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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zearlhuretu7

[Tool] MOBAFIRE guides as recomended ~ Updated since Darius

Zearlhuretu7 Last updated on June 4, 2012
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This guide is dedicated to show you how to change recomended items plus my own filter.

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For those who don't know what Items Recomendados is here's a little help:

With Items Recomendados you can:
- Change the default build for your build.
- Create three builds for any champion and any game mode.
- Read the complete description of all items.
- Import/Export your builds for send to any friend or simply make a backup.
- Filter items using the same 12 filters that Riot uses in his items website: Life Steal, Armor, Ability Power...
- You can see the default build of Riot for each champion (for compare your build)
- You can calculate the price of your build/s
Etc etc

There is three tools you need to make it work:

- Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable (vcredist_x86.exe)
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Full x86/x64 (dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe)
- Winrar, look it up on google.

You can download it from microsoft website or directly from this link (~50Mb):

The download button

Items recomendados download link Here: The download button
(You need to update it!)

Original spanish post found here:
Click me!
Original english post found here:
Click me!

!Credits goes to the owner!

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MOBAFIRE's top guides all in one!

I took me a little time but finally i made a file that includes all of MOBAFIRE's top guides!

I still recomend you to look at the guides. This just helps so that you don't need to switch out of LoL all the time. If you want to know HOW to play a champ then you MUST look at the guides.

!Credits goes to the owner of the guides!

These are somethings it does NOT include or needs to be noticed!
- Wards or potions.
- Starting items, you will have to choose it on your own!
- GPS items. Some supports have it but not everyone of them. I recomend you to buy GPS items for Top laners and supports.
- Wriggles lantern is not included IF it's not a late game item on the guide. (for example: You can buy it for Kog'Maw but you sell it later for Bloodthirster).
- Boots is ALWAYS number one but that doesn't mean you HAVE to buy it first otherwise it's in the right order.
- There may be some items inbetween like. (for example: You buy a Heart of Gold then buy a sunfire cape BEFORE you upgrade the Heart of Gold to Randuin's Omen).

And at last some fun facts :P
- Every build cost around 16000 gold!
- Supports build cost around 12000 gold though!
- Ezreal has the highest cost its over 9000!!, no really its about 19000 gold.
- Janna has the lowest cost it's about 11000 gold!

Download here: The download button

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Have patience. It may make an error the first time but then just go to the FAQ section.

1. Download both files.
2. Install Items Recomendados 4.9.
3. IT MUST BE THIS PATH C:\Users\YOURNAME\itemrecomendados or C:\Users\YOURNAME\ItemsRecomendados, this is a step wich is different depending on your computer please comment if something happens and comment the error.
3. UPDATE IT! It's really important!
4. Start Items.exe
5. Click File.
6. Then save and make a backup.
7. Then click file again and load a set of builds.
8. Select MOBAFIRE's guides all in one! or also called but it's located in the mobafire map.
9. Click File again.
10. DONE! Enjoy your recomended items!

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Q: I got an error saying: Could not find anything on the following path C:\Users\Anton\itemrecomendados
A: It's simple. Reinstall Items Recomendados and install it to the path that is mentioned in the error.

Q: Access failed Access to the path 'C:\Program Files (x86)\KubeSoftware\Items Recomendados\version_up.txt' is denied.
A: Run as administrator!

Q: "Error: Software installed improperly. Restart setup and choose the correct path for RADS directory."?
A: The software find the RADS directory automatically, but sometimes this directory it's not found. In this case you need configure it manually. Do this:
Go to your user folder: C:\Users\YOUR_USER\ItemsRecomendados\
Create a file and called it ruta.ini, u can get this file here:
Then open it and writte the correct path to your RADS directory, by default it is: C:\Riot Games\League of Legends

Q: whenever I run it, I see the loading screen appear.... then nothing. No programme appears, no matter what compatibility mode I attempt to run it in. I also installed, uninstalled, deleted and reinstalled in administrator mode with no difference.
A: You need install the needed packets, u can get it at ITEMS RECOMENDADOS 4.9 section.

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Things to do

- Add all the guides used as a link.
- Credit every guide owner.
- Add secondary build (for example both ap and ad nidalee).
- Add a layout (I need help with this one).

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That's all Hope it helped and LET THE GAMES BEGIN (or something like that :P)
Please tell me if there is something i need to edit and don't hate on my english im not from England or USA or any English speaking countries.


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