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League of Legends Build Guide Author AspiringNoob

Tristana: WTF build

AspiringNoob Last updated on May 3, 2011
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Heeey~ AspiringNoob here. As my name suggests, I'm not much of a pro (did not have exp in DotA or HoN) and it took me a while to get used to this kind of game. I immediately latched on to a champion I thought might be fun, and Tristana caught my eye. Well, I've stuck with her since, and I have never regretted it (save for the fact i suck at using all the other champions). Even so, I dont consider myself a pro at Tris (I have seen better ones), I still managed to walk away from matches with very sexy scores (in my opinion). Right now you might be a tad bored reading the intro, so lets get to my build, shall we? And please, give this build a fair shot before voting, would ya?

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Pros / Cons

My build has its ups and downs.


    Freakin' high dps late game
    Easy to farm
    Pretty easy to take down most champions, especially 1 on 1

    No boots = kinda hard to run early game
    Not much on-hit effects (save for your life steal)
    Not good survivability (life steal is the only thing keeping you up)
    Relies heavily on strategic placement and teamwork (most of the time)

With all Bloodthirsters in stock, you are actually a pretty tough survivor. Unless someone can kill you in 1-2 hits in 1-2 seconds, you will lifesteal faster than they can damage you. Of course, when in doubt, or if you are somehow dying like ****, feel free to replace one of the Bloodthirsters with a Guardian Angel.

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My runes are pretty straightforward. Desolation to make sure your hits hit hard, especially in early game. Malice, cause my build focuses a lot on crits. Of course, this is what I do, you can play this any way you want, doesnt really matter.

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Tristana is a pretty badass damage dealer, so you want to maximize that. Flood your Offense Tree with points, but, again, do it your way. Shove the remaining points in utility, theyll come in handy later. Moving on.

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Now, I'm pretty sure some of you are gawking at my item build, thinking "WTF IS THIS GUY DOING?!" That's the reason the build is named so. I'm going against a lot of basic rules here (i think) and most people would laugh at my build. But please. Hear me out.

First things first, the starter item. I've seen many people play Tris starting with different items. Vampiric Scepter is more common than most, like Doran's Blade or even Boots of Speed. To me, you guys can build the starting however you wish, as long as you get results. The reason I like Doran's Blade is because it gives me a better survivability rate than most, along with a small damage boost.

After much trial and error, I figured that the best way (for me) is to save my money for a B.F. Sword. Some of you might now be going "Shouldn't you get boots first?" I'll get to that later. Tristana is pretty useless without items (take my word for it) and efficient farming is a must. Your B.F. Sword will make it so easy, even I can do it (I kinda suck at last hitting). You'll be droppin minions, raking in the gold, and maybe kill a champion or two. Who knows.

"What about the boots now?" you whine. Thanks, but no thanks. I'll save my money up for the Infinity Edge, if you dont mind. My damage is now pretty good by now, and hey, 250% crit dmg? What's not to like?

Once I get my money, i spend it on a Zeal, which I'll turn into a Phantom Dancer when I get the money. "Your feet are still bare!" you protest. Well, I'm gonna play through the whole match barefoot then. The Phantom Dancer IS my boots. It gives me my movement speed (not a whole lot, but enough) pumps up my crit rate and atk speed to boot. Remember my Infinity Edge? These two make a perfect couple.

Whoops, make it a threesome. The next item in my shopping list is, yes, ANOTHER Phantom Dancer. Some people should be screaming by now, "ANOTHER ONE?! You already have you Rapid Fire for atk speed!" The nice thing about Phantom Dancers are the fact they give the highest atk speed and crit chance among other items. Coupled with my Rapid Fire, my atk speed reaches about 2.1 hits per sec. My crit chance is now about 80% (this is just a guess, they dont really explain how crit percentages stack...) so Im doing crits more often that normal hits. Plus the 250% crit dmg, it's like having a .50 cal machinegun pointed at them.

So, that's my core, and now you want to know what I'm going to buy to finish off my item build. "Maybe a Frozen Mallet for survivability and slows," you reason, "Or maybe a Black Cleaver for more armor pen. Even a Banshee's Veil to take care of em mages." This part, again, is really up to you, but my winning combo is 3 Bloodthirsters. Now, now, calm down. 1 Bloodthirster, maybe 2, thats enough, but 3??? "What about other more useful on-hit attacks, or something to take care of your squishiness?" I say, Bloodthirsters give you a 60 physical dmg boost, which equals to 150 dmg with the Phantom Dancers. The physical dmg and life steal stacks are just a side bonus for me. Lets do the math. With rapid fire on, and assuming the enemy has no armor whatsoever, I'll deal about 1275 dmg PER SECOND (Assuming the math I'm doing is right. I've seen up to 1k dmg per hit on minions, so...). The math didn't include the physical damage stack of the Bloodthirsters, so you can imagine how much you are capapble of dishing out. "What about armored opponents?" What of them? Your damage would scare off even the tankiest of opponents now.

So lets get some questions answered. No on-hit effects? The only on-hit effect I care about is raw damage. No health, armor, magic res, etc? Well, if you're a decent player, you'll try not to get hit as much as possible. The Rocket Jump and Buster Shot combo should get you out of trouble. Besides, it's all about being at the right place, at the right time. Don't go rushing in the front, learn to stay behind your mates, and look out for escape routes. These should keep you alive better than any item can.

Normally I don't get as far as 2 Bloodthirsters, let alone 3, but i managed to in one match. What shocked me was the fact I stacked on so much life steal it was more beneficial for me to turn on Rapid Fire and make like a turret. I managed to destroy a gank of 3 ppl that way (Eyze, Fiddlesticks and Kennen) just like that. And whenever I needed to recupirate, I just wandered over to the nearest creep wave and voila, Im back in action.

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Skill Sequence

Now we move on to the skill sequence. I go with Explosive Shot first, then Rocket Jump just in case i need a quick retreat, then Rapid Fire. After that, i raise my Explosive Shot to level 3, and leave it to concentrate on Rapid Fire. Yeah, it sounds a bit uneven, but to me, the passive ability of Explosive Shot at level 3 is strong enough. Usually by then, I can hit the towers a few times, so thats where Rapid Fire comes in. Once Rapid Fire is maxed out, I max out Rocket Jump, so the cooldown's lower. (Remember, the range of Rocket Jump is the same no matter what level it is.) The rest of it, waste in on your Explosive Shot. Of course, remember to up your Buster Shot whenever possible.

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Summoner Spells

Well, now it comes down to the Summoner Spells. My fave combo is Ignite and Exhaust. The reason I do this is because I play aggressively in early game. I usually try to score a few kills for the gold, and these babies are the ones that make it happen.

Normally, I'd wait til i have my Rocket Jump, then I'll go flying towards my opponent. Knock him with the Explosive Shot and Exhaust him at the same time. The beautiful thing about Exhaust is, its a very versatile item. Enemy chasing you? It slows em down. Enemy out-damaging you? Lowers their atk and magic dmg. Enemy runnin away? Not so fast, buster. Now that he's Exhausted, I should be damaging him a lot more compared to me, plus my Explosive Shot drains his health slowly. I usually have Rapid Fire on if i have it, so by now he might see that he's in a tight spot. Explosive Shot stops him from healing effectively, and Exhaust makes it very difficult to run away. But if the Explosive Shot wears off, or he's getting away, I hit him with the Ignite and wait for the delayed "AN ENEMY HAS BEEN SLAIN" announcement. Of course, life isnt perfect, and I've seen people get away from that combo, but at least it'll make them think twice about messing with you, leaving you to mop up the lane.

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Personally, I prefer to start with mid, as you dont have to compete with your allies for gold and exp. Besides, Tris is a capable 1 on 1 char (in other words, lacks a good AoE, cant target multiple enemies). I normally play offensive at the beginning, chipping away at my opponents health until Im ready to kill. A good match would see about 2-3 kills before midgame. Once you've asserted your dominance over the lane, you should have no problem farming and tower pushing. Of course, there are some cases where i play defensive (mainly against certain mages and tanks), but with your infamous Rocket Jump Buster Shot combo will send enemies flying into your turret, making them think twice about pushing too close.

By midgame you should be extra careful. You might deal more damage now, but not enough to scare away your attackers. Around this time I try to stick with a teammate or help in ganks. I save my Rocket Jump for emergencies only, as ganks would start popping out more frequently, and Tris is too squishy to survive one. Hug your towers if theyre getting offensive, push their towers if your team has the advantage.

Once you get your core, you can run a little faster now, and you should be critting like nuts. Enemies will be wary around you by now, knowing how much damage you can dish out in such little time. But since you're a squishy, they'd take you for a prime target for a gank. Watch your back.

Late game is when you start to shine. Even before your 1st Bloodthirster, enemies should be dropping like flies, and the Bloodthirster should give you another huge damage boost. Even though you seem pretty invincible by now, you're still a squishy. Your job is just to lower their health bit by bit with your incredible range, and jump in to save the day when a team fight is initiated. Wait for a tank or any other allied hero to get the full force of their assault and go in to mop up. Use your range to stay out of AoE spells, and be sure all their stun/snare skills are used up. If you are caught, you'd most probably wind up dead. Even so, you can still hold on your own when the time comes. If they have around half their health left, you can usually take 2 or 3 of them at a time. Again, it's always good to have them concentrate on something. The longer theyre attacking something that isnt you, the more you get to put holes in them without risking yourself. I've killed champions in a span of 3 seconds, just about enough to charge towards me and turn back in an attempt to escape my barrage. 1 on 1 should also be no problem at this stage, although you'd most probably wind up with half your health, which in turn is compensated by your Bloodthirsters.

Once you get your full build, the enemies would most probably have theirs too. Remember, you are very squishy, and lifesteal is your only lifesaver. That means it's better to stand and fight rather than run, you'll actually survive longer that way. Target the least armored opponents to maximize your lifesteal efficiency.

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Aaaaand that's about it. This is my 1st, and probably last build I'll be doing since I only use Tristana (for now, at least). Please give me some feedback, I'm still pretty noob and I'd like to hear what people think about my build. That means you gotta try it 1st. XD

Good luck in your next game~!

P.S. My in-game name is CreepFodder. Still pretty noob, but hey, im always up for a match.
P.P.S. I play using Garena, not the European one, so boo...