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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KCiesco

True Carry for TF - not so squishy

KCiesco Last updated on February 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, this is my first guide.

I'm building this as my first guide, I want to say that TF is my second preffered champion in LoL. As first Shaco, but Shaco is way too nerfed, i agree he was too OP, but whatever. I do play League of Legends since March from 2009. I always wanted to play TF correctly. But I always ended up feeding with him as I didn't know how to play ranged champions. Now I've learned to play but, still TF is hard to play, again, because hes too squishy and pleople always focus him.
I tried to do him AP, I've scored a quadra in a single Q skill use, but DPS is way better in team fights.

I'm KCiesco. :)

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I prefer to use Crit damage than armor pen. Because it can make much stronger mid late game. As you will get phantom dancer and u have your 3���° skill and AS is a good way to deal damage early game. So do damage is second option.

And the glyphs, you can change it for CR or MR but as you are ranged and his 3���° skill gives him a great CR bonus. I think AS is a good option.

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Item order

Dagger? no dorans? no lifesteal or hp? YEAH.
AS with your E skill can alredy give you a great damage bonus early game, and TF is an item addicted. So you will get early AS for farming, you will also get a good bonus with your passive. Getting Vampiric scepter after boots is an option when u are being pushed back because of opposite team harrasers. Then just build a Phantom dancer for more crits and AS, runes will give damage here, and also movement speed which is a very good option as TF is squishy as hell and slow as hell.

BloodThirster after that, now you will be getting damage for your crits. Why not inf. edge, because it will be expensive and you will need lifesteal for lane push without having to go back to recover so much. You will notice that you will be focused most of the time.

Now starts the TRUE CARRY. Now you have a nice damage output nice AS you will need survability most of people would build an Banshes or will just make an inf. edge. But inf. is not the way yet. Build Warmogs for a huge boost of HP, continue to farm, than close the Atmas Impaler for more damage, survability and crit chance. By now you may have 270 damage, about 3k of HP, 136 armor, 36 MR, 25% lifesteal and 50% crit chance. Now you will notice that you can deal a good crit and will have a great survability.

Now you chose whatever you like if game is still not over. If they have many disablers like Sion, Ashe, Shen... or many caster... try doing Banshes it giver you more HP (more damage anyway), MR (survability), and also 1 skill free. OR if you are a "blood in the eyes" build an Inf. EDGE. But theres always an third option, like Madreds, if they have a Mundo or Mordekaiser or Rammus.

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Summoner spells

Flash - is the most OP summoner spell, they nerfed it from 240 secs to 255 secs. but its np. You can use it to reach the enemy or running, passing through the wall for a good scape.

Ghost - It's a combo with flash for running or chasing (dont chase too much its an TF rule).

Cleanse - It's a very good option too, as it gives survability, but I do prefer flash than it.

Ignite - If you're "blood in the eyes" you will always use this, is a good counter against mundo or Warwick, but i don't recommend cuz you are squishy and ranged, as ranged you will be back for not getting killed, so you will often not reach the desired opponent.

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Well the runes and item order will explain why do I focus more on E skill than W skill, you wont need Q skill as you're DPS. I only use Q skill for getting assists or killing too far 1HP running opponents.

But you CAN take W skill first for stun and get FB, but I do get E skill for AS, farming, and you can harass with the 4���° atack. As you're squishy dont mind going in getting fights at the lane, just farm and harass, and of course stay back.

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Sorry for the bad english but I'm Brazilian.

I also want to tell you who does have prejudice against Brazilians. We can be good players too, I've seen many people from USA telling that we're are all bad players, but I have to tell ya, USA people are often bad too. It's easier to find an brazilian playing batter than a USA person.

But we both have very good players, as you have the "HotshotGG" hes a good player, but he does **** sometimes, i've seen he doing AP trynd once lol.

Thanks for reading leave your comment below.