specter, Deatchcap, Warhog, Force or Nature: This is still good as This Cho will do more damage,but has less HP. Make sure they get Guardian Angel. What really fun is when a AP Cho or Tank Cho charged into the middle of a team fight Surged and Lulu's ult= a Really big Tank. With Cho'gath's passive: Carnivore he restore a bit of health and mana whenever he kills something. Feast: does true damage to Enemy Champion and 1000 to minions.

Nautilus: He is mostly an AP Tank, he is bigger than Cho until Cho reach Feast stack 3+. Your lane probably won't a lot kills, but your lane will be able to hold for a long time assuming you aren't laning against something annoying as they are both range. His Dredge Line (Q skill) is good for pulling in and out of fights and enemy that try to run from the turrets shots.

Blitzcrank: Well, this Golem is a BFG, can pull foes into turrets or out of their turrets and has a big mana shield if he almost dead. Not as good as Cho, but has a better damage output than Nautilus.

Mostly, any Tanks that use AP will be good for partner with Lulu. Except for Sion, as I personally believe an AD Sion benefits the team throughout the game better than a AP Sion.

Now in the unfortunate events in which your teams does not have a Tank or a Tanky champions, but have a high damage dealing Champion, you will take the role of Tank, here be sure to rush Rylai's Crystal Specter after Ionian boots of Lucidity at this point you want at least Archangel's Staff, Ionian Boots or Lucidity, Philosopher's Stone (this is optional, but a must in order to stay in lane more. And less reliant on creeps kills if your partner benefits from things dying (like Veigar's Q Ashe's E, Sion's E, Garen's W?(the one that grant him a shield) and at the very least Giant's belt.

Ashe: Okay, give her Whimsy if she is chasing someone and Help,Pix! when she is low on HP. Let her last hit minions for her E's skill.

Akali: Keep on eye on her when she want to get aggressive and is committed in going for the kill, Help,Pix!, Whimsy her if she is closer, but aim at her target or they partner if foe's partner is nipping at her from afar and Ult her.

Strangely enough all Yordles will do well with her.

Not-so-compatible Partners
Twitch: You want to give Twitch the flexibility to move where he want and gank when he can. If an enemy is low let him kill them as he will need to golds to buy better items, beside you have mana, health, a bit of damage, gold generation. Be the better person and get this rat level up and get gold. So is true for any champion(s)' built that cost a lot of money to built or make.

Jarvan: One, it really really sucks to get trap in his ult so rule number one. Keep your distance, far enough to avoid getting stuck, but close enough where you can support him while damaging the target. If you must waste your Flash do so now or( die and keep your flash) lay waste on the target Whimsy, Help, Pix!, and Glitterlance them.

A Bad Lee Sin: If your Lee Sin dosen't jungle, be sure to tell him NOT to kick the champion close to you when your low health. But other than that he is a decent partner he can defend himself.

Janna: If she a support Janna, it doesn't make sense in the first place she laning with you. except from the AP buff. Other than that there is not need for these to be together unless one is taking the more aggressive role.

Player playing champions they are not familiar with: Okay, first just tolerate them, they are trying a new champion so they will make some plunder here and there, just be nice and keep them alive, give them tips and suggestion on how to built the champions. And if they accidentally starting to feeding, let them farm in a safe distance.If this is on Normal blind/ draft. If it is rank, well they should have a good idea how to built champion.

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Follow most generally meta for support in that we let our partner get creep kills. But if you are partnering with a DPS or other how damaging champion like Xin, let them get kills and support them when they go in for the kill. Your primary focus should be keeping your teammate alive, and you should the last to die in lane. This built is gear toward in survivability while dealing a decent amount of damage so your not hopeless if you main source of damage is dead. As I mention in this if your partner benefits from minions' death let them last hit minion, Champion like Veigar's Q, Ashe's E Sion's E or Garen's W (though this is limited). If you farming by yourself start off by autoattacking the ones in the back first because Pix's bolts will hit the front while your hit the back this will potentially let you earn 48 golds.

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End Note

Well, I know I need to redo this guide later on, as there is no picture and organization is bad as well as grammar. And is not clear in most parts, but I will appreciate any comments, concerns, or suggestion one may have. This built is make not to win, but to as in Star Trek the Vulcan Salute, "Long long and Prosper" I believe the more you stay alive the more chance and opportunity for you to do stuff if you are dead, well not much you can. So if you want to flame because most of the mysteries is base in defense, be my guest. I when 8/4/24 in one game and on average the kills I get is 3.5 and death is low while assist is high.

Once, I learn to get better quality screen caps I will post them up and display them.

BTW: It does help if one have good internet connection otherwise you lag and may not die due to the amount of HP.


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