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Nocturne Build Guide by D10G0

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League of Legends Build Guide Author D10G0

True Nightmare

D10G0 Last updated on November 21, 2011
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Hello, welcome to my nocturne build/guide. In this build i'll show you my way of playing nocturne (not as a jungler), making this champion a "tanky nightmare" for the enemy team to handle, being them AP dominant or AD dominant =D

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Why Flat AD marks?
-They give you good initial AD
-You don't need Armor Penetration Marks, since you already have 10 Arm.P from the Quintessences
-They are cheaper (not that it matters if you want to have nocturne as your main champion, but still...)

Atack Speed Glyphs AND seals? You crazy???
No, i'm not, but in my opinion this 2 rune types will decide your playing style:
-If your a Tanker, your probably go for Armor and Magic Resist
-If your a Bruiser/"Glass Cannon", you will go for AD and Arm.P
-But if you are as me, a Survivor, you'll decide that Atack Speed will make you passive trigger faster (regardless of Shroud of Darkness wich already gives Atack Speed)

Armor Penetration Quints?
Of course... Nocturne needs Arm.P since he has a great damage output, and nothing better to trigger that than 10 Armor Penetration.
(I also tryed Movement Speed Quints, which didn't suck at all. It was really funny to block a slowing ability, popping Duskbringer in front of me and watching them racing to get me. But in the end, fun doesn't always lead to win =P)

These set of runes, plus your masteries tree, will make you a hard stake to chew ;)

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3/27/0?! wtf...?

3/27/0 is only MY way to play nocturne, and i think it fits this "dark ghost" preety well. Because of the new masteries, i thought that i should give a try to other nocturne builds, and this one served me just right ^.^
The 9/21/0 path didn't work so well for me as this setup does, but, as a matter of choice, you can change the masteries as you like, since not all of us play the same way.
The factor here is the surprise, the confusion you will had to the enemy team, which will be expecting a "glass cannon" that could be 2-shotted down. This set of masteries, with the improved summoner spells and the survivability got from this defense tree, you will be a hard player to handle.

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I start with boots of speed and 2 health potions, for the sustainability.
I try to farm, (i remind that this is a lanning build) and i save Duskbringer + Umbra Blades to clean Half-HP minions. Sometimes i pop Duskbringers to enemys direction just for the harass.
If you gained enough money, and better if you got a kill on your own (YAY!) you will have money to upgrade your Boots of Speed to Mercury's Treads, and luckily to buy a Vampiric Scepter too (Life Steal is great on nocturne, and you can start building your Bloodthirster ^.^) Most of the times i build Hexdrinker first just because those pesky champions with nasty combos, that can turn a fight around with on q,w,e,r...
After, i start my wit's end. Wit's end is so good on this build because it gives you massive atack speed (for your life steal and passive) and also raises your Magic Resist as you atack that ******** Brand, Veigar, etc...
Then, i buy a spirite visage Spirit Visage for the obvious reasons! It gives you average health, magic resist (*.*), increased helth regen for your passive and life steal, and also cooldown reduction, which means you'll be using a lot more often.
The next item is situational. If you are dying to much but you think that you could have killed the enemy, i suggest you to buy a Guardian Angel. If you are going against hard AP ( Veigar for example), then a force of nature will make you more durable. If you have an enemy that is combo based ( Brand for example) buying a Banshee's Veil will decrease is damage output, stoppping is combo, and giving you advantage against this ultra damaging champion >.<
Otherwise, go for my favourite last item. Trinity Force, which gives a little bit of everything, and has that sweet passive that will melt someone's face, if you basic atack them after you use an ability.
Don't forget that this will not make you unstoppable, or even OP if you dont have the skills to handle nocturne. THIS build will help you, if u are a consistent player, who knows when to atack and when to fall back. It's all about the decisions.

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"As Nocturne, as well as most other DPS's, your basic attacks are your best friends. Unlike some AD champions, your basic attacks are your main source of damage, and your abilities are just there to support you as you auto attack your opponent to death.

This passive allows you to have much more sustainability, in the Jungle and in lane, and its AOE can sometimes be useful for teamfights.

This ability is essentially steroids for your attack damage and your movement speed. Doubled over as an excellent way to harass, this ability will make your auto attacks just that much more deadly. As a rule of thumb, I always max this first.

When used at the right times, this ability can save you, oh so many times. I can't even imagine how many times it has saved me. If you are new to Nocturne, a good way to start is to always remember to use this when going into fights or when trying to escape. The passive of this ability also makes me take a point in it at level 2 if I am jungling, as the attack speed bonus will speed up your Jungle much more than if you take a point in Unspeakable Horror.

In my opinion, this is one of the most versatile abilities in the game. This is your bread and butter to outdamaging your opponent, as during the fear he will not be able to attack. Also, this ability is perfect for chasing opponents, or to get an opponent off your tail.

This may very well be my favourite ability of ANY champion. This is the reason why Nocturne is considered the best ganker in the game. However, this ability does have more uses. It can be used to catch escaping opponents, run away from groups of opponents to a less damaging one, or as your key tool when you play as an Anti-Carry."

By: Rcclyder

I couldn't have said it better, and, as my favourite guide for jungling, i take the chance to support the author:

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Farming and Gaming

Eficient farm:
-Last hit;
-Be aware of your ;
-Don't be too agressive, your squashi early game;
-If you don't think you will kill a champion, launch to escape;
-With this masteries tree, you will get lots of money from kills and assists ( ), so if you dont kill, don't be angry, just gain money and buy items;
-Always be carefull! If the enemy team has a stealth champion, like Evelynn or Twitch, consider buying oracle, as they can do lots of damage out of nowhere.

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To players:

-Nocturne is not OP, players are;
-Dont think you can handle 5 vs 1, you are only a skinny ghost;
-Smart farm ( + );
-Be aware of stealth champions, they can kill you if you are not paying attention;
-Always be aware of your map, your enemys and your teammates! (really, they can save your a**)
-Use your ultimate often, dont Kill Steal with it, help your team mates if needed (remeber that it reduces the vision of enemys!);