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Karthus Build Guide by full brain

Trollin' With Karthus

Trollin' With Karthus

Updated on November 25, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author full brain Build Guide By full brain 6,718 Views 2 Comments
6,718 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author full brain Karthus Build Guide By full brain Updated on November 25, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Clarity


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport



Welcome to the super ultra great delicious wonderful world of trollin'.

There is nothing more fun than infuriating other players. Repeatedly use your "newbie ultimate" Requiem and sacrifice yourself to end a push while taunting your opponents with send all.

Don't forget that you can troll your teammates as well. Kill stealing is fun and easy with Requiem and in the world of LOL getting yourself fed is the most important thing.
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This is a build to troll the other team. The main objectives are to reduce the cooldown for requiem and to make it near impossible for someone on the other team to survive your attack on a suicide mission. The thornmail proc, lay waste, and defile all give you health back with spellvamp and when combined with the increased armor you stay alive long enough to wrap melee champions in your cocoon of horror. Dying doesn't matter if you can feed yourself even more in the process. Use suicide attacks and requiem to rake in the gold and infuriate your opponents.

Why yes; yes I am.

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You can go various ways with this build. I think getting mana over 5 is nice for when you don't die but can be switched out for mana, ability power, cooldown reduction, or magic penetration as those would benefit you in trolling more. Magic penetration is a must because you don't buy any gear for it and cooldown reduction makes sense because requiem is the most important weapon in your quest for rage.
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Pros / Cons

You will die a lot doing this but what use is Karthus' passive if you aren't dying. You should be getting fed way more than anyone you are feeding anyways.

This build can work well for Dominion as well because Requiem breaks caps.

This is an excellent build for when lane discipline breaks down. I like to use Requiem and then teleport to where a push is happening against you and suicide bomb the opposing team. At 18 you should be fed enough to kill two people at once and destroy a push with this strategy.

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The first three items (Will of The Ancients, Morello's Evil Tome, and Glacial Shroud) are purchased primarily to keep you alive longer in a fight and pick up cooldown reduction for Requiem. The next three items (Rabadon's Deathcap, Thornmail, and Abyssal Scepter) are primarily about boosting damage and increasing your effectiveness as a troll. You can switch the purchase order of them as you like but I think this one in most situations is the best.
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How to Find Lost Cats

In all likelihood, the owner of indoor-outdoor cats will eventually face the sorrow of having a cat turn up missing. Even indoor-only cats may slip out the door unexpectedly. However, the chances are (for good or bad) that your cat did not run away. Cats are very territorial (even the neutered ones) and will defend their territory at all costs, and if driven out by another alpha cat who is bigger and meaner, will seek safety indoors (if allowed that option) before running off. The truth is that the chances are more likely that a cat has been unwillingly removed from the area, injured, or killed.

In order to find your cat, you need to consider the possible reasons for his absence, many of them distressful. However, this is the time to set aside emotions and to rationally evaluate the possibilities, with an appropriate action for each. Here are several possible scenarios, to get you started:

By Human Intervention

Picked up by Animal Control
Picked up by another cat lover who thinks your cat is "lost"
"Rescued" by someone who thinks your cat is "abandoned," "neglected," or "stray"
Abducted for gain by professional "cat nappers"
Abducted by others for sick purposes (dog-baiting, ritual sacrifice)
Trapped and "disposed of" by a cat-hating neighbor
Accidental "abduction" (Cat hides in vehicle; is driven out of area)

Injured or Killed

By auto accident
By a dog or another cat
By wild animals (coyote, skunk, or raccoon)

With these thoughts in mind, you can plan your strategy for recovering your cat if he is still alive, or to bring closure if it is discovered he isn't. Time is of the essence, and you may need to perform all of the following actions:

Check Your own Yard First
Indoor cats who slip out will usually stay in their own yards, or hide under decks, foundations, and shrubbery.
Use a Baby Monitor on Your Porch
Leave a bowl of food on your porch, and aim an electronic baby monitor at it. One reader recently recovered her missing cat after three days when she heard mewing coming from the baby monitor at 3 a.m.
Create Flyers with a Photo of the Cat
Offer a reward (more about this later), and distribute the flyers door-to-door in at least a three-block radius, also post in store windows and on telephone poles.
Alert your Animal Control Officer
Give him/her a flyer and ask that s/he be on the lookout for your cat, dead or alive.
Call Local Veterinarians
It is possible a "guardian angel" brought your cat in with injuries; ask the vets if you can post a flyer in their clinics
Visit your Local Animal Shelter
Leave a flyer and ask if a cat meeting the description has been brought in, alive or dead
Enlist Neighborhood Children
Visit your local school and ask that children keep their eyes (and ears) open for information about your cat; hand out flyers. Ask for permission from school authorities before talking directly to children.
Most local newspapers and shopping guides will allow free "lost & found" ads. Also Check the newspaper listing for "found cats"
Post to Local Lost/Found Internet Pages
Some communities sponsor web sites specifically designed for lost/missing pets.
Check with Local Rescue Organizations
Ask for permission to visit foster homes that may have recently taken in a cat meeting the description.
Hire a Pet Detective
Preferably one with tracking dogs and other technology designed for that purpose.

The Importance of Identification
It is important to emphasize that with proper identification, your cat may be returned to you without having to go through all this stress. If your cat wears a collar and tags, most people will return him to you if they think he is lost. With micro-chipping and/or ear tattooing, many veterinarians and animal shelters will be able to notify you, even if the collar/tags were removed. Professional thieves will avoid cats with ear tattoos; they know that laboratories will not accept owned cats, and more nefarious "end users" will probably also avoid them.

Use Caution in Offering Rewards
Heart-rending stories have been told about cruel extortionists who extracted large cash rewards from grieving pet owners, under the premise of having "found" their pets. If you advertise with an award, be sure to leave out one or two pertinent identifying details of your cat (one black whisker, one white toe, etc.) Don't leave yourself open for false hopes, and by all means, don't wire reward money until you see your cat.

Become Involved and Involve Your Neighbors
Most important of all, take steps to prevent cats from becoming lost in the first place. There most likely are other outdoors cats in your neighborhood, especially if you live in the suburbs.

Contact their owners and tell them of your concerns.
Organize a "cat neighboorhood watch."
Stress the importance of identification for their cats.
Be on the lookout for strangers in the neighborhood, and if you see someone picking up a cat, get the license number and description of the vehicle. Call the owner, if you recognize the cat.
Become familiar with the laws in your community with regard to pets. Many cities have laws that state all found pets must be turned into the local shelter. Unfortunately, many people do not realize this, or disregard the law.
Write letters to your newspaper. Point out the Golden Rule with regard to "finding" someone else's pet.

Indoors is Safest
Although indoors cats do occasionally slip out, they rarely go far, and can usually be lured back in easily before meeting harm. It goes without saying that an inside cat is a safer cat .

Here's hoping that you never have to go through the worry and turmoil of a missing cat, but if you do, that these tips will help in a successful recovery. Remember, it's every bit as frightening for our wayward cats as it is for us.
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Trolls be Trollin

If you weren't a troll you wouldn't have gotten Karthus in the first place.
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Trollin' With Karthus

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