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Not Updated For Current Season

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Wukong Build Guide by Grimmawjaw

AD Offtank Top lane Wukong (under construction)

AD Offtank Top lane Wukong (under construction)

Updated on November 26, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Grimmawjaw Build Guide By Grimmawjaw 2,849 Views 0 Comments
2,849 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Grimmawjaw Wukong Build Guide By Grimmawjaw Updated on November 26, 2012
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Wukong has a very strong harassment combo starting from level 2. E + W will force the enemy to use health pot right away. This is when Wukong's advantage begin. This guide will focus on keeping that advantage to win the game. Wukong is easy to pick up, fun and very versatile. With my build, you might not be able to keep up at top if the other top solo is tanky. Good Darius and Malphite could make it very hard for Wukong. Lee sin jungler can be very anoying as well. But Wukong has many tricks he can use. Successfully pulling off these tricks is fun and extremely satisfying. The main points of this guide is crammed into the Unique Skills chapter. I will sort it out and make it more presentable later. I wrote everything in one setting so please excuse the poor quality for now.
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This set of runes is what I use mainly in my m solo ranked game play. I also have another page consist of 9 armor pen marks, 3 armor pen quints, 9 flat armor seals and 9 magic resist per level glyph. This page I use occasionally when the other team has some heavy armor top or jungle.

The 11 bonus damage along with boost from item and mastery means +24 damage E.
The 5 armor pen + 3 from mastery will be sufficient to neutralize creep and monster armor.
2% Critical hit chance for 2 mark runes spot is simply irresistible.
The flat armor + Wu's passive keep you in fights longer.
Flat CDR rune - see mastery
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Taking all standard AD mastery except for deadliness. You only gain 9 damage at level 18 from this, not deadly at all. Havoc is damn amazing compare to that though. Take 3 points in hardiness and 1 point in resistance so you can grab that much needed vigor.
SORCERY, 4 percent CDR + that 5.98 from your glyph = 9.98. That is a blue pot's worth! More E means more damage. CDR also beats magic resist on survival with simple (E)scape by leaping away. More on that Unique Skills chapter.
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Doran might seen noob and scary to take in ranked game but it has worked wonders for me. Of course, standard boot and health pot works too. If I am against a champion that I haven't dominate against or something that rarely comes top then I will consider boot. Also if they have jungler Lee Sin. The core items of this build is Wriggle's lantern and Phage. Free ward, fast farming, armor boost and an excuse to get double long sword early. Every once in a while I find myself getting philosopher's stone. It's a very good item over all and if you found yourself in base with exactly 800 gold before 10 minutes, grab it. I recommend finishing lantern first before getting phage. The order of making Mercury Tread and Trinity doesn't matter. Make judgement base on the flow of the game. Also a red pot is very useful if you have 250 gold leaving base stock it. After taking some damage hide in bush and use it. It's like doping up. Wards - As king of jungle you need to keep that under your control, lantern is not enough, each trip to base should renew your inventory with at least 1 new ward.

If you're doing good 25 minutes in will score you Trinity Force. Once you get these items, you're in beast mode.
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Skill Sequence

Main level E, then Q and spend only 1 point in W until you max out the others first.
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Summoner Spells

Exhaust and Ghost, exhaust makes this build. You must pick it. secure kills, punish tower dive, shut down Katrina and adc carry alike. Use it to escape if you must, don't be stingy about using it. Ghost, secure kills, works very well with your ult and exhaust. You can switch out ghost for something else but exhaust is your bread and butter. Exhaust and ignite if you want to feel like a boss.
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Unique Skills

If your early game started off slow and you died a couple of times, just buckle down and get lantern asap. After getting lanterns farming will be much easier and the life steal will make you able to take more hits. You won't lose much hp taking on red or blue and if you get the chance take it. Ganking is what Wukong is best at. E in anytime for a surprise attack, let Wukong land 1 auto attack first before pressing Q. With the extended range on Q you will hit them still. If they respond by fighting back then W and back away. hopefully they don't realize this until the fake does it's damage and you go back in with your E and Q again.
Put exhaust if need to and keep pummeling until they drop.
Ult and run in front of where you don't want them to run. Cancel ult asap when youe E reset to pick up the kill if they haven't died yet. Ghost for those really fast champion with flash.
You can E over walls too. Another trick is pop ghost in bush and W before running toward low health target and bashing them down with E+Q.

E it self can be a very useful escape tool, leap over to creep near bush or to dodge skill shots. Tricky combo of E and faking W with S then use real W to escape is very nice too.

W itself can be use aggressively as well. After landing your EQ, if the enemy champion is fighting back W and instant press A and target then. This way might confuse them, by staying to fight you they will take damage from decoy and you. Another burst of EQ will drop most champion's health so low they have to heal or stay very far away from you. If this happens, on top or bottom lane. Go into bush on your side then W to cross into their bush without being seen. Land EQ to pick up the kill.

In top lane, if you over extend this will be very helpful. E to their creep or jungler, land 1 quick auto attack and Q him before W away. Or you can press A and target the enemy champion and keep bashing him while he switched target to the decoy without knowing. Sometimes if you're lucky and they over commit you can simply turn around and E+Q again to get a kill.
When using your E, try to timing it when a minion is low and enemy hero is standing beside it. Then E the minion instead of the hero so you're not right next to them and quickly back away before they can respond.
This works very well with bush, they do their circle while waiting for your minion to get to low health and you pop in with E + Q and they either have to back away or keep taking hits from you while they attack minion or they attack you and not get the minion.

Wukong's ultimate, at level 1 it's not bad but due to it's low damage compare to your E it's best cancel it and E instead. It only clock damage once every second so after the knock up use the movement speed to get you where you want and use Decoy to get out. It's always helpful to Decoy after using ult if they aren't all flashing out or dead. In fact, combo it this way, go in with E + Q if fight already started, pop ult then E asap, exhaust to secure kill or protect yourself and ghost for making sure you knock every one up and get away from where you are after you use Decoy. When they switch their attention to someone else, then you go back in.

A common scenario in team fight is EQ someone then W away. Normally the enemy team will throw some skill shot or poke at the decoy and one of your not so aware teammate will decide to go get a free shots in seeing you're being focused. No problem, do a full combo with ult and hit as many as possible while taking minimum damage. If their adc carry is low then you want to to rush in there and try to bring him down. Even if you don't think you will survive, if you can dish out enough damage your team will clean it up.

Baron and dragon fights. If you can, poke around without getting caught. When enemy team rush out to your team, you want to come up from behind, land your combo on their adc and spin your way to their initiator and decoy out to work on the adc again. banish him from that fight with exhaust and E where ever there is a low HP. Also if your team decide to stay safe and pour damage on their tank then you want to drop Q on him as well. A fast movement is very important. If you're team is huddle together you want to be somewhere else unseen by the enemy team where you can sneak up from behind if they chase after your team. Even if you don't think you will survive your effort could save your teammate and earn them kills. Sacrifice yourself when it is necessary. With your speed and farming/ganking abilities you only comes back stronger.

Stealing towers and solo pushing, Wukong can push fast. With this build taking out towers and dragons are easy job, making gold for your team is always helpful. When your ult and exhaust is on CD, then you should try to push. You can push to draw their attention and make ambush if they come, if they don't then free tower and whatnot. your ward will keep you safe and with so many escape tools Wukong is a bastard to catch. Another trick is go intercept the next minion wave while your minion works on the tower. Easily kill the 3 ranged minions with your E and they die 1 shot each. E again on the melee minions and Q on the cannon or tower. After getting your trinity force you will wrack towers as sucessfully as Wukong's master - Master Yi.
Really by this point of the game Wukong's damage is high enough with Trinity's on hit effects. I feel that gold going into anything other than movement speed and attack speed is a waste. You tank with your Decoy and if game is not over by then your little bit extra attack damage and health isn't gonna matter much in team fights. Movement speed will help you make those crucial moment appearances, and pull off most of the tricks I've mentioned.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Grimmawjaw
Grimmawjaw Wukong Guide
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Top lane Wukong (under construction)

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