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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TotemZ

Trundle bit me. That really hurts.

TotemZ Last updated on May 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Changelog and Quick Notes

-Jungling Guide + Build is coming soon
-Started jungling build

-Finished jungling build
-Started jungling description
-Corrected some mistakes
-Worked at Builds

-Worked at items

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Introduction: Who am I?

Hey Guys, my name is TotemZ.
I am new to this community and try to contribute to it with my own ideas and thoughts.
This is my very first guide to Trundle, one of my favorite characters.

I'd like to help out other players, who give Trundle a try without failing miserably.

Please read the entire Guide, before you try to troll or downvote it and if u do, then give me some constructive critics or reasonable reasons.
It's even worth to read it twice to understand my decisions.

I'll try to discuss everything that's worth mentioning .

The builds above have different purposes.
Trundle Builds:

(1) - Pure DPS [Fun-Build]
(2) - Tanky DPS
(3) - Jungling

I prefer the second build, because i like laning more than jungling. I love to test my prey and to annoy them. If you have massive problems with survivability you should take (2) cause Trundle could be squishy at the beginning.

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Trundle: Pros / Cons

Trundle is in my point of view a really underrated Champion. The fact that he isn't played as often as Yi or Ashe is no Con its even a Pro, cuz no one knows how to deal with him.

Trundle needs skilled players, who like to master strange characters.


-Great Jungler
-Beast against ADs
-Good laner
-Great movement speed, good to roam the map
-Good escape/chase: Pillar of Filth
-Great jokes and taunts


-Not so beastly against casters
-Very item dependant
-Noob teammates will hate you for jungling
-Only two damage spells
-Contaminate does NOT help teammates

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U can change and tweak the runes whenever u like.

I took this Runeset for (1) and (2) and (3):

I choose 6 Armor penetration Marks, for he is an autoattacker.

I also took 3 AD Runes. Added to 3 AD Quints they'll improve your early game.

Dodge Seals synergize very well with my defense masteries.

Magic resistance to fight those pesky casters early and mid game.

AD Quints improve your early game.

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Summoner Spells

I use Ghost for chasing and escaping because Trundle needs some form of increasing the distance/decreasing the distance to enemies and Flash doesnt last as long as ghost does.

Why Ghost, when you have Contaminate and Pillar?
Because Contaminate is AoE and if you leave it you could die or lose the kill and because Pillar has a huge Cooldown if you missplaced it or enemies dodge it.

I use Ignite for getting runners and get the heal debuff on people like Fiddlesticks, corporate employees and some Barbarian Kings.


Improved Exhaust for slowing one enemy down, decreasing his damage output by half and decrease armor and magic resistance by 10.

Flash for the "surprise!" effect. u know what i mean right?

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I like 21/9/0 - Masteries, which are quite good for Trundle as auto-hitter.


Use Offense, because of the fact that Trundle is auto-Hitter and very offensive playable!
The point i spend on Ignite is of course usable for "Improved Exhaust".


Because of the fact Trundle likes to come to blows with ADs the whole match, I put my Points in Dodge.
Every Trundle player will realize after a few games Trundle is not that beastly against casters, so i took magic resistance to decrease Trundles damage input.

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Skill Sequence

For Level 1-6 the Skill Sequence for Jungling and Laning should look like this:

Q -> W -> Q -> E -> Q -> R

Its all times the best. You'll need no slow until level 4.

Skill priority is:

R -> Q -> W -> E

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Unique Skills

Rabid Bite replaces an auto-attack and deals more damage. It increases your AD by an amount X and decreases the AD of the bitten one by an amount X.

This spell is your bread and butter. Use it whenever you need dmg or your increase of AD stops. This bite is very effectiv against ADs.

Contaminate is used to make an Area of Effect, in which Trundle gains attack and movement speed and CC-Reduction.

This is one is your jelly on the bread. In combination with Rabid Bite Contaminate works like a Mega-Buff. Use Q + W all times. This combo is made to kill Champs as well as creeps.

Pillar of Filth is a blockade in an area which slows enemies around it by an amount of X.

Use Pillar of Filth as a chase and escape skill! In a combination with Ghost you will be able to get everyone in or out of your range. You can use it as a blockade, too.

For example: Blocking paths in the jungle to lock enemies in the jungle or to keep them away from you.

Agony steals an enemy an amount X of Life, an part X of Armor and Magic Resist.

Use this in the Mid of the fight, eventually when you notice you have no chance to win this battle. It could save your ***. Agony is Trundle's one and only burst. But don't use it to get your kills. Use it to save you or to give yourself an advantage.

Trundle has 2 Skills to turn disadvantages to advantages.

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Doran's Shield: It's my first choice for beginning with Trundle. Some people say "Doran's items are trash". I don't think so. Doran's Items improve your early game. Trundle needs a little Deff-Boost at the beginning, because he's melee and can be hit very easily by ranged characters.

Heart of Gold: It's a pretty good item for the start it gives you health and a gold bonus. That's really nice, because Tanky Builds are really expensive.

