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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author l2noob4ul


l2noob4ul Last updated on November 1, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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2 lazy 2 put colors/pictures, mite do so later

Masteries - ATK ATK ATK ATK ATK!!!!, def? gtfo...tristana got her range and rocket jump to stay away from the enemies as well as her ult to keep people off her, so just stack damage/slows/armor penetration, the utility is for the improved ghost for faster running/longer running, and utility mastery for increase buff duration(tristana+lizard=godly)

Summoner Spells - my personal favorites is ghost/flash and ghost/teleport, ghost/teleport typically if im planning to take mid solo so i have complete lane domination, harass, harass... while farming....OOPS, im low, recall, shop, teleport and u wont lose any experience, if played right, u shud b slightly higher level than ur opponent and that makes all the difference (well no, but it does give u a gud advantage) ghost/flash to stay away from those pesky jumping/running/blinking/ all that other gay stuff that lets them get close to you + occasional chasing (will go into more debpth is strategy section later)

Skills - max E to harass/farm, the passive allows for clearing entire waves quickly which allows u to push towers easily (typically tristana can push far and not worry about gettin analed because of rocket jump+the summoner spells to escape, but be careful if u do decide to push like crazy
while getting E, also get a few level of rocket jump (early on, the damage from leveling rocket jump actually does something!), i find that after rocket jump lvl 3ish, getting q will increase damage output more than increasing ur jump.
of course get ult whenever u can, and then finish up w/ the last levels of jump last (the jump is well... for the jump... not damage)

Runes - Armor penetration is the most effective way to increase damage, so marks/quints which has nice armor penetration, 100% armor penetration, no doubt abt it, anything else = ****, and rest = atk speed... as you may have noticed, my build does not focus on crit, which i will later explain

ITEMS - This is probably where i will get flamed or sum **** like that...why long sword over doran? the 6 extra damage will help last hit easier and hit harder when u harass, sure u lose the hp/life steal, but this also allows u to get madreds sooner and farm like a beast...Why do i build part of the item then go onto something else? Madreds, used to farm early on/enter jungle for buffs sooner (detail later) life steal to stay in lane. zeal i like the atk speed and mvoe speed

ok, now why did i get these items? and why this order?
Long Sword - farm faster, especially if u have teleport, u dont really ahve to worry about getting sent bak to base too soon, but if u are not that experienced, i recommend the dorans blade, since i only take long sword because of my play style (many disagree with the usefulness of the long sword, but thats just what works best for me)

Vampiric Scepter - u can stay in lane like crazy... tristana farms like crazy

Boots - not get analed by someone with boots ganking you, and typically u should be pushing the lane quite hard, no boots = higher risk of gettin ganked and not being able to escape

Madreds - FARM LIKE CRAZY!!!!and able to enter jungle sooner (u can usually enter jungle at around lvl 7 or 8 and grab lizard buff, and then the raping begins) the proc will also count towards the heal from vamp scep, stay in lane even easier DO NOT BUILD INTO BLOODRAZOR AS FIRST BIG ITEM (unless ur enemy has ****loads of high hp characters), u do not build it first because it is not exactly cost effective to make it early on considering that most ppl will have around 1.5-2k hp midgame, which means the 4% max hp/hit effect will only hit for 60-80 damage, compared to if u get it later on when enemies have like 3-4k hp.... they get hit for 120-160 damage by the passive (prior to reductions)

FINISH ur boots, merc if they got ****load of disables, else, zerkers <---prly gonna get flamed or called noob for this by "PROS" but, if played correctly, trist's range rarely allows enemies to get close enough or often enough for any of the other boots to be worthwhile (WITH EXCEPTION OF MERC WHERE THEY CAN STUN UR *** FROM AFAR)
If you are steamrolling everyone, grab an occult (high tiered games, no, dont think about it unless ur team is sumhow like 10-0)

if not, go on to the black cleaver, cleaver will give much better dps as compared to like, lets say IE or bloodthirster, if u finish this, basically if someone has no def items...along with ur armor penetration runes and black cleaver, the enemy has 0 defense...ALMOST, and as a bonus, this -armor will also allow ur allies to hit the enemy harder

next move on to some atk speed item, u build ur bloodrazor when ur enemy starts getting alot of hp, if not, make a zeal for the move speed and atk speed, u are after the atk speed so ur cleaver procs faster, and as well, the best DPS comes from a balance of atk speed and dmg, not gonna show any math or anything to prove it cuz im 2 lazy, but if u do try calculating it, u'll find its true

the bloodrazor/zeal is now done, now move on to frozen mallet for slow
when u are finished the mallet, u should be able to kite like crazy, and if ur team lacks CC, this will slow enemy for ur whole team to pile up on, also with the black cleaver's armor reduction, u shoot them, they're dead..., afterwards is the phantom for atk speed (u shud b abt capped when u use elixars/Q)

build thirster last, kinda odd since u got so much penetration no? WRONG, the only reason this is in the build is because trist needs some life steal to stay in lane, as i said before, a balance of atk speed/dmg is the key for high dps, but the atk speed always synergizes with the bloodrazor quite nicely, better so than the bloodthirster(havent done calculations to show this b4, but it just feels like it)

OK, SO PEOPLE ARE PROBABLY WONDERING, WTF? u have a mix of atk speed/penetration/damage, wtf r u doing?

people say bloodrazor is a really expensive item and not worth getting, they're wrong...trist has nice atk speed w/ her q, which makes it worth getting even more, in addition, a mix of magic damage and physical damage makes it harder for enemies to defend against you

in addition, late game, bloodrazor will deal 120 magic damage prior to damage reduction on the average player (w/ 3k hp, which quite alot of ppl do) TYPICALLY, and even more on "tanks", ur not suppose to focus them, but if u r too far from anyone else, better hit someone than no1...
attack speed works nicely with the bloodrazor resulting in crazy damage
cleaver allows for allies to hit the same target more as well as increasing ur damage as well, more so than crit,
and the mallet is for some hp/slow, mainly the slow to be able to kite like crazy,

obviously the order is determined by how the game is going....if ur lizard is always being taken, get phage sooner

if they're killing u too fast so that u dont even have a chance to jump/flash/ghost away... then get a phage or even a mallet sooner and less offensive, more defensive

if ur team lacks cc, get mallet sooner...

if the enemy has ****loads of tank, especially if they're building defense/hp items, then rush bloodrazor (higher hp = more damage by razor, yet their defense wont do **** to the razor's damage) and if they're stacking magic resist and no hp, make bloodrazor later

i typically use elixars quite often as well, but that is a preference, it allows me to pop it when im about to die and often trick enemies into diving me just so that i can kill them, or just use it for the dmg/hp (i usually get reds only until i finish majority of my items then i get green as well)

OBVIOUSLY if enemy is somehow winning and pushes all the way to ur base, pop both elixar, it could just be the difference between losing the game or defending the push and having another chance
the items stays more or less the same, its just that the order differ depending on enemies

i typically get E first, try to hit enemy champ whenever u can, shoot E and then hit once, and run back so that minions wont hit u, set an aggressive pace...makes laning alot easier if they are scared of you. If they're hurting u more than u hurt them... then farm BUT!!! don't completely stop harassing them, occasionally shoot ur E at them just to show that u r not afraid of them, this trick typically works, i find that if u don't do this, the enemy will realize that they're overpowering you and then rape ur ***, it is psychological, obviously if they continue to be aggressive with u and raping u, go on the defensive, trist just needs to farm, and she's crazy at it, if u cant rape them @ beginning, jsut keep farming, late game is where she really shines

if u are at side lanes, make use of the bushes to harass/farm without worrying about getting hit, if ur at mid, too bad

JUNGLE - if u got control of lizard, u can get phage later and focus on damage item, u need a slow to b able to deal more damage, theres no point in getting full damage or atk speed or w/e, and then only manage to hit enemy once b4 they get out of range, typically... at around lvl 7 ish, w/ vamp scep/madred, and maybe a bit more atk speed, (eg dagger) u should be able to take down lizard already and grab the buff, with a zeal or a recurve bow, or BF sword, along with those, u can take down dragon solo

ROCKET JUMP - Thruout the game, it is a great escape, early on, u can harass enemies, jump in when the enemy wave is almost done, shoot E, and shoot enemy a while, and they shud be damaged, typically they'll be scared and start running which is wut u want, ur just harassing, if they acutally fight back, they might actually deal significant damage to u as well, if they do decide to fight back, u might want to not use this strat as often, or atleast wait till they're lower, late game however, ONLY USE ROCKET JUMP FOR POSITIONING/RUNNING AWAY, NEVER and i mean NEVER jump on top of the target, u may think that they're low and u can rape them, but no, sometimes they can just turn around and rape ur ***, do not jump on top of them unless u r 100% sure u can kill them, refresh rocket jump, and escape or w/e, another thing people dont know about rocket jump is.... it is crazy for diving, especially early game... people think they're safe just because they're @ their tower, if ur lvl 6, rocket jump on them, ult, and then jump out, or if ur not 6 but sure u can kill enemy, do the same but w/o ult

E - use for harassing, great vs. Vlads/Mundos, normally vlad would be able to harass u and stay at full hp, but not if u keep E on him whenever he gets close and harass him back, he wont b able to heal enough to be aggressive and mundo...pop one of these babies when he tries to ult, he'll end up practically wasting it since he'll regen almost no hp, well he'll regen half, but he pays 20% of his current hp to use, but either way, pop and e when he ults

R - ur ult's damage is **** later on, its main use is the knockback, if a yi jumps on top of u and buttraping u, ult him and keep shooting, same w/ any other champ that can jump, and then you can also jump away if he comes again w/o dying and keep shooting

Tristana's range is crazy...just because ur low hp does not mean u have to run...if the enemy has no jump or anything like that and u have a mallet or lizard buff, u can kite them until they're dead with jumping away, ulting them away and continue shooting, or jsut normal shoot, and run and repeat, the old skool kiting

the end result of this build is over 300 damage, bloodrazor proc(which by end game is equivilant to 120-160 damage), almost max atk speed, almost 3k hp (with elixar), slowing atk, and almost 100 armor penetration(too bad it wont apply for the bloodrazor proc, but the mix if magic/physical will make it harder to defend), and 25? 35? armor from the bloodrazor, o yea... 20% dodge.... and some move speed and crit as well...