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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mr.Derp

tips/basics for newbies :)

Mr.Derp Last updated on December 24, 2011
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(this build is not done yet, but eventually will =D tips appreciated)
Hi. I have been playing league for over a year now, and i have learned much about it. This guide is for the new players who are struggling in the competetive side of the game. Dont get me wrong, im still a noob as well xD but i have some pointers that i am willing to share! i have played over 1 thousand matches , watched many streams of high elo play, so i think i have enough experience to teach some noobs how to play >:D (jk)

***READ THIS ***

this guide is for people who are having trouble in game and are frustrated, or who just want to get better at competetive play. take 10 mins to read this guide,(prolly spelled that wrong ) it WILL make you better.

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Ok. Items make your champ op. if you dont buy items, you might as well go afk. But the main rule is, buy according to the type of champ you are playing, and according to how the game is going.Never follow just one build every game, its a mistake everyone has made at a time. you cannot build just one combination of items every game, because if you do, eventually people will figure out how to counter it, and you will fail! if you are ad, and the enemies are buying armor, buy some armor penetration to counter it! if you are ap, and they are building magic resist, buy some magic penetration!

Gold generating items. these guys are amazing. Philosophers stone, kages lucky pick, avarice blade, and heart of gold. many people ignore these items, and that is a huge mistake. there is a good gold generating item for any roll, tank , ap, or ad, buy the one according to your role! they give decent stats for the gold amount, but best of all, each item becomes free after owning one for 25 min ish, or if you sell one after 17 mins. if you keep them for longer though, you gain extra gold for FREE, there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying them. you can even buy multiple gold gernerating items (gp10's for short), but only if you buy seperate gp10 items. for example, you cannot buy 2 philosophers stones and get double the gold amount. but you can buy a philosophers stone and heart of gold for the bonus :)

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Summoner spells

people have been debating on what summoner spells are good, which are **** since the beggining of the game. and i am here to tell you, they all have a use! ok, well maybe revive is kinda useless in a game due to its insane cooldown . but it is still fun to use in say, a custom game! but in competetive play, there are few which should be picked IMO.

Flash, ghost, clairvoyance, ignite, exhaust, smite, and teleport are the useful ones. flash can be used for both offensive and defensive. same with ghost. clairvoyance provides great map control for the team and can take away any confusion on where the enemies are. ignite does insane amounts of damage at all levels , great for finishing off enemies or reducing heals of healers. exhaust can make a fed enemy useless for 3 seconds, which is fkin AMAZING. smite can steal buffs,and make jungling literally effortless,(jungling without it is plain stupid). teleport is amazing for pretty much everything. getting to a teamfight, backdooring, getting back to lane, the list can go on. but it also overwrites clarity and heal. heal and clarity is useless for team fights, sure it can help people survive a karthus ult, but likely ignite would just counter you . clarities aoe also sucks, it barely does much. so teleport>heal+clarity. also on a shorter CD :D the rest i didnt include, should never be used in competetive play for obvious reasons.

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Runes and masteries

masteries are those points you gain from leveling into. there is offense, utility, and defense. i cannot say which is the best, because they are all useful. you should find out the mastery tree you want to use from your own experience.

runes are pretty wierd. they seem useless, because they are, before tier 3 runes. never buy tier one or tier 2 runes, before level 30 you should focus on buying champs to find out who fits your playstyle, after all the game is supposed to be fun right? :DD tier 3 runes are a different story. once you get a full rune page of the type of runes you are focusing on, your in game would be greatly boosted.

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before level 30, pick and play any champ you want. call mid lane and fight over it. it doesnt really matter. all that matters before level 30 is practice. but at level 30, it matters a lot for competetive play. a good team should consist of a tank, a support, an ap carry, an ad carry, and a jungler. why? well having a team with these attributes is pretty balenced. you cannot have a team that is all ap carries, the enemies will build magic resist and pwn your team! etc etc.

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Concept of last hitting

many people dont know how important it is to last hit. but first, let me clarify what last hitting is. last hitting is when you do the finishing blow on an enemy minion/champion. by last hitting, you gain extra gold. it may not seem much, but think about it. an average score for a decent last hitter is about 100 at 15 minutes into the game. if each minion gives you 24 gold, you gain 2400 gold from it! enough to buy you a god tier item! and its simple too. dont miss out on free gold people!

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map awareness and wards.

[*] You all have probably seen this in the chat box. "MIA". you probably know it means missing in action, but many are clueless on how important it is to pay attention to it and to call them. you should always call mia when the enemy in your lane is missing, they could possibly be ganking(another word for ambushing) another lane. resulting in a death or ace. then a loss. so get used to typing simply 3 letters in the chatbox, it is really important. it even helps calling other lanes MIA, because most players with low experience dont do it. a quick and easy way to seeing if anyone is missing is by pressing tab, looking at the enemy teams names, and check if anyones name is grey. grey names mean they are nowhere to be seen on the map, which means they can be anywhere.

wards. gp10 items make these literally free. and just like calling MIA, they prevent losses and make victories! you should always put wards in areas where the enemy is always walking or hiding. its good to put them in the bushes. wards cannot see in bushes from the outside.

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90% of the people who play LoL write ignorant comments about your play , but its only because they are just mad. so you do feed one game, who cares? its a learning experience, try to keep cool in games, keeping cool>raging. being positive in the game makes a better chance of winning.

a master yi with his ult is running to his turret with 1 hp left. you as lets say a out of mana leblanc is chasing him to get the kill , but you have 500 hp left. the master yi will most likely run , and you have no chance of catching up to him because of his movespeed. but most players would hcase that yi, because of greed. it is very tempting to do those things. but try to be logical when playing. can you really catch up to that yi? will die to the turret. there are many other scenarios where this happens, just dont be greedy. it makes you look stupid and can make you lose easily.

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Juking :D

ok this is kinda advanced, but what the hell its fun and helpful so here goes!

just like in football, juking is where you outplay the enemy when fleeing. note this though, juking only works when the enemy doesnt have much hard crowd control abilities available,they dont have any gap closers available, and their move speed is less or equal to yours. and you have to make sure the enemy doesnt have complete sight of you when juking in bushes.

ok, you have 10 hp left , no resources for abilities, and the enemy lux is chasing you. your mind is probably saying, "****. im screwed." but wait! you still have a chance! ok , you see those bushes everywhere? as you probably know, they make you invisible to the enemies outside of it. what you can do is, run into a safe bush, and run the opposite way the enemy is goin into. many people try to predict where you are by blindly aiming into the bush, but if you are sly enough you can dodge lux' abilities and run like hell! this is just one scenario where juking would help you escape a death.

juking is tricky. but it makes the game so much fun once you can pull one off well. you feel like scoring a touchdown in the NFL when you accomplish one :)

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The end

This guide is not done, and like i said, i am not the best player in the world. i will try to make this better and better, bit by bit, over time. :) i am just trying to make the game not a living hell!err, i mean, im trying to make the game easier for bad fkin pla- i mean new players :) hehe feel free to comment!


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