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Cassiopeia Build Guide by Crwnprinceherpes

Trowin' Snekes White Boey

Trowin' Snekes White Boey

Updated on November 1, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crwnprinceherpes Build Guide By Crwnprinceherpes 2,614 Views 1 Comments
2,614 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Crwnprinceherpes Cassiopeia Build Guide By Crwnprinceherpes Updated on November 1, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust



Yes it may seem wierd but she has a lot of potential to autoattack with her movement speed increase from her Q and her slow, and that godlike ult.
In fact, she autoattacks in between her spells. So with the correct attack speed, you will be tweaking out with moderately powerful attacks AND very strong spells
Any good cass would be spamming spells, so why not get the attack speed to spam autoattacks that help buff those spells you are spamming? If you read this, the logic that it is good is pretty simple. But when you get in game with this, If you can hit your abilities with any amount of skill, the damage that you put out will exceed anything you thought possible.
It is basically an alternative to building tanky AP cass.

I knew i could do damage with my rylais and ROA rush, but as other guides mention, it is damage over time, and you might end up chasing to your death, or leaving a kill that your malady would make poisons take down fo sho.

This build is the alternative to that because you kill people so goddam fast, and if they make a mistake, you can BURST them, instead of the typical somewhat large burst but undesirable dependence on running away as your enemies die from your DOTs that you get with straight AP cass
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These masteries are what i believe work very well for hybrid DPS/AP characters, as the spell penetration is extremely important for getting a large part of the damage that comes from your basic attacks with the given items to penetrate resistances enemies have.
This build even melts through tanks, and you are going to be squishy so it is imperative that you get your kills ASAP. Armor penetration is also here along with crit chance and attack speed, becuase they will come in handy with doing extra ridiculous damage that people do not expect in the laning phase.
Most enemies will not expect you to be autoattacking them at low level with your dorans ring, so they try to shrug it off before they realize you have the attack speed, attack damage, and armor penetration masteries, and have taken a large chunk of their health. No mana required.
You will be using the point in cripple because this build is amazing for 1v1ing anyone, as cassiopeia usually is, and maybe even going 1v2 against enemies, exhausting one of them, becuase you become a whirlwind of death with your spammy spells and extremely high attack speed.

Ability power is what cass is probably intentionally designed for, so snag it whenever you can, as it will go great with your LICH BANE.

The points in utility are meant to make you a killing machine. Good hands makes you come back and possibly catch enemies in your base off guard, as you will spawn faster. Most likely everyone will be afraid of you, and remember you are a snake lady, that is a crazy estrogen- and- snake- hormone rush gone bad. So prey on everyone and everything, but remember that estrogen is the chemical that makes you want to do devilish things that are just completely uncouth, but it also makes you have a Vag.
So dont charge in to battle headlong, find stragglers or people out of position and strike while they are doing a double take because you are kind of sexy but have scales and a tail.
You will want the extra experience gain mastery so that you can be above level of everyone else, as her abilities increase tremendously with each level. (As well as her runes, which will be explained later).

The utility mastery is really the whole point of scaling in this tree, as you will ALWAYS want to either procure or steal blue buffs from somewhere
(even allies--except swain and anivia...they are really the only teammate i would advise against taking blue from, its just broken on them.)

Do this to get that cornerstone ult back up faster and your spells even more spammy. AS well as mana regen that you lack completely.
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This is what I build for basically every champ any, buuuut--
armor pen or magic pen marks and quints, then mana regen, then CDR per level because you cant beat the scale of those celerity as your damage has a combro setup, you will really only be spamming past level 4 or so as at level one you are raelly useless with no combro.

I could only imagine that you are using Q multiple times at level 1 for a short time. It is better to save you mana til higher levels, when you are gonna be loving always having a skill up.
Not to mention at those levels (3,4,5) during prolonged engagement with your passive, you will deal fat damage at super low cost, then rechaarge mana fairly quickly. Sadly this build has a very low mana pool, so usually when you run out you know you have been spamming spells, and hey its time to go back and buy a nice item because you just killed someone from a ~.5 second rotation of amazing damage that costs less and less mana. You want CDR for spamming and magic pen for killing everyone, tanks and baron included.
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Start out with a dorans ring because you will be keeping it for the mana regen, health, and AP until you need to sell it for the slot for your last item.

