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Tristana Build Guide by Ludvigy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ludvigy

Tristana-You got a rocket in your head

Ludvigy Last updated on August 25, 2012
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This is my guide about how i play Tristana and why i think you should try it.

First of i think Tristana is a good character who have alot of lategame power with the best passive range her range can only be outmatched by Kog Maw`s W. She has extremly high dmg but must be played careful cause its easy too feed with the champion.

Tristana is the strongest ad carry in the game right now being the balance between kog maw and vayne she deals amssive damage at huge range.

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Summoner Spells

Flash: I recommend flash because of that it is extremly op and if combined with your Rocket jump you will get great escape and mobility.

Ignite: Ignite is an amazing spell reducing healing and regneration on the target you use ignite on it will ensure you some early kills and make it easier for your team to defeat high lifestealing champions like Sion( Im pretty sure that ignite reduces life steal please comment if that isnt correct.

Ghost: Ghost is also a great spell for Tristana but i dont prefer it and recommend it as much as flash any more it gives you a good chase or escape and overall its an amazing choice but i recommend that you choose between ghost and flash becuase picking both of them isnt really that well suited for you in my eyes.

Exhaust: Exhaust is amazing for Tristana it really helps alot by slowing and decreasing Attack speed and Movement speed. It is an amazing summoner spell if u wanna pick it a recommend it to be used together with ghost because that used to be my main summoner spells for her.

Surge: Havent tryed it but i dont plan trying it because the ap is not that usefull though the Attack speed is really good. I wouldnt recommend it but havent tryed it so feel free to try it out with her.

Clairvoyance: I totaly recommend it... if you are trolling! Otherwise i see it useless for anyone that isnt playing tank or support.

Clarity and Heal: Clarity is a spell that dont really stack up with the playsyle of an carry like tristana. Heal is though an amazing choice and i recommend following my second build if you are playing a ranked game.Heal is amazing for you and will often give you advantage at lane.

Promote: This guide isnt for Dominion Tristana.

Teleport: I just cant call it useless but it doesnt fit a Ranged ad carry i think if you are solo toping it shouldnt be totaly useless. I love this spell for Irelia cant deny it.

Promote: Promote is a pusher spell and you arent that much of a pusher but if you wanna push the enemy tower on your lane early on then try it out. Doesnt recommend it.

Cleanse: Its good if you know the enemy team have lots of stuns and slows but otherwise it dosent really do enough for you be very careful about picking this spell because it will make it harder for you to get kills early on than if you would have picken Ignite or Exhaust. I wouldnt call it useless for you but dont use it if youre not cracyly scared of crowd control effects or know that then enemy have lots of them.

Revive: Revive is just amazing for trolling really if you are gonna troll pick Revive and Clairvoyance but really dont pick Revive it just isnt athat good of a spell.

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Pros / Cons

Pros Cons +Amazing damage -Squishy +Can change -Easily focused everything +Funny to play +Have a Bazooka

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Greater mark of Resolation: Armor penetration is essential for a Ranged ad carry ad they are better than AD runes in the long race in my opinion. Really amazing.

Greater seal of Resilience: They are somewhat good in getting you a bit more durable which i think is pretty good becuase you cant deal damage when youre dead and if you have no resistances you die easily though youre life steal should make you almost unkillable lategame.

Greater glyph of Shielding: They are kinda just like the seal choice they are for defense.

Greater quintessence of Desolation: They give armor penetration just like the marks and the choice have the same motive.

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Why not to get 2 Phantom dancers

I dont buy two Phantom dancers becuase i think you reach enough attacks speed with Phantom Dancer and Berserkers greaves and Q. I wouldnt call it a useless choice to pick two phantom dancers but i just see it more usefull with ad. I think you get enough attack speed with Rapid Fire, PHantom Dancer and Berserkers Greaves.

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How to farm with Tristana

It can be pretty hard to farm with Tristana if you are not used too it you should let your minions oush down the enemy minions too so low health so youre pretty much guaranted too get the last hit(look at your ad early on so you can do a more exact plan on how you can last hit threw the early game. Later on Tristana is easy too farm with and with my build you will one hit many minions.(Super minions not included)( Not sure if you can one hit the siege minions i think you can do it at some points of the game).

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Why you need too farm and how to get kills early on

I see Tristana as a pretty carry early on compared to pther ranged ad carrys (Ashe, Caitlyn). In the early game. If you farm well you will b amazing Mid/Late game. Tristana should always carry the team. Tristana is also a pretty good champ at lvl 6 because of that her Ultimate deals alot of Damage so when you hit lvl 6 you should either ask the jungler too gank (On Summoners Rift). Or if you lane with a agressive champ like Talon or Gangplank you can try too pick up kills on the lane yourself (Though it will still be better if the Jungler ganks.

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Laning combinations

Leona: Leona have alot of CC(crowd control) which gives a possability of aggresive laning but you should be defensive and try to farm alot cause its not worth it to go aggresive against the enemies if you cant win the exchange or get kills.

Alistar: Alistar is a bit less aggresive then Leona Alistar can keep you in lane for a long time. And he also has alot of CC which enables you to escape easier. Alistar is good at helping you with towerdiving.

I will only bring up these two supports for now.
Remember that you should always let your jungler gank so you have a bigger chance at getting kills. If you want your jungler to gank then you should try not to push the lane too much.

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Item choices

Some obvious items for and AD carry is Bloodthirster,Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer, Last Whisper, Guardian Angel, Berskerkers Greaves, The Black Cleaver, Quicksilver Sash.

Some items that might not be as often purchased fro an ad carry but is stilla good choice is: Merceury Treads helps you against those annoying cc and also gives you a bit mr against mages.
You can also hav good use of Trinity Force, Madreds bloodrazor if the enemies are stacking lots of hp. You can also have deasent use of Wrigles early game andit helps your team getting Dragons and Barons easier. There are many other items but of course many items are situational.

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Skill Sequence

When i play Tristana i begin the fight with Q(Rapid Fire). If they try too run i use W(Rocket Jump) Sometimes ghost too. I dont use my R(Buster Shot) very much late game because of that my normal attacks deals more damage. My E(Explosive Shot) is also like my Ultimate mostly for early game or using it as ignite too finish off the enemy champion

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Ty for reading this guide

I made this guide just too show how i play Tristana and too show why i think you should play her like i do. Pls comment qustions and i will try too answer them please rate this guide.
Please leave ideas on how i can improve my guide and i would love some feedback.Please also be critical against the build but be critical against the parts that i should change.

If you want to play with me i play on EU west under the name Lylyly.

Ty everyone for reading this guide.