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League of Legends Build Guide Author ItsMeTimKing


ItsMeTimKing Last updated on March 30, 2016
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EY. my name is tim king and i'm an blitz and annie main. with these champs i'm able to be a successful assassin carry. ask my friends if u don't believe my.

i'm dedication this guide to TRUMP becose his my hero. he talks without caring about onions of others.

make sure to comment what rank you reach with this giude. challenger is expected, but mid diamond is ok too if your autistisch.

PS make sure to know where asia lies SEE YOU?

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you dont really need runes because its too EAZY MEET.

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wa masteryi? just take tunderlord becose of one rasin: LET THERE BE TUNDER

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ok so this is the same build every game becose its just that good. heres the secret build::::::::

frost quinns, mejajas (25 staks are EZ MEET), relays for the creb, duskbalde for the assasinate potental, and two boots of ur choice. i usually take mobility with furor and cdr with more furor (2x furor = 2x AP MAIN)

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take ignite becose u are the carry now. second spell can be whatever the autist u want. i recommend smite to get more gold, cleanse to dive for more kills (see you) or ghost to be invincible. exhaust is autistich, flash is autistisch, teleport is mkay and clairvoyance can be good if u cant carry becose every game is 1v9 to sjuport.


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