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Tristana Build Guide by celco

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League of Legends Build Guide Author celco

Tristana Candy Panda And DoubleLift.

celco Last updated on April 24, 2012
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Hello! this is my first build ever that I will make a full guide considering that my last build back in 2010 was a brief summary. ( I hate how it says I spelt Tristana wrong)

first I must mention that Tristana is a very item independent champion and is also a very mana hungry champ (she also lacks in hp)

Second I must also mention that everyone reading this should get the free facebook Tristana skin :). Now that I have settled this short intro let's learn how to rape with our rockets!!! (pun intended)

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I'd like to say that these are very,very basic AD runes and are mostly here because I watch Twitch.Tv and saw Candy Panda play her, this is where the build came from. By simply replacing the last quint for armour Pen it compensates for Tristana's recent buff that increased her AD And also compensates her loss of armour Pen.

Early Game: I just included this in the runes section cause i ran out of time but really it's just the simple things like last hitting etc. also using ur ult to get enemy's into your turret can be useful if your enemey has been 'Zoned' or if you are ganking (hitting a wall will also stun.) Remember to kindly ask the person in your lane to stop attacking the minions if he is, twll him it's for his own good.

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What you could say about this build is that it's Candy Panda Cross Double lift. Well your absolutely right that's exactly what it is, anyway for masteries I simply build mostly down the centre of the defensive tree, except that before reaching the higher (level ) masteries I skip about 2 rows because of how aggressive I was in picking the earlier mastery points just so I could reach the last mastery point without taking any of the unnecessary masteries.

Mid Game: Same as early game just buy wards and do what your best at. Raping all MOFOS! OF COURSE ALTER THE ITEM BUILD DEPENDING ON THE QUALITY OF PLAY IN THE GAME. . mid game is also time for team fights and pushing tristana is an extremely strong pusher with her attack speed ability.

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Star with boot's and 3 hp pots. if you don't have the runes or masteries to lane long enough with this just get a Doran's blade that works fine as well. Once you farmed let's say 900 gold go back to shop and get a second Doran's blade and some hp pot's if you have enough for a ward go ahead drop it near dragon .

Mid game You want to progress into a B.F sword and then get infinity edge, another option that isn't listed in this build,is actually skipping the Infinity and going straight for Blood Thirster this work quite nicely because of it's passive. unless your getting killed alot,then simply stick with Infinity.

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Skill Sequence

Stick with that sequence you really should be maxing those first and yes you probably noticed I don't max my ult straight up I get it at lvl 18. You need the extra ability upgrades for sustain and lot's of other things like attack speed, and your ult really isn't that great (unless your running away.)

Late game is the same as most of the game except team fight's pushing farming, taking dragon,taking baron all come into play this is one of the most complex part's of the game remember to always think and watch the map. ( If you have double monitors open up the cheat sheet from this build and follow it extremely well.) Warding is very important this time in game only buy about 3 wards a game because this job is usually not the ad carry s ") if it is then tell your team no way.

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I went back and edited this just a few minutes ago because I found that

you must have infinty directly after you get phantom dancer

this will make you sustain in lane incredible and make you more acceptable to tankiness and team fights.

If you have any questions or suggestions please comment.

As tristana I find that each game you should end up with about 250 minimum minion kills, if however you don't end up with this amount you may have to altar the build to make it more suitable to the amount of money you have or your skill level.

sorry I don't know how to add pictures etc. this is my first build sorry about any tackiness or spelling mistakes that happen to come out of this build. Also remember that I'm still at school, LOL.

my final tip to add when playing tristana is to play extremely safe early game and only when you feel that the enemy has forgotten to focus you simply go in for the kills.

As this chapter of the guide is pretty much random i ask that if anyone needs further advanced help they add me on league of legends. Add: citysmoke, for extra info and other stuff.

my final point in this random chapter also has to do with game play. remember that until your about lvl 11 you will need to still be buying hp pots when you have the gold, it will help lvl in lane and be more aggressive > (also if your team told you to solo top, BUY ALOT OF HP POTS)

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Summoner Spells

Umm..... just try what's listed it really is the best there is no need for flash considering you have Rocket Jump and really surge will keep you alive early game and late game if you have the sustain from B.F.



Surge will also help with bigger burst and more enhanced game play. it is also hips fun to use just click 'F' and right click on someone late game.


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The summary is that if you farmed well you win. if you didn't then just use range to abuse while not doing much at all for your team.

Thanks for reading my build plz also check out Candy panda's Build And Stream !

:) Cya next time this is my first build so plz play nice