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Tristana Build Guide by PastryStreamer

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PastryStreamer

Tristana The Cute Little Ganking Bo-Nuke'Em Yordle

PastryStreamer Last updated on February 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build as of late and I decided to cover Tristana. It is unfortunate that my original build shut down before I could even save it (thank you so much youtube) so I decided to do it again and waste another 3 hours of my life.

From what I can tell after playing 17 games with her (they were all losses) I concluded that she needed more output dmg rather than attack speed. I tried rushing phantoms and I didn't get the necessary power behind it and felt like was doing nothing from early to mid. I also tried going AP Tristana and felt that she was too dependent on her skills- so I decided to romp around and do my own thing.

My build relies a lot on basic attacks and basically nuking the enemy to death- hence Bo-Nuke'Em (Boom Nuked Them). Anywho lets get started.

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Pros / Cons

*Incredibly long laning
*OP Turret-slayer
*Powerful Basic Attacks
*Difficult to shut down
*Easy to kill squishies/beefies alike
*Great ganker/disrupter
*Awesome carry

*Needs a really long game to finish build
*Flared at, by either team for KS or being fed
*Shut down easily with good cc combinations

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First things first, my masteries are not geared towards a specific champ- I set my masteries to suit each class, and this one is set for all my ad range carries. It gives decent armor penetration, and movement speed, which I love about it- but how you set up your masteries is your own thing. I only know how to play Tristana one way, it's up to you whether or not you find this useful and make your own tweaks to suit your play-style.

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Again like before, the way I set my runes are a bit wacky... With Tristana I felt like she needed a bite to her damage so I got armor penetration runes, but didn't realize she consumed so much mana, hence the mana regen seals. However the magic resist glyphs was a whole different story, when Riven came out I decided to try her and got really annoyed being shut down by Malz suppression and the like so I got some resist.

Short story short, this build relies moreso on basic attacks, and runes doesn't really affect the game that much.

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The Early Game

Always, ALWAYS get the Vampiric Scepter, it may be useless, but it's worth the life-steal. Arguably, Doran's a good starting item too, but to me I feel that it's overused and its gonna be sold mid-game anyway. The second item to gain even more harass early game are the Berserker Boots. It gives decent amounts of attack speed, but the movement speed is always necessary to avoid cc and cheap throws that always somehow KILLS you. A perfect example---

---Volibear's toss: you can flash seconds before he freakin tosses you and guess what? He'll still tosses you over his back regardless the distance from where you flashed. GENIUS!!! Happened to me thrice with several characters and then Blitz just nuked me to death.

Either way- you should have great amounts of damage and attack speed to boot. In this game I shred Garen like nothing, but maybe it's because he doesn't know how to play him right.

Mid Game

After you have farmed aim for the Bloody (Blood-Thirsters) which should be your number one priority and Black Cleaver. The attack damage the Black Cleaver gives you along with the armor reduction is far better than Infinity Edge, in my opinion because you need the basic attack speed to be at least 1.03 or higher. Other-wise you're too slow to keep up your life-steal against Cait and the like.

If your also having trouble with money, like someone stealing/taking your cs like Yi's alpha-strikes get Avarice Blade. The crit and money you gain from it will give you an edge to your lane and will enable you to keep harassing, but sell it later on, its final product isn't worth it.

Late Game

After getting the Blood Thirsters, Black Cleaver, Infinity Edge, and Berserker Boots- Do whatever you want from this point on. It is impossible to finish all 6 slots, because getting
the money required to buy them is ridiculously long. Anyways, if a tank stacks armor and hp what can he do once you get Last Whisper and Frozen Mallet? He can't run, he can't hit as hard as you, and best of all YOU OUTRANGE HIM!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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Skill Sequence

There isn't really a skill sequence for Tristana because its all about point, click, DEAD.


*Jump on/over him (W)
*Launch him back to turret/teammate with ulty (R)
*Mock Ignite (E)
*Buff (Q)
*KILL KILL KILL (Right Click x 999999999+)

[IF 2 v 3/OVERRUN]

*Ulty champ off of ally (R)
*Run (W Right Click or" ")
*Pray to Gawd (?)
*Be immature (Ult+F4)

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Summoner Spells

Support Masteries

Ideal: Ghost is the best choice to use when playing Tristana because of how well you are able to gank and weave in and out through jungles. Your main goal with this is basically hit hard, and run- plain and simple.

Viable: Flash is a little bit different, your jump is a mock flash and it acts the same way. It is fun sometimes to double flash, but it only increases the distance traveled for a short while- IMO (in my opinion) flash is more of a defensive mechanism (mostly) used for running away. You have a jump to escape with, and you have an ulty that can blast a champ away- make an escape route and run.

Aggressive Masteries

Viable: I have used exhaust on Tristana and sure it lets you deal damage and slow down their movment/attack speed (I may be wrong), but against a Voli or a Mundo with, "what the hell," hp regen it does nothing.

Ideal: Ignite is by far the best, if a tank is trying to dive or is just being a bully, have your team focus him with your mock ignite and ignite so it cripples his hp regen and what can he do? IMO this skill works best with Trist because of it's true damage and when you place 2 ignites on a person- it's just as cheap as Zilean's CDR (cool down reduction) skill with his bombs.

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Again, the way I play Trist is to hit hard, and get out. This applies to everything you do, especially when you single out the poor sod who just happened to come across you.

[Being a JERK]

Tristana is all about harassing, when playing the lane game just rely on your e's passive which does a little AoE dmg. It is perfect for farming and after maxing e and your w (Tristana's jump) killing champs could never be easier. It is also wise to single out any squishies- ultying turret divers or singling out a champ is always fun especially when you launch them to your team. It pisses people off and the best part of it is that your basic attacks are ridiculously OP (over-powered).


Tristana is also a daemon in her lane. If your enemy laners are gone ever just for a second, you can down a turret early-mid game by yourself and do it better than anyone else. By the time your damage is past 130+ the game is over (you're considered fed), because back-dooring with ghost and jumping over pursuing champs is a breeze.

Here's why....

Basically Dr. Shen was turret diving Shaco, while I was taking down the turret (full hp) by myself. I believe I was doing 110+ dmg at 1.98 attack speed because of Tristana's insane q ability. Anyways, Ez was busy chasing a champ that was running into the brush, so he didn't really help me taking down the turret, but he did piss Dr. Shen off by ksing him.

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Tristana is by far one of the most fun & specialized champs I have played as of yet. People might say she's useless or not a viable champ, well...YOU'RE WRONG!!! Like Eve, it all depends on how well you play as each champ, just because someone isn't good or doesn't meet your standards don't flame them, HELP THEM!!! It took me a a ridiculous amount of games to figure out how to play Tristana, and instead of getting advice, I get a bunch of ill-written text...

...Anyways, Tristana is built more-so like a canoness with a ridiculous amount of firepower with the capability of attacking 90% faster than usual. With her ridiculous dmg, life-steal, crits, and op range, you should be able to take down fed squishies like nothing and at least frighten off some tanks. Just remember to KNOW when and where to run, and how to make an escape route with your ult- other-wise you need more practice.

Good Luck and Have Fun and Thanks for reviewing this
~Add me if you want Im on almost every night </3

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*I'd like to thank Riot Games Studio for making such a awesome game. None of these builds would've been made if it weren't for them. Love you guys. XD

*I would also like to thank Mobafire for posting all these builds for us to review. Makes things easier to learn and pick up some new tactics and ideas.

*And thank you for reviewing/or commenting this build.

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Isn't it interesting how rapidly the chances of a team ragequiting, afking and flaming have increased over the years.... the community and put them out! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD