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Tristana Build Guide by Berdian

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Berdian

Tristana The Glass Cannon

Berdian Last updated on January 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to "Tristana The Glass Cannon" guide.

Ive been playing Tristana for a while now and found a build that works well
for me. So I thought I would share it with you all.

Ill build this guide upp to be as educational as possible for new(and perhaps old)
Tristana players out there. Putting in vids of the Do's AND the Dont's of Tristana.

Hope you Enjoy.

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Pros / Cons

High Damage output
Nice escape possibiletys
Good range late game
Easy kills
Great farm.

Low mana
High cooldown on skills
Money is king.
Still many bugs on skills

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As for the runes in this build its all about attack speed and life steal.

Allowing maximum damage output while gaining survivability through life steal.

This helps your earlygame play as well as your lategame play.

Being nuked down is one of tristanas lategame problems. Hence the magic resist runes.

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In here masteries its all about damage. As the title say. Glass cannon.

Your playstyle and life steal will be your survivability.

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Items is the best and most important part of Tristana.

Starting with the Dorans blade you have a starting life steal of 12% through
item/runes/masteries allowing you to stay as long as you like in lanes without
having to teleport back.

Berserkers Greaves should always be your second item. It gives the much needed
movment speed as well as attack speed.(leaving you with a total of 51% attack speed)

Infinity edge: I start by buying the BF sword. You can afford it early if you have
done your farming and ganking correctly. This will allow you to farm faster and do
good damage to enemy champions, resulting in you getting Infinity faster.

After inifinity i may some times get a vampiric scepter.(leaving you with lifesteal of 24%)
Just to increase my survivability in lanes.

Phantom dancer: Let the games begin. Teamfights have started and your dps is insane.
You will get alot of kills allowing you to increase your damage output by buying the next

The Blood Thirster: With this item fully charged you can go toe to toe with any single
champion in the game. Comments like "damn your lifesteal", "luck" will be normal to receave.

Last item: This item depends on the items enemy champions have gone. Personaly I love to do
massive amount of damage to tanky champions. So I chose the Last Whisper. If their tank sucks
I will go another Blood Thirster. The reson why i dont go madreds is Lifesteal.
I love me some Lifesteal

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Skill Sequence

Explosive Shot:
Early game harass/ganking tool.
Late game additional damage.
Its all over a sweet farming skill.
(You can use this skill inside turret range as there is a delay to the damage dealing
allowing you to harass while in turret range and then move out before getting shot from
the turreg. Early game its weakness is pushing the lane to fast. Allowing for less
ganking outside of turret range.)

Rocket Jump:
Early game harass/ganking tool.
Mid and lategame ecape tool.
(the rocket jump has many weaknesses id like to call bugs. You can be hit midair.
you can be stunned from mid air back to where you started the jump and it will fail
1 out of 10 times leaving you at the same location you started. But still.... Its an
awsome skill if you calculate for the bugs.)

Rapid Fire:
I dont realy use this skill untill teamfights begin. Thats why I start leveling it so late.
From runes and boots you will have a nice attackspeed for the lvl so I dont feel the need
for it in the beginning.
Lategame however. This skill will put your dps so high its not even funny(or is it?)

Buster Shot:
Mid game ganking/escape tool.
Lategame escape tool.
(This has saved myself and my teamates plenty of times. If chased or in a lane fight
you can pushback your enemies savig yourself and teamates. Its weakness is its initiation.
you may be in range, you may have pressed the button, but this sucker wont fire. Dont know
why but it just stops, and you have to cast/target/click one more time, and hope it

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells i go for:

Together with explosive shot you will do so much damage over time.
Early game gank is impossible to fail.(unless you lanem8 is an utter noob)
Late game its function still serves.

Nice to chase with and nice to run away with.
With rocket jump being one of the longest cooldown normal skills in the game,
A flash will save you more often than you think.

If you like more to use rapid fire early game this will probablt serve you than
ignite. Have tried using it myself, but didnt like the feel to it.

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Team Work

In lane with another teamate:
Allow your teamate to be the one to initiate. With your rocket jump you can reach the enemy
at such distance that you can go from farming to ganking in no time. Personaly I like to be
in lane with another characters with jump/charge skills.
Examples: Pantheon, xin zhao, Master Yi.
If not try to get someone in lane that has a stun.

In teamfights:
Tristanas job is to stay in the back untill someone else initiates the teamfight. From there
Tristanas job is to target the most squishy targets and take them down one by one. Dont ever
jump into a teamfight. However much you are tempted =) if you have to jump, jump to one of the sides(in order to get a better shot at squishys). Personaly I save the jump in order to get
away from enemy team if teamfights go bad.

If you see a teamfight going bad (and only then) use your Buster shot in order to allow your
remaining teammates to get a clean getaway. Then run.

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Through all the game keep farming.

Shes a good farmer from start to end.

Once your teamate initiates an attack, Jump inn, finish the job.
keep farming.

With this build you have so much life steal even early game
your farming prevents you from having to go back to base because of the lifesteal.
This allows you to gain more experience faster.. After a lane fight you just keep farming and you will have half your health back before they can get down to turret again.

Words of Zen:
"Money is King"

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Now we've been through the basics. But that is only half the game.
Skills / speed / Knowlege is needed to make it all work.

I will be updating this guide with Vids of the Do's and the Dont's of
my Tristana build.

Hope you try it out and enjoy being a Glass Cannon

This is my first guide so play nice ;-)