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Team Guide by H3ktic

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League of Legends Build Guide Author H3ktic

Top Tiers and Low Tiers(3v3)

H3ktic Last updated on June 4, 2011
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Mordekaiser Build

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Table of Contents
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Top Tier

Never will have to leave lane with ult, Cleavers hurt, and amazing attack damage.
OP champion and my main. His flamespitter just wow.
Very nice tanky DPS with one of best slows in game. His ult is Awesome.
Ultimate can cover almost whole map. Very fast.
Ult for team fights, Attack Speed buff, Self Heal, Slow, Perfect.
Spin to win. Great tank that can absorb a lot of damage.
Assassins win. The burst damage is unstoppable and smoke if your in trouble.
A lot of CC. Great Mage. Great Tank.
He's Mordekaiser, Might as well been given passive indestructible.
Taunt, enemy dead. Gank with Powerball.
Ultimate will allow you to gank the S*** out of them.
She can gank and has CC.
A lot of damage done as he dodges 5 attacks in a row.
Amazing crowd control. Great damage. Shield. And did i mention a Laser?
Stun, Stun, Stun.
Beefy Dps is a great choice. Can get fed quick.
He can farm QUICK then its just CHOP CHOP CHOP.
One of the best. Gank, Wards, Slow, and there is TWO of him.
Very good early game damage output.
Your team will NEVER die.
Get the enemies high on Shrooms.
'Nuff said.
Tiger stance early, About 500 damage in 3 seconds.
Self heal, Dodges anything,Wow look at my health bar drop.
Charge! boom, boom, bam, LEGENDARY!
Such an OP early game.
So much lifesteal, can't run away, and nice damage.
CC ftw. Also amazing damage for a tank.

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Medium Tier

Good stun but squishy without tank items and not a lot of damage output.
Slows and stuns are really good but 3s is all about the CC. She gets stun she is dead.
Good Stun and damagae but after recent patch has made her more late game.
i enjoy the grab and stun. Great CC but can't push well or carry.
Great damage output but needs items to be effective and is squishy.
Very good range and good damage. Good escape but can't carry well.
Will be targeted fast but damage is good and ult is fun.
Drain is a killer and CC is nice but that ult won't work sometimes when he collapses in 2 seconds.
Ult shows great support, self heal, but takes items to be good.
Ultimate Is amazing in team fights but thats about all he can do.
#s is too fast paced and Heimer still shows great pushing abilities can't keep up well.
Good knock up and shield but doesn't fit in 3s a whole lot.
I love the damage and ganking abilities but i feel the game needs to last longer to be effective and she is too squishy.
Great early game damage but will always be targeted.
Great ganking potential but after early game he needs items fast.
I love this tank. One of the best tanks but can't push the best or carry as a tank.
Damage is very good, but doesn't fit in 3s the most.
Has good CC and Sapplings do great pleasure, but is kinda squishy and is too slow of a champ w/ too long CD.
Snare pwns as well as Soil but she doesn't do much after that.
Crosses the map with ease but can't carry very well and is very squishy.
Ult is good and has decent damage but isn't the best choice. There is better.
Stun is awesome but that's about all.
Fun damage but haven't seen many good Sivirs and is also squishy.
Jump over walls with ease and great passive but damage isn't a whole lot better than anyone else.
Pillar can screw other team but doesn't do a lot of damage and isn't the best tank.
Lover the CC but either you get fed and win or don't and get your face pwnd.
Likes the damage but oracles people.
Hard champ to play but has good burst damage.

Guide Top

Low Tier

Doesn't do a whole lot in 3s. Late game champ and VERY SQUISHY.
Defiantly a late game champ. Map so small enemy will jump in front of ult.
Smallest map ever and all you need is a ward. Now it's basically 3v2.
All that's really good on him is ult. Pray to verse a team of mages.
Late game champ.
A good Karma? that's a joke!
I've went 40/5 on 3s with him yet i've also went 2/25. He's a win or lose champion.
NEEDS ITEMS. game ends too soon.
EXTREME late game champion.
Wasted passive on this map and is also an item needer.
You have to have a good team to be a good Shen.
Yet another late game chamipion AND map is too small for him. You want to be chased.
Nuking and stun is awesome. Very special champion but is WAY too slow and is WAY too squishy.
Soraka isn't a very good champ.
You die too fast to land one attack on anyone. If you do go TF go AP.
I like his support but you need a decent team and bombs won't do a lot w/o items.


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