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Tristana Build Guide by HolySpirit

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HolySpirit

Tristana - Oppa Trist Trist Style!

HolySpirit Last updated on November 9, 2012
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Hi! I am here to teach you guys about a play mode that most of you have not and may not use. This method strongly focuses on Attack Speed, which s part of AD. This to to increase Tristana's attack speed til the max of 2.5. This means that at this rate, it is 5 attacks every 2 seconds. Now you must be wondering, why focus so much on attack speed? Attack Damage sounds more worth. However if you find me guide strongly unsuitable, please leave a comment or two, and for those without Tristana, did you know you could get it FREE? Just log on to garena and click LoL and then click on the photo which asks you to claim your very own Tristana with the newest Riot Girl Skin! Here's the facebook pgae. Hoped I helped!

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As I have mentioned, the character I am using is Trist, and I am focusing on Attack Speed and some damage. I would use the following just to give Trist a boost along these fields.

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As for Masteries, I focus more on Offense not just due to playing AD, but also to perfect last htting well.

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Items & How to use AS Trist (Attack Speed)

Firstly I would get Ionic Spark. Ionic Spark's passive offers a scintillating bonus- Every fourth attack leads to a lightning chain that strikes up to 4 targets, dealing 100-125 Damage. This is why I prefer Attack Speed. At 2.5 attacks per seconds, every 2 seconds you get 5 attacks, meaning every 8 seconds you get 20 attacks with 5 sparks, which adds up to approximately 20x100= 2 000 D + 500+ D from sparks, aka 2 500 damage. If you choose total damage, it will be about 0.9 attack per second. 8 seconds gives you 7x250 damage, which also adds to about 1750 D. This means Attack Speed is abit more crucial than damage. All the other items provide damage as well as Attack Speed. The last item is the Wriggle's Lantern. This provides 12% LifeSteal and abit of armour to take lesser damage from other champions (Please note that we need Defense too) Executioner's Calling is a substitue which provides 18% LifeSteal. That is like 500 HP every 8 seconds if you farm minions, thus providing a good source of health, forget about hp!

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Skill Sequence

Firsty, I would get Rocket Jump to escape. Next is Explosive Shot for last kills. Finally its Rapid Fire. Rapid Fire is what I master first as it adds on to our main category- Attack Speed! I love its 90% bonus at its max. Imgaine how many attacks per sec!
Buster Shot is a good skill too, especially to push those stupid chasers like Master Yi away.

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Summoner's Spells

I would take Ignite mostly. Due to the awesomemess, why do we not need the rest? Firstly, why not Heal? This is because, You will be a le to receive 500 HP per 8 seconds!!! Who cares about hp now? How about Surge? Nah we alread got a skill for that. Flash? Ghost? No! Rocket Jump provides efficient escape.

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Arh! Time to showcase my #1 Top Skills Usage which is not showcased in MOST of the other guides.
1) Use Rocket Jump to get BEHIND the target. Use Buster Shot to push the target to your turret. Accompied with your Rapid Fire and Explosive Shots as well as the turret's Damage, the target is probably doomed!
I noticed how people lead the battle with rocket jumps. This is why I dont encourage it.
1) Unless you are using Rocket Jump to finish off a target, the target may still be able to run, and you will not have means of chasing like Master Yi. As we are playing Attack, go behind and keep using normal shots accomplied with Ionic Sparks. When the target is in between you and your teamates and you are backstabbing them, simply use a Buster Shot and GG to them.
2) What happens if their teamates suddenly swamp there, how are you going to escape? Flash? Remember that you are now also in between the opposing Champions.

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Why did you max out Rapid Fire before Rocket Jump?
Firstly, its cause we need the attack speed, thus added with damage from Ionic Spark
Secondly, Rocket Jump has completed its purposes so it just needs to be available.

I have read that you use Buster Shot behind the opponent instead of pushing enemy away for defense?
Firstly, we are playing Attack.
Secondly, Ulti is not meant for defense or support.
Thirdly, we got teamates and a turret, thus we can finish them off easier.

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Farming Minions [Reserved]

Killing Champions [Reserved]

Demostration of Special Technique Mentioned [Reserved]

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This guide needs updating!!!

Leave comments and I will add on to this guide to make it number 1!!!


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As this is my first guide, I encourage ALL to try it out before critisizing. Thanks! Feel free to ask questions. Attack Damage arent all, just I have proven Attack Speed deals more damage! As this guide is still under Construction, I strongy encourage you to wait for the full guide with all of the information before flaming. Remember to get in line to flame.
This guide is also to prove Tristana arent a weakling, there are many ways to use Tristana, and LoL is FUN!