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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Freshwalrus

Trundle beasty dps/support

Freshwalrus Last updated on December 4, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Trundle: trundle is a very potent carry, he is meant to do hard damage fast and get out and save teammates with his slow, or to trap with his E, very good support champion to have on the team. Makes up damage difference with his Q ability, and adds more damage for crit'ing. His W ability is meant to be a very good escape tool as well as a deadly chase mechanism, his speed up (W) slow (Q) and Frozen Mallet make it very difficult for the enemy being chased to escape, Especially with his Q having a lunge aspect.

Item Build: The build is very much focused on pure Attack damage, as well as crit'ing. Not a pure crit build but building the capapbility to crit quite often and very hard, but at the same time staying grounded to the original build idea, lots of damage output. Start with Vampiric scepter to capitalize on his very strong laneing ability, lifesteal combined with his passive health regen whenever a unit dies is very potent and lets trundle lane for a very long time and harrass very well. If your in the lane for long enough and you have been getting kills while effectively staying alive, thus never having to leave, rush Bloodthirster, Ive done this many times, bought it flat out. But most of the time since it is a very expensive item i buy it in pieces. If i know i wont be able to buy it flat out i get boots of speed first to aid in the laneing phase. Then buy the first B.F Sword for more damage output and finally buy bloodthirster. I prefer to buy thirster first to capitalize early on the extra damage which is alot early game and absolutely destroys the enemy. I do not buy Starks Fervor Because of his attack speed buff, his W (Contaminate), the buff is considerable at lvl 5 and Trundle does not require any more. I buy Berserker's Greaves because for a little increase in attack speed and its inexpensive, then rush Black Cleaver for lots of attack damage and when its debuff, armor pen, is maxed on the enemy champion, the extra armor pen along with the runes completely obliterates the champions health, and if they have a tank, you already have an early/mid game answer to armor stacking tanks. I get Phantom dancer for the intense movement speed increase as well as the crit and attack speed increase becuase with the attack speed increase and movement, Trundle is very deadly in Contaminate. I grab Infinity edge next for even more increase in damage output and the more damage you get, the higher you will crit, and with infinity your crits do 50% more damage then they would without it. Last but most certainly not least, i grab Frozen Mallet for survivability late game when all other enemy champions are getting close to finishing their build and are capable of putting out much more damage, and it is a very potent chasing tool on Trundle.

Mastery Selection: I personally love offense masteries on all champions, however they are preference and not mandatory, experiment, see what you like the best and what suits your playing style the best, if you prefer to be bulky, grab defense masteries, aggressive? grab some offense, and if you feel like chillin with some utility masteries, hey, thats your choice, i aint one to judge.

Rune Page: i grab dodge seals for beasty survivability and ive been saved on numerous occasions by my dodge runes, and the dodge chance is even higher with Phantom dancer. Per level Cooldown reduction for end game efficiency, and they are cheaper and provide more cd reduc. Lastly, but most importantly, i grab armor pen runes for a beefy increase in damage output because of the percentage my attack does more do to the champions loss of armor to withstand the attack. very potent champ killer.

Summoner Spells: I personally love my spells, exhaust for chasing or 1v1 to dominate, and teleport for extreme map dominance, wanna stop a push? port on the tower and maybe grab a kill on a greedy turret pusher, wanna back door while the enemy team is away? teleport onto a super minion inside the enemy base and finish the nexus off before they could recall and kill me XD, they raged so hard haha. My point is both are very potent and versatile spells to grab, yet, like with my mastery selection, my summoner spells are based upon my personal preferance, feel free to grab whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Skilling Sequence: Rabid Bite- Replaces next auto attack and steals a certain amount of attack damage from enemy target, and Trundle recievs more than he steals. So time it right! auto attack and then right after it lands hit Rabid Bite to hit for hard damage, with this build, his q can crit over 1k. I grab this ability first for first blood chance and it limits the enemy champions cabability to hurt me and gives me better odds at killing the enemy champion. i max this first.

Contaminate- Drops an extremely large area effect spell that buffs Trundle's attack speed, Movement speed, and reduces crowd control effects on him. I use it to dominate in a 1v1 or to chase a weakend champion, or to avoid a gank or dip out of team fight that my team and i have lost. Very good ability, i max this second.

Pilar of Filth- I love this spell so much! i personally think it is 100% better than Anivia's wall because it slows and is impassable. This ability, Trundle's E key ability, drops a pilar that becomes impassable territory and slows passing targets, the radius on the slow is massive. This ability has made so many of my enemies rage because you can drop it infront of them in a choke point and they can not escape and you go for the kill, or drop the pilar right after you drop contaminate to go balls fast and slow ur emeny by **** tons while you escape a team gank or get away from a botched gank with low health XD, almost as bad as Udyr's escaping ability haha XD. I max this ability last though because his other abilities are more important :(

Agony- Freaking awesome spell lol! basically like Mordekaiser's ult but much less health stolen, its the defenses your after. This ultimate ability steals a flat amount of health and armor and magic resist and then remains as a dot over the next 6 seconds, and that dot steals the amount of health and resists again. I use it to tank turret shots and regen health while diving or surviving a dive on my own turret XD, champion running away? Contaminate and Pilar od Filth on cooldown? Just toss Agony on the champ and if they are low enough you get a kill XD, overall nice spell, not much use other than a last hit or for surviving, in my opinion this ability could be a lot more potent than riot originally made it to be, i think it needs a buff, maybe more defense stolen or a larger amount of health stolen, idk just something to improve it.

Thats it for my build guys! I hope you all enjoy my build and if you have any ideas on how to improve it or to throw a twist on the build, please leave a comment! :)

-to come: Possible items to interchange with the current items, and whatever you guys comment about the build, if its decent and i find it legitamate i will definately add it to the many possiblilities that Trundle the devastating troll can utilize! XD

--Added Madred's Bloodrazor to the build and took out Frozen Mallet
--reason for the change: it works better than frozen mallet and provides much more
damage to take down the enemy quicker, and combined with The Black Cleaver it just
destroys tanks.