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League of Legends Build Guide Author cookieees

Tristana - Pew Pew! (Carry/DPS build)

cookieees Last updated on August 11, 2010
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Hello people, welcome to my DPS/Carry Tristana build. First of all, I don't claim to be pro or anything, but I played quite a bunch of games (400+ normal wins) and I'm only writing this to share the way I think DPS Tristana should be played. After reading this, if you guys have any feedback, and I'm sure you will, go ahead (in a polite way please).

This build was written considering you are going to solo middle lane. Things may or may not work if you're side laning.

Definition of a carry: The carry is a champion that scales well with items who becomes unstoppable late game if played well.

The point of this build is to add to Tristana's passively high range a slow debuff, which makes you even more deadly while having good survivability from early to late game. What if on top of that you added an amazing damage output? You become a carry, and in my opinion the best of them all.

I know some people will say: "If you wanted a slow, why wouldn't you choose Ashe over Trist, she has a built-in slow, good harrass skills and a stun?"
And to that I'll answer: Trist has more range, and her ultimate + her rocket jump give her a lot more survivability, which is essential because a dead carry doesn't carry at all.

Summoner spells

I use Ghost / Flash for many reasons, they allow me to survive pretty much every gank, they help me in ganking / chasing and they allow me to have a lot of mobility, which is always great to have, especially on carry.

Alternative choices :
Exhaust - good for 1v1 fights, it can get you early kills if used well and can make early ganks easier.
Ignite: a good spell to finish people off when you go all out. Well timed with your E spell, you can reduce by 50% someone's healing and regeneration for 9 seconds early and up to 13 seconds late game.

Runes / Masteries

For runes, I go 18% crit chance and 2.8 mp5.

For masteries, I go 21/0/9, defensive tree is quite useless since you won't have to tank damage (thanks to your ult + rocket jump + ghost + flash, you can keep your distance and stay behind tanks at all times). I put a point in Archaic Knowledge (15% spell pen) because even if you're not AP, you use your abilities all the times, it's totally worth it.

With masteries + runes, you start with 20% crit chance. This with your E spell will make early farming a lot easier while increasing your harrassing abilities. The 2.8 mp5 gives a bit of mana regen that is needed because you want to stay in the lane as long as possible.

Skilling Order

Start with Rocket Jump because it adds to your early survivability. Then, get Explosive Shot to help you farm and harrass your opponent. Get a point into Rapid Fire because it might just come handy. Then skilling order goes like this: R > E > Q > W. Leveling Explosive Shot first allows you to farm easily and even though it's not needed to farm well, I think the active debuff is great to have when ganking. Leveling Rocket Jump last is because you only need a single point in it, you won't use it much for its damage, but a lot more for the great escape tool that it is.

Items + Laning Phases

Early Game:
This is the most important part of a carry. Start out with a Doran's Blade + HP pot. Those will allow you to farm forever if you keep your distance and concentrate on last hitting. Farm until you get 1700 gold. If you really focused on last hits, this should not be a problem. Push your lane to the enemy tower and blue pill. Buy Boots of Speed + Phage and look for possible ganks. If no gank is possible (your team is outpushing the enemy), go back to your lane and go on farming. With your Explosive Shot, you can easily outpush creepwaves and destroy the tower. Once their mid tower is down (there is no way you are losing your tower first (exception: a good heimer)), this is when mid game starts for Trist.

Mid Game:
Mid is down, you have an on-hit slow, an ult that deals a lot of damage and throws and enemy back, good mobility and a good crit chance %. What should you do? Gank and push other lanes. You out-farmed everybody in the game and out-leveled at least 4 out of 5 of the ennemies, so you can ping and call for ganks in vulnerable lanes. Remember, if ganks are impossible, push towers. You have to remember that even if you are a carry, you don't win games by getting kills, you win games by destroying their nexus, which requires destroying turrets. Keep an eye on your mid-lane while ganking/pushing because even if you are out in another lane, it is still your duty to keep it safe. When minions waves are back to your tower in mid, head back there and farm some more. Carries need items to be efficient. Items cost gold. The more you farm Early-Mid game, the more efficient you will be Late game. Item-wise, you should be done farming your Infinity Edge (grabbing BF sword > Pickaxe > Cloak) and changing your boots into Berserker Grieves. Then, you should be pretty deadly, your team should have more towers up than the other team and you should be heading to get your Frozen Mallet. Getting the Frozen Mallet on Trist means you just entered Trist's Late game.

Late Game:
By now you should have out-farmed every champion in the game (both teams), have and impressive range due to your high level, an on-hit slow that applies to every hit, a nice attack speed buff from your Rapid Fire skill, 2.5k HP, 40+% crit and quite a lot of damage. This is where people start to whine at their mid laner for letting you farm. In teamfights, you should always stay behind your tank(s) and use your range + slow to its full potential. I've gotten loads of champions, tanky or not, from full HP to none by attacking them from behing my tank(s), slowing them and DPSing the hell out of them while they could do nothing but try escaping. The enemy team WILL try to shut you down in teamfights because you are the carry. Remember; a dead carry doesn't carry at all. Positionning yourself is important. If someone gets to close, knock them away with your ult, if someone else gets too close, rocket jump to position yourself to a safer place, and so on with flash and ghost. Your targets are: enemy carries of course. You should have no problem killing carries since they are squishy and can't run away because you're slowing them. Once those are out, aim for the remaining targets and don't forget that even if somehow you are running out of HPs, slowing an enemy from a distance WILL grant your team additional kills that WILL allow you to push the towers. With the extra money you get from teamfights, build a Phantom Dancer and and Executionner Calling if you can get there. More Atk.spd + Crit chance (build total = 94%) + movement speed + dodge + life steal + another anti-healing active = pretty awesome add-ons to an already deadly carry.


In conclusion, good farming early leads to easier late game, and always stay in a safe spot, you have good mobility to do that and this will allow you to be a better carry. I want your feedbacks. <3