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Tristana Build Guide by s8arock

Tristana no Remorse

Tristana no Remorse

Updated on October 9, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author s8arock Build Guide By s8arock 4,964 Views 2 Comments
4,964 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author s8arock Tristana Build Guide By s8arock Updated on October 9, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


The basics

Tristana is a normally unplayed character that people disregard. When in reality she is a killing machine. just remember when playing tristana yes shes squishy but fast crits with life steal will keep you alive as long as your shooting on top off all the kills you constantly get from critting over 1000 dammage even on tanks with the lastwisper and the armor pen runes. What ever you do dont stop shooting or your health with only go down. This my pentakill build use it wisely dont get to cocky though you can only take on 2 enemy champions at the same time with the build complete.

*the items are in proper build order but dont just wait to flat buy all the items build each on up as you go buy the pieces you need based on whats goin on in that round. also once you have all 6 items sell the boots for a second phantom dancer.
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Last hit everything, not only for the money but the feed on the bloodthirsters also explosive shot will do damage to surrounding enemy's witch also ends up killing multipule minions with one shot this all adds up to you being able to afford the large items like the bloodthirster as the first item.
ALSO once your level 12 or posabbly even lower use rocket jump over the lane wall onto th four ghouls at level 12 you should be able to kill them all just with rocket jump and one shot from your cannon the passive explosion shot will finish them all off. giving you some free gold and exp ALWAYS do this if your winning or losing it takes seconds to do and its good farming.
if you are having a struggle or just want to get feed more pick up the red lizard buff and be aggressive with the extra damage you shouldn't have a problem once you have your first bloodthirster.

once your level 15 pick up dragon whenever possible or even just ping it so someone else will get it who dosent love a free 190 gold? thats more than a tower for crying out loud
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Pros / Cons

PROS: no one expects a Tristana to do this good or even go AD most Tristana's play AP.

rocket jump recharges when you get a kill. this enables you to catch up to enemys and kill them all as they run.

rocket jump and buster shot combo
jump over the enemy buster shot them into the turret at level 6 the turret will do most the damage as your there to pick up an easy kill

CONS: I have never had a match playing this build were i didn't have a positive score. so i don't see any cons. if you see one please make a comment and i can help you out maybe even play a round with you. if some fool decides their going mid and not letting you have any choice in the matter whatever lane your in is pretty much screwed early game tristana is not that great of a laner.
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what line should you choose? duh MID

ALWAYS go mid with this build, play defensively till you eventually poke the enemy to half hp using explosive shot, then jump on them with rocket jump and use explosive shot and ignite for the kill before level 6. after level 6 add buster shot to push them into turrets and away from were their trying to run, just for some extra shots on them.

I can usually get my first kill at level two. and have three kills by level 12 if not from mid go gank a lane and get both kills because you can heck your playing as tristana your a beast.

if you do end up going top or bot i would not recommend this build because it requires a lot of money and higher levels to be good.
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the most versatile move you have is rocket jump for the reasons of being able to jump walls behind enemy's and its auto charge when you make a kill makes it an awesome skill.

when someone has pushed you back to your turret use it to your advantage and jump over them with rocket jump and buster shot them into your turret a few extra shots and you've picked up a kill.

when running away witch will undoubtedly happen be sure to wait for the enemy's in pursuit to pile together so you can buster shot them all away at once. also try to find large sections of walls to jump over that the chasers have to run around.

need a little more distance? when jumping lunch buster shot mid jump it will hit the enemy as if you were at the beginning of the jump instead of at the end of the jump :)
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go mid
be sure to constantly poke with explosive shot early game make the enemy use all their potions or just get down to low health. last hits on minions for the money and explosive shot damage.

The skill list I chose is good for early game and poke damage but will be basically useless later on. because you use jump for transportation not damage and use as well as her ult..only good for jumping infront of the enemy and blasting them back to your team. the only dammage helper is her 90% attack speed buff witch will be your best friend when taking dammage and taking out their tanks

***rule of thumb: always keep your hp at 75% or more because tristana is squishy and can be ganked easy early game, this 75% though should not be a problem seeing as you started with a vampireactic scepter.***
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