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Tristana Build Guide by ardanas

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ardanas

Tristana the ap team schredder

ardanas Last updated on December 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello guys, this is my ap tristana guide. i tried tristana ap like 40 matches ago for the first time. and believe me, she is very usefull and overpowered.

in this build i will show you how you CAN play tristana and how i build her. i think this is the best build. well i hope you like this guide!


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Skill order and tactics and summoner spells

Tristana is pretty easy to play, because if here good combi skills. she can farm waves of minions because of here explosive shot passive and in emergency she can use buster shot to clear the wave.

i chose this skill order because i think explosive soht is the best to start with, its a pretty high dps skill and you can pop it safe because its damage over time. this can also be handy if your against some stupid champ that rushes into your turret in early and mid game. plus you can pop it with ignite to get a devastating attack!

The tactic you must use with tristana is a bit different
depending on the situation your in. if your in a teamfight try to jump behind the enemy team and shoot some enemys in your team. because your ap this will also deal tons of damage! and almost ensure you to win a teamfight.

if your in a solo fight its almost the same, wait till the enemy pushes abit to your turret then jump behind him and use bustershot. then pop your dot upon him, when your lucky the turet helps you.... then hes like dead for sure! use your rapid fire to just deal some extra damage to the target...

i choose flash and ignite as summoner spells for a reason ofc. flash can be realy handy to escape the enemy in combi with your rocketjump! or you can also use flash to cahse the enemy! and get behind your target and use rocketjump just as a extra dps! thats your choice and use this combi wisely

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i chose this item build because their a good combi with each other, lich bane is very handy when the enemy got a little hp and can survive a normal shot and your skills are on cd, but you got the lichbane effect on you! you shoot and boom! a kill :)

the rest of the items are pure for the ap and cdr and mana regen! rod of ages is nice because you will survive more encounters and it also gives a nice ap boost.

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Runes and masteries

my masteries are 21-0-9 because offense got the nice ap boost and damage boosts, utility got some nice mana boosts and the faster recall is worth gold you see :)))

i picked some ap per lvl marks and seals, and some cdr glyphs and quintencess because their a epic combi for your skills. you will do more damage and more likely use your skills.

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Pros / Cons

you will di nice dps a bit squishy, and you cant handle much damage
with your skills

handy in teamfights your basic attacks only are good with lichbane effect

good in midlane and because your prob gonna gank, people are gonna focus you.
in laning.

a strong dot!

a op ulti wich is
epic in team fights!

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Team Work

When someone else wanan go mid, then you go top or bot, here is a list with good laning partners

Sona: a good combi because of here heal and stun.

taric(tank) he can catch the damage and also got a emergency heal and stun

Malzahar: his nullzone and ulti can help your very much when you blow someone to your turret.
because he supresses him he will die!

ezreal or lux: their ulti are uber when they escaped you.

here is also a list with hard enemys for you:

Tryndamere, his ulti is very anoying.when you almost killed himhe prob pops it. dont flee, put your dot and ignite on him then blow him with buster, when buster is on cd flee! with your jump! when anyskill is on cd then run fore sure, when you did what i say he is prob dead when his ulti is over.

morgana: her hold and aoe is anoying, her ulti can be realy fcked for you when your in a teamfight trying to blow away the enemy. try to kill her wile you can and dont try to feed her!!!!

tristana: when you got a other tristana also watch out that she doesnt use the same tactics

Teemo: also very powerfull dot when he goes ap, ad he can easy kill you because your squishy.

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more items

you can also change items depending on the situation your in, when you got a yi or trynda whoes very op and fed against you change nashor for thornmail.

when you got a strong mage infront of you who ganks anyone go for guardians or abbysal.
trade it again for nashor

when your against a magic res. tank like galio get voidstaff for nashor. this will help you to blow away even the tank!!!

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last words

Well ty for reading the guide! i hope it helped you with tristana :))))

Feel free to comment and vote for my guide! this is my second guide so dont be to hard!

hope to cya in game!