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League of Legends Build Guide Author Avesty

Top Lane machups, and general countering tips!

Avesty Last updated on July 25, 2014
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What is this guide about?

Yo! I made this guide mostly for myself. As gold II top laner who want to improve i decided to put here my experiences taken from game. This guide will be updated, as soon as i will face some more champions on top lane.

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How to play aginst Rengar.

*Avoid fighting while he has Above 3 ferocity. Best moment to engage is right after he spends hisempowered abilty.

*When he suddenly disapears from lane without a reason he is most likely to ult. Play deffensive till he comes back.

*Try to keep away from bushes while fighting rengar.


*Rengar has nice sustain, so try to get some early lifesteal/spellvamp to avoid outsustaining.

*In most cases play deffensive till lvl 6 because Rengar can suprise you with his damage and his ultimate gives him low combat stats.

* Watch out Rengar dissapearing! If he knows he wont defeat you in a 1v1 duel he is most likely to gank mid lane. If it happens say SS and ping "?".

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How to play against Riven.

*The best moment to engage on riven is right after she uses her Q to farm, or just dash. Without Q riven loses 70% of her mobility <Riven Q is +/- 8s cd>

*Armor is extremally strong against riven vecause all of her dmg is physical.

*Whenever riven ults be ready to dodge windslash with Its very tricky but sometimes it may turn the tables.

*Riven post lvl 6 becomes very strong so try to avoid fightnig.

*Avoid chasing riven into bush when you both have low hp because she becomes very strong with refreshed cooldowns and guarteed W stun.

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Playing against Garen.

*Garen is really strong early on try to avoid trades with him because he can outsustain you with his passive

*Garen at lvl 6 is kill machine his ultimate can del 1/4 of your hp and it deals magic dmg with means the dmg cant be countered by armor.

*Garen is weak after laning phase because he has no cc <if we wont count his silence> so if you end up being 0-0 on lane with smilar cs that means you won because you will most likely bring more to teamfights than garen.

*Garen is very easy to kite so poke him as often as you can, but remember about his passive with regenerates his hp so if you have mana bar try to not poke with abilties as often.

*Garen has no escape abilty so push it into your advantage by asking for gank. Its nice to let him push to make your junglers job easier. But hurry after lvl 8+ Garen becomes very tanky so he may survive gank.

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How to counter Fiora

*Fiora is very strong duelist at early lvl's so try to dont overextend because you may be suprised with hers dmg due to riposte's passive and active part.

*Due to her ultimate fiora is great at towerdiving so you shouldnt feel really safe under your turret.

*Try to bait out Fiora's Riposte. It stays only for 1.5s.

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How to counter Renekton.

*Avoid fighting at first lvls because his empowered W is just freaking op, and his whole kit is great at early duels. However Renekton falls lategame.

*Engage at him as soon as he uses E. This is main mobility skill and it have really long cooldown so it wont go off cooldown in trade.

*Renekton cant avoid poke, so try to harras him.

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How to counter Irelia.

*Try to bait out her W. Without it Irelia will become pretty weak.

*Its good to engage when she fail at lasthitting with Q. Her Bladesurge cooldown is like 16s.

*Be ware of your hp, if its bigger than Irelia's she can stun you witch can turn the tides of duel.

*Irelia is really weak till lvl 8, push it on your advantage.

*Once she gets trinity force you shouldnt really fght her unless you are really fed, because Irelia with trinity is stronger than most toplaners.

*Armor is pretty undffective against Irelia because she deals mostly True dmg witch ignores armor, she even may pick up wits end witch deals magic dmg. The most effective statistic against Irelia is HP.

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How to counter Aatrox.

*Aatrox is strong at first levels so DONT underestimate HIM.

*Aatrox has amazing sustain, try to zone him so he wont heal.

*Aatrox can dive you easly. If he dies and triggers passive he will loose turret agro. This means he can survive towerdive.

*Attack speed reduction works very well against aatrox, cause his W procs every 3 autoattacks, so items like frozen heart, randuins omen works really nice.

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How to counter Shyvana.

*Shyvana deals very much magic damage thanks to her W and E, so armor is not the best option against her

*Its very important to dodge her E. It will make her loose pretty much dmg.

*Watch out red bar under her hp. If its full, this means she can cast ultimate.

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How to counter Vladimir.

*Vladimir has amazing sustaint. Than means if you want to kill him you have to burst him down.

*Items like and Are very effective against him.

*Try to bait out his W, and then kill him.

*Vladimir's weak point is early game. Try to get early kill on him before he gets out of controll.

* Is very strong spell against him, because it apply heal reduction.

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How to counter Darius.

*Darius is very powerfull early on thanks to his bleeding. So try to avoid fighting at levels 1-8 and let him fall off. If he kill you once, your lane will be lost.

*Dont go for extended trades, because bleeding will do its job.

*Best defensive stat against Darius is not armor. Its HP, because his ultimate deals huge amounts of true damage, and bleeding deals magic dmg.

*Darius cant deal with poke, so harras him. Just be carrefull because he may catch you with his W.

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How to counter Teemo.

*Try to bait out his blind before engaging on him.

*Dont chase him into bushes post 6. In most of cases mushrooms will be there.

*Picking up post lvl 6 is very effective against him.

*Teemo is really easy to gank before lvl 6.

*Items like Hex drinker and Spectre's Cowl are best against teemo.

*I recommend you buying lot of potions to deal with his annyoing harras.

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How to counter Lee Sin.

*In early duels try to stick to minions to avoid hitting you with Q with is his main damage source.

*Lee Sin falls off lategame, and he is picked only because he want to get fed early on and snowball, so if you end up 0-0 on lane that means you won.

*Armor is really effective against him.

*You should be very carefull on first two lvls. Lee if firstblood machine, so he will try to kill you because lvl 2 is where he shines.


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