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League of Legends Build Guide Author TrenIQ

trenIQ's tryndamere guide

TrenIQ Last updated on December 20, 2011
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welcome too my tryndamere guide let me just say anything similar too other guides in this is merely coindidental i DID NOT copy anything ive been using this build before i even knew about this site and yes my grammar kinda sucks i know :P and also this is my first guide and im not sure how too make them good yet i dont know if pictures of the items pop uo themsekves or i put them in manually but i learn as i go i suppose if anyone can tell me how too put pictures of items in my guide or anything like that such as suggestions please do tell in comments

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i start with brawlers gloves and i usally take bot its your choice if you wanna use pots i dont use them but thats up to you wether you wanna use them or not then i get avarice blade and berserkers greaves i then get PD most people get infinity edge but i get PD since with full fury plus the crit chance and attack speed from pd youll be critting half the time so attack damage isnt much of a problem i then get infinity edge then another PD so i have now almost 100% crit chance then after that i grab a bloodthirster then i trade in avaarice blade for youmuus ghostblade if you can ever be able too get the last items your either really fed or your not doing your carry job right the game should be done by the time you get your last items

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Summoner Spells

ive always used flash and ghost but ive ben trying out flash ignite ill update later to say which is best used but i use flash and ghost because flash opens up the use of 2 flashes at your disposal with spinning slash ghost is for chasing and getting away exhaust is good too but if theres multiple low enemies you can only slow 1 ghost makes YOU faster so you could catch em all

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i use standard 21 0 9 masteries they work the best for me

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Skill Sequence

i start with bloodlust then get spinning slash then mocking shout then i max bloodlust putting points in mocking shout when you cant put em in bloodlust