Buy your boots ASAP as you are really just an AP cassiopeia until you get the pickaxe for guinsoos (which you should buy AFTER the blasting wand).

Commence building guinsoos, it is a pretty cheap item so try to farm/get kills ( will be easy with even the slight AP from dorans ring but also all the MPen from your runes+boots--not to mention cass wth level 2 boots is an amazing killer, as you can keep up with people to spam your amazing damage/outrun them and ensure the kill with the speed from your noxious blast) until you can return to base and either finish guinsoos from the blasting wand or just buy the blasting wand, then continue farming people/minions even harder until you complete the guinsoos.

Now once you have guinsoos, make sure not to just poke and waste your vital mana, but chain you abilities, as they are sooooo spammable, mixed with autoattacks the guinsoos stacks willl be sure to help you even devastate AD carries 1v1 (provided you use your ult at the perfect time...near the end of the duel when you have full guinsoos stacks.) Now you have made ppl say WTF and probably have enough money for sheen and hopefully another blasting wand. Once you get those, your burst damage will not just be insane, it will basically mean that you kill whoever you are targeting from repeated sheen procs and guinsoos stacks, or in terms of teamfights, when you hit as many people as possible with noxious blast and get you miasma in the right place(directly under them after you have used your ulti--after noxious blasting and attack a few times for stacks that is), everyone will be melting at a ridiculous rate from dat sheen, especially the person you are autoattacking and twing fanging. Now that you got a double kill or a ton of assists, finish your lichbane or kill a minion wave instantly with your ridculous damage to finish your 'bane.

I find the best way to get malady is just to go around farming minions until you get it because it is so cheap. You can also get this item at any stage of your game that you want, but i prefer it here because you are really making sure to autoattack now that you have lichbane.
Malady is a great item that takes your attack speed to the next level and gives you some AP, but it really destroys with its passive magic shred. No one can handle the damage you dish out, but they cant get away either huehuehue.
Now to kill a ton of poeple easily, land a blast, get your movespeed on, attack a taget, get your malady on them, then go to frickin town with your abilities, twin fang the hell out of them, and autoattack at disturbing speeds. See even the enemy tank drop before he can say that is the craziest build I have ever seen on cassiopeia.

After this, buy a Recurve Bow, so you are throwing snakes at people even faster.

Here comes a pretty large stall in purchasing, but honestly for the amount of gold you have spent if you have about the same or even a little less farm and kills than other champions you will do so much more damage than them.
Continue dominating until you save up this big chunk of cash to turn the recurve bow into a Madreds bloodrazor, Which goes amazing with malady and your tendency to kill anyone in sight, so tanks will melt even faster and those pesky tanky DPS who can live through taking your ult and hella abilities to the dome will still get melted like it aint nothin. This item also adds some nice armor, helping round out/synergize with your magic resistance from lichbane.
ONCE YOU HAVE THIS, BARON INSTA because you will have a ton of attack speed, and some hefty AP, and will take that sucka down in no time.

Then after that you can buy either a Rylais if people are somehow getting away from you (almost impossible already), or you are just getting targeted because your having a bad day and need some extra health/slow for escapings.


RABADONS so that you are chronically fking people up. Rabadons is probably the better choice as it adds 30% to all your AP, which helps your lichbane rape, as well as your ult and abilities and such which scale with AP. True story.
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Skill Sequence

To be honest, it really doesn't matter what you get as long as you are not levleing miasma as top priority.

It is good to keep twin fang approximately even with noxious blast unless you feel you need ridiculous burst or people are standing in your poison a lot, and you can just spam away with twin fang too much. In this case, level twin fang quickly because you know you will be getting a lot of uses of it. Otherwise, keep them leveled evenly.

But all in all, usually you shouldn't outpace leveling one with the other, keep them even so you have great burst damage- the skills have about the same damage, so you are spamming basically the same amount of high damage. Which destorys people. You need a skill in miasma, and can do this at either level 3 or 5, so you can slow them and its great if they have to go across the whole thing because get off a ton of twin fangs on them.

Let it beknownst that from one noxious blast, two twin fangs are in order, so dont be scared that you will be a noob and make GG happen by letting the poison run out and your twin fang CD getting extended
This could possibly mean that you just level Twin Fang extremely fast so you get two double procs of a devastating spell, but the utility benefit of leveling Noxious ***'s speed and Miasmuh's slow will surely mean you land just as many, if not more, Twin ***s
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Summoner Spells

Flash. I dont even have to say more because it has the most utility of any summoner in the game. get it.
Exhaust is pretty much essential becuase it can not only slow someone so you can start off your combo when they are at full helath, and its hella easy to catch up, but also for when you have to 1v1 a crit champ or something of the like (maybe even 2v1 some peoeple--but you are squishy remember this). Definitely always used to get first blood.
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Team Work

You probably will do the most damage on your team. Guinsoos has one of the highest APs in the game, and you will be spamming spells, which means your lichbane will be proccing a lot and you will be attacking a ton with the attack speed from guinsoos.

So people may at first think your build ******ed, but they will most likely realize that you are a hoss and try to target you. MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT RAMBOING UNLESS YOU KNOW THAT YOU CAN.

wait for the tank or something else to initiate, which could even be your ultimate.

Do not just go into their un-CC'ed team and spam blast and twin fang, kite them with the speed boost of blast if necessary, or slow them with miasma to get a ton of twin fangs off and charge your guinsoos, THEN go in and if you start to get at a disadvanage, USE TAHT ULT. But the main point here is to be patient and scope the battle field, becuase literally you are a whilrwind of death.

You dont even necessarily have to focus one person thought it is advised, you can be twin fanging someone in your miasma on one side of the fight and noxious blasting someone on the other side of the fight then twin fanging them simultaneously.

SO watch the battlefield because you are very versatile. Wait for the perfect moment to turn the tides with your ult, when they are all facing you. It is harder than you think to do this though, as people know your ult and will try to turn away, so your best option is to hide or spam from a distance and let them get some health taken off for a little while, then go in. Its not like you are stealing kills, as you will most likely be saving some of your allies, but you have massive AOE, are a great chaser, and can just execute the hell out of 3-5 people in a row. If you go unfocused, your DPs is godlike. So dont get focused.

One example of this is me playing against a nocturne who was crit glass cannon and he would always ult then target me. So i stayed in a bush near the fight until he ulted and went in, then i popped out, froze 3 of them with my ult, killed two, then began chasing the stragglers, leading to an ace and a couple of towers. That is what you should be doing. They thoght they were winning with the noct ult and such, but your ult is such a tide-turner that it needs to be used at the tirght time to turn the tides, which is probably not at the beginning of the fight.
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Unique Skills

Noxious blast--Try to predict where the person is going. I almost never use it directly under the person. They will most likely run backwards, so when they are standing still, put it behind them. This will also make you move towards them and They will be inside your range to use it again, as you placed it behind them.
Try to hit it inside your miasma if champions are in the miasma for amazing damage.
Miasma--Much the same as her Q, you should place it where people are going, or if they are coming around a corner, put it on the corner so they have to go all the way around it or get some snakes to the face.
Lay this down on minion waves then spam your Q inside of it. $.$.
In teamfights, or when you use your ult, get miasma under as many people as possible.
Twin Fang--Wait until your enemy is poisoned, then spam this spell, it has a half second cooldown when used in that way. Great for your guinsoos, and in teamfights, you will just be rocking people with this over and over.
Petrifying Gaze--What really makes this build work. Without it, I dont know if you would be able to survive many encounters. If you are fighting any amount of people, wait until you begin to lose advantage, then use this as they will certainly be facing you to get the kill, then you can spam all of your abilities and even if you are alone and outnumbered you will get at least one kill if used correctly. Remember it is what makes you valuable in teamfights, and enemies know, so dont use it when they are suspecting. Make sure to try to use either terrain to get their whole team in one channel, facing you, or place your miasma on one side and use you Blast on the other to make a sort of funnel for your enemies, then use it. This is risky because you cant miasma on everyone after you ult, but you should still be able to Q-E someoen to death.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crwnprinceherpes
Crwnprinceherpes Cassiopeia Guide
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Trowin' Snekes White Boey

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