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League of Legends Build Guide Author TBSLOL

Top Lane damage database project (Lvls 1-6) PLEASE READ!

TBSLOL Last updated on July 12, 2013
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Top Lane Champion's Damages

Hi! I'm not sure if this is the right place to post my idea, but it will have to do. I have a love of both League of Legends and Mathematics. So eventually I thought, "Why not put the two together?" I have hoped to make a project that shows the rough estimates of trading at early levels of top laners, in particular. Please continue to read the introduction for further details.

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I started to play A LOT of Riven, and after awhile I began to think....."Do I have enough damage to kill him?" When you play a champion often you begin to get a feel for the amount of damage you can put out and when ( what level ). But after making a damage list through levels 1-6 ( Past this you probably would have recalled and the damage varies depending on your purchases ) I could answer that question definitively. I found it helps particularly with trading and executions. For people with good early games, this especially is important. Anyway I have an Idea, and I hope you will help out with it.

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The Idea

The Idea is for you guys reading this to hopefully make a damage list of your favorite champion and make a database from it of there capable damage through levels 1-6. It is this basic. So when would this be useful? Read the following chapter to find out!

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Examples Of This Being Put To Use

An example of this being used is for two aggressive early game champions. Such as, lets say...Riven and Renekton. Both obviously have good potentials for first blood, so both will go aggressive to try to get that 500 gold. So there might be a peak point of damage for both AD casters, where they can go more aggressive and KNOW that they will win the trade. This first blood will catapult them on their way to snowballing their lane. The result is a lane won for your team and probably another win for you.

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Example of a insert of a champions damage

Keep in mind the damage charts WILL NOT be spot on, EVER! This is because of mastery pages, rune pages, armor, armor pen, and other little variables. So post your Rune pages, mastery pages, and starting items that come along with your charts/ calculations. So here is an example of a decent Riven Damage Chart. This chart only goes through levels 1 & 2, but you get the point. Click the link below to view the chart and info ( sorry for link, Mobafire giving me trouble....)

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Please make a document containing a page like above ( except with all levels 1-6 included. )
Eventually we might have a cheat sheet/database of decent estimates of champion's damages at levels 1-6! This will benefit most of the top lane LoL community. Please send any damage charts with Rune pages, Mastery pages, and starting Items included to! Hopefully we can get this started soon, tell your friends!


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