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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hunter Spark


Hunter Spark Last updated on April 24, 2011
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Xin Zhao is a very strong warrior he should fight all the time. As long as you're careful. Because his first skill is Three Talon Strike which attacks three times but on the third strike he knocks the opponent airborne for a few seconds. His second skill is Battle Cry, when it is not activated he gains a decent amount of % for attack speed. When activated his attack speed is increased higher. His third skill Audacious Charge which charges to your opponent dealing high amount damage. His Ultimate Crescent Sweep which does very high damage. His Passive is Tireless Warrior on every third strike he heals himself very good way to survive. Xin Zhao should lane with a champion because he will dish out most of the pain with an ally champion. When they start to gank make sure your ultimate is charged and ready for use because it will do MASSIVE damage on the Enemy and when i mean MASSIVE I mean MASSIVE!!!!!!! So Xin Zhao is a Bruiser, Assassin and Meele which is awesome because he Dishes out Impacted damage which is still MASSIVE!!!!!!! Assassin FTW because more kills for you (KILLSTEAL) and Meele which just means it does normal physical Damage.

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Greater Mark of Desolation-Armor Penetration
Greater Seal of Fortitude-Extra Health
Greater Glyph of Clarity-Mana Regeneration
Greater Quint of Desolation-Extra Armor Penetration

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The Masteries are 21-8-1
Because the Summoner spells are Ghost and Exhaust.
The Offense is to kill people what else.
The Defense is to survive a little longer.
And The Utility Is for Ghost.

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1.Berserker's greaves-extra attack speed and movement speed.
2.Randuin's Omen-Extra health and more armor to survive.
3.Phantom Dancer-Extra Attack speed, Movement Speed and Critical Strike.
4.The Black Cleaver-Put out massive damage to the enemy champion.
5.Madred's Bloodrazor-put more pain on the enemy champion.
6.Infinity Edge-ASIAN DEVASTAON!!!!!!!!!

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Skill Sequence

1.Three Talon Strike
2.Audacious Charge
3.Battle Cry
4.Three Talon Strike
5.Audacious Charge
6.Crescent Sweep
7.Audacious Charge
8.Audacious Charge
9.Audacious Charge
10.Three Talon Strike
11.Crescent Sweep
12.Three Talon Strike
13.Three Talon Strike
14.Battle Cry
15.Battle Cry
16.Crescent Sweep
17.Battle Cry
18.Battle Cry

Asian Men Can Dish out heavy Damage to ENEMY CHAMPION.

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Summoner Spells

I Take Ghost and Exhaust as Summoner Spell to lead them to Xin Zhao's Arena of Asian.
"A Demacian never retreats"

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ASIAN DEVASTATION is here for Victory.

See If You Can Beat this 37-1-14

Hope this help and remember to go "To The Arena"