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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Telekom Srbija



Updated on August 15, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Telekom Srbija Build Guide By Telekom Srbija 6 26 11,764 Views 31 Comments
6 26 11,764 Views 31 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Telekom Srbija Mordekaiser Build Guide By Telekom Srbija Updated on August 15, 2012
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Hi. I am here to offer help for all fans of Morderkaiser, The Master of Metal. I dont speak english very whell so sry for all mistakes. Now lets get to buisnes. I will be straight say what i got and ofc you can always ask me question. So no pictures no videos just text. I am sry but i cant do all pictures and videos.
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I dont like some combined runes as the 1 thats Phreak shows. I like simple but very effective runes. For Morderkaiser i take ap runes that gave you ap per lvl, max 85 on lvl 18. I think they are much better cuz they give twice + 13 ap more ap then ap runes that gives you ap on lvl 1 (36ap). If you like to have ap right away take runes thats give you ap on lvl 1 but they are not better then ap per lvl runes. At least from my point of view. Display is not correct full runes per lvl give 85 AP at lvl 18.
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For masteries i take combination 23-7-0. I take all for ap champions (ap,cd,ap per lvl...). And also i take Summoners Wrath cuz i always take ignite and Demolitionist cuz of bigger dmg dealt to turrents. I put 7 points in deff cuz i need bigger heal from heal and i take armor ( you can also take magic resist but i prefer armor) in the end take HP regen so you could cast spells more often.
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For my build and quide you really need to be pro and patient. You need to master tactic of deffense and farm. I always go solo (mid or top). I start with Regrowth Pendant and health potion. Next item on my list is Rabadons Deatcap. I usually manage to stay and farm untill 20 min. If you cant stay that long to earn for Deatcap right away you should leave lane as soon you can buy Needlessly Large Rod and Sorcerss Shoes. When you finish Deatcap you should already be op so you should pick up much kills. Next item is Ryalis Scepter cuz we all know that Morderkaiser is not 2 fast so any slow with his spells is great to cathc up enemys. After that you buy either Zhonyas Hourglass or Will of Ancients. Choice depens if enemy have good feeded ad carry take Hourglass, but if enemy team is is feeded equal buy spell vamp. After spell vamp or Hourglass you should buy oposite items (1. Hourglass 2. spell vamp) (1. spell vamp 2. Hourglass) Last item is your choice. Lich Bane or Abbyas Scepter Choice is yours I prefere Lich bane but you decide. After full build you buy all elixirs with Oracle ofc. Display of total AP is not correct you should have over 850 and even over 900 with Baron buff. PS. for spell vamp you can also take Hextech Gunblade cuz its give same amount of spell vamp but a little less Ap.But it can be acivated for 300 dmg + slow that in combination with Ryalis Scepter can really heavy slow target and that is great way to catch up some fast champions.
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Skill Sequence

Theres not 2 much to talk here. Start with e and finish with q. Max ulti whenever possible (lvls 6,11 and 18) E is best way to farm. W cuz its deal big dmg and give Armor and Magic resist. And q like last spell thats left. All spels should be leveling together so dont do E lvl 5 q lvl 1 Thats wrong. Max all spells in same time so dmg thats dealt is up to 30% bigger ( TESTED ON 20 cases 16 confermed my theory of equal maxig of spells is way better then maxing 1 spells).
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Summoner Spells

I take Heal and Ignite. Some say that i am crazy and that i need flash but... I am not player that run. I stay and fight to death and heal save me about 60% times i stay and fight expecialy on bigger lvl like lvl 15,16,17 and 18. You can pick Flash. Its good spell but i just like to fight to end. + Heal with ulti can give over 1000 hp in sec. Ignite i think thats clear. Ulti + ignite is best combination. Both deal dmg over time + ignite will reduce healings.
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Ranked Play

In ranked games if Morderkaiser is not banned and you need mid or solo top you should pick him. His great ap with my build he can be even little tanky (not 2 much but enought) and with Hourglass you can escape some really strong ulties (just somes Ziggs ulti, Cass ulti + her stun, .....) Idk what to say more i never lost ranked game with morderkaiser and i always got impresive score (sry for no pictures to show :P you will have to belive me i have scores like 23/5/19 or even 44/0/12 you really need skill for that :D.)
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Team Work

As Morderkaiser you should always go 4 or 5 in your group when entering in team figts. Try to hit as many enemys possible with e and cast w always on yourself or 1. that goes in team fight. For escaping Targets cast w on your fastest teammate. Ulti should be save for instant kills. Dont use it 1.(this only work in teamfights) Ulti is always but always casted on biggest threat. Especialy ad carries like ashe vayne. With my build ulti steal over 53% of max hp. So w8 until they fall beneath 50% hp then instant kill them. Best part is thats then ist 5 vs 6 game in your favor. Never forget to command ghost. Just 1 command is enought. Just command ghost to attack target nothin more. Now comes real thing of my build. With Hourglass you cant do anything for 2 sec. But that dosent work on ghost. You just active it and command ghost for 2 sec. Very usefull belive me ;).
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Farmin is easy just spam e and q. W is often better to use on minion then on yourself (at start of game only) That will earn you about 120 minions in 15 min or about 150 in 20 min. But you must practice 1. i needed some time to master it.
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So for end. Be patient master your defensive tactic for farm. After gaining some kills and minions let your agressive tactic shine. Play defensive untill lvl 6 then start to crush all in your path. + Belime me or not :D liste some heavy metal while plaing Morderkaiser helps ;).

Thats all from me.
Say and ask all you wan to know. Also coctac me on
Hope i helped you to becoem pros

Telekom Srbija.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Telekom Srbija
Telekom Srbija Mordekaiser Guide
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