Berserker's Greaves: A typic DPS-item, which gives you attack speed.

Mercury's Treads: CC-Reduction + Magic Resist. Take it when you are against a Caster Team or if you are the off-Tank/Tanky DPS.

Frozen Mallet: An Off- & Deff-Item which is really important to the DPS Build. It makes you look not that squishy and beats the **** out of your enemies.

Sunfire Cape: Great item for the Tanky DPS-Build. Gives You Health and Armor and deals damage to enemies around you. Take it if you play against a DPS - Team especially against melee DPS.
You can take Banshee's first, if you're against many Casters. Against a team full of casters leave it out and go for Force of Nature.

Phantom Dancers: Typic DPS. Gives you attack speed, critical chance, movement speed.

Trinity Force: Allround item. Is really great for DPS Tanks. Pure DPS don't need it, because the slow and the crit can be taken from other items like "Frozen Mallet + Phantom Dancers" ...

Stark's Fervor: Great item for Pure DPS as well as Tanky DPS. It gives you attack speed and lifesteal and creates an aura giving everyone around extra-lifesteal + regeneration.
(3) - In late game sell you're Wriggle's/Madred's and buy Stark's.

Banshee's Veil: Tanky Item. It's the best answer to those pesky casters.

The Black Clever: Trundle fell in Love with it. It bursts enemies armor into pieces while it gives you attack speed and attack damage.

Randuin's Omen: It's additional to Sunfire + Banshees the item, which gives Trundle the best survivability. Its unique passive is great for escaping and chasing and initiating. If you're on Overkill (means you're overfed or blessed with a money boost) take this even earlier.

There's just one open question.

Madred's Bloodrazor or Wriggle's Lantern?
Some people take everytime wriggle's lantern, some people take everytime madred's bloodrazor. In the end it's situational.
As jungling item i'd prefer Wriggle's Lantern, because it's lifesteal is even for ganking very nice and it's unique passive are free wards perfect for counter jungling.

Madred's Bloodrazor is a good choice, too. If you are against a tanky - team, MBR is an obligation. Because it's good for jungling and because of it's passive you'll shredder the tanks into pieces. It's attack speed is nice but removable, because you'll be still forced to buy Stark's Fervor.

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Team Work


Your role in the team is the DPS. If your playing (2) then you're the off-tank, but you will keep your role as DPS. When your team tries to abuse you as a tank, you should play even more like a DPS.

Trundle is a real good ganker, there is no difference, if he's jungling or not. His function is ganking.

Whenever you got time use it to gank.


Jungler in ranked games are unremovable. Don't mess it up. Someone jungling means 3 Solo EXP lanes/paths.

If you go jungle make sure that you don't leave casters or assassins alone on a lane. Stop jungling if it doesn't work or if you get pwned by coungerjunglers.

If you stop jungling or if you start teamfights you're the Off-Tank/Tanky DPS. Don't play like a DPS. You have your role. Don't let your team abuse you as Tank.

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Creeping / Jungling


To get as many creeps and with them as many gold as possible you need the Rabid Bite (Q) + Contaminate (W) - Combo. It'll give you attack speed + movement speed + attack damage. Thats the best way to farm as many creeps as possible while laning.


First of all you need to learn jungling if you never learned it. Don't give up cause u failed one time. When someone insults you, just go on. It's learning by doing. These are just tips how to make it right.

You needto jungle.
You start with cloth armor + 5 health potions like almost every jungler. You needto jungle cause it's spamable and your mana is able to handle with that spam.

I learned from my friends to kill the Alpha Wolf at the beginning and leave the other 2 wolves alone. Now use your first HP and if your full attack Golem. Use your other potions while fighting the Golem, don't forget smite. When you killed the golem you get level 2 and you're able to survive the little golem helpers. Refresh your life -eventually at base, potions would be better- and jungle on. Go back if you have enough gold for "Madred's Razors".

Level 6:

At Level 6 you are ready to gank. If no one needs a gank then you'll kill dragon.
U need "Madred's Razors" + Smite + Blue Buff to kill it.

Jungle on and have always an eye on the map to plan your ganks.

!When you gank!:
-Ping or write it to the team.
-Let the enemies push before you come.
-Don't overextend when you lose a kill. (The enemy has to go back - your advantage)

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Trundle: Summary

Trundle is a great laner and jungler.
Here are some tipps to rule your match:

-Stay deffensive against ranged characters at the beginning.
-Try not to overextend.
-Always have Map Awareness.
-You're a great ganker, make sure not to get ganked.
-Use the Pillar of Filth, even if you don't have to, sometimes inbetween just to scare the **** out of your enemies.

-Don't forget your potions at the beginning (Buy and Use them)
-Don't try Dragon without smite, blue buff or full hp until level 10
-Be aware of counter junglers
-If you're using Wriggle's Lantern use its unique Passive
-Don't try saving someone, if it means your own dead.
-Never Forget: Being Jungler means being Off-Tank!

Greetings TotemZ