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Not Updated For Current Season

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Trundle Build Guide by kingofthehunt

Trundle New Masties Patch

Trundle New Masties Patch

Updated on November 28, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author kingofthehunt Build Guide By kingofthehunt 2,613 Views 1 Comments
2,613 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author kingofthehunt Trundle Build Guide By kingofthehunt Updated on November 28, 2011
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Hello, I'm creating this quick and dirty guide out of necessity. Their seems to be some really bad trundle guides out their right now. This one shouldn't be so bad.
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This chapter is kind of a big deal. No one has it right. Every one is going for the +20% time on the buffs. A great skill but you have to basically waste 9 other master points to get to it. So go 21-9-0 it gives you more dmg and that life steal is so powerful with trun in the jungle u don't need wriggles :). Also not that since you have the tower you don't really need red to gank ever. Only possibility is running out of manna just don't spam q every second and you will be fine.
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My runes probably suck, but I think this is what i'm using right now. Also works on your dps like graves and riven pretty well.
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Start with normal 5x hp pots and cloth armor.
Once you have enough cash or you need to go back. Port back and buy what you can afford. I like getting the razor even I don't have boots yet.

Once you have razor you build becomes very flexible. Their is nothing in the jungle that can kill you except maybe lee sin so you don't need wriggles. Get your level 1 boots and build what ever level 2 boots you want, just remember you want to be tanky dps.

I'm currently experimenting with building phage after boots since as I said you don't really need wriggles at this point, though i will point out its pretty cost effective.

Your core items. Boots(your choice) Wriggles, phage and brutalizer.
Build phage into frozen mallet. I never really liked the tri force, I don't like waiting around for the proc i prefer just to mash q... :) Build brutalizer into ghost-blade.
If you get to the point where you have a ghost blade you should be pretty unstoppable unless ur team feed.

In the end if you have enough cash sell wriggles for an I.E or bloodthirster. I.E should work well since you have good % crit already.
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This is why Trundle is the one of the best junglers right now. His ganks are just amazing. His tower is amazing.

Start at wolfs kill all 3 save smite for blue, Pop hp pot. Move to blue kill it get a leash if you can. Smite blue. The go wraiths, Duo golems, red. Now Gank. You should have good mana and good hp. Depedning on what happens during gank you could just gank the rest of the game till team fights only coming back some times for red/blue buffs.

Level 4 gank. Here is an example of a good gank lane. Taric and Graves bot lane. Graves is carrying an exhaust and taric has a stun. It should be pretty simple to get a kill in bot lane if the opponents aren't tower humping.
Ping ur team tell them ur ready to gank. I wouldn't sit it any bush close to them due to all the wards. Pop your ghost and run in use ur soil to make you move even faster. Use ur tower to slow them if they have an escape method use your tower after they burn their flash or w/e. Then even if you fail to kill them at least they might of burned a flash. Also it seems pretty easy to gank like this.

**Pro tips**
Ok I only really have one Pro tip. Your tower is so OG its not even funny, fights in the jungle and in the river will always favor your team because one well place tower and their annie is now on the wrong side of your tower and their 2 melee dps can't do anything.

The tower can get free kills in team fights and really help to win the game if it can separate their team.
League of Legends Build Guide Author kingofthehunt
kingofthehunt Trundle Guide
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Trundle New Masties Patch